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July 8th 2011
Published: July 11th 2011
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Elliott HeadsElliott HeadsElliott Heads

Tidal creek but didn't get around to dropping a line
Tuesday, 5th July 2011

Morning came, both Rags and Judy worried about how the Jeep would perform. We made our farewells to Rob and Jan with special best wishes to Rob who is having a hip replacement in the afternoon, and we were off.

The Jeep performed well, even though the fume problem remained at slow speeds, and we made our way up the Bruce Highway. We had decided not to go to Fraser Island, instead heading for Bundaberg.
We stopped at Gympie on the way, going for a walk through the busy main street with its congestion of small shops, commenting on how quite a few of them were either closing or were closed. We picked up a future birthday present for one of our family at one of these, it being a typical object used. (no clue there!)

Just before reaching Bundaberg, Judy set the GPS to a caravan park, Elliot Head, which is on the coast. Here we parked amongst many other vans in a pleasant setting, quiet and sheltered.

Wednesday 6th July 2011

We had great ideas before starting this trip to have lots of exercise every day,
Bundaberg DistilleryBundaberg DistilleryBundaberg Distillery

The model was of a new rum just produced but they had already run out of stock!
to go on morning walks, or to take our almost unused, collapsible bikes for a decent ride. Last night after one of our few evening strolls we decided to take the bikes out to ride along the coastal bike path here. Bed was too comfortable and warm this morning, maybe when we get to latitudes near Cairns we'll leap out and exercise!

Nevertheless we walked many kilometres today, firstly around the Bundaberg Distillery on a conducted tour after which we had a 'healthy', late morning tea of a couple of different rums! Bought some liqueur rum that could only be bought direct from the factory, the couple of shots of complimentary rum definitely making this sale easier.

Lunch was at one of the sporting clubs in Bundy, after we saw and advertisement for a Yum Cha lunch . Was only fair and definitely a Bundy version of what we get in WA or in Hong Kong. It certainly wasn't as filling as what we get in Perth.

Some time was spent in the CBD, walking down the main street with its many shops, Judy takking off by herself to do some shopping required for tomorrow.

A drive to Burnett Heads, the town's harbour about 15 kms away followed, where we walked around in the warm sunshine and daydreamed of owning one of the yachts moored there. The people on this side of Australia have it made as far as nearby sailing destinations are concerned, most of it on the flat water behind the Great Barrier Reef. We would possibly consider basing ourselves here if it wasn't for the ties we have in the West.

The evening was spent in the normal way, dinner being soup and bread, the soup being a mixture of pumpkin, tomato, potato, with a tin of asparagus soup added plus the remains of a smoked chicken we had. One way of using our leftovers!

Thursday 7th July 2011

It was a blue sky that Rags woke up to, starting his birthday on the right foot. After packing up we left the site and headed north to the Town of 1770. This town is so named as it was the year that Captain Cook landed there, his second stop after leaving Botany Bay.

It is a pretty place, situated on a peninsula near a creek named Round
Glass blowingGlass blowingGlass blowing

He made a special pendant to suit the cord Judy already had.
Creek, here were strips of white sand with the vegetation coming right down to the water's edge. As the caravan park right on the peninsula end was full we drove back up the road where there was a park about halfway from Agnes Park. This park wasn't very full, so we scored a large site under the trees and near the amenities block.

The afternoon was spent with a little sightseeing but we weren't too active. Both the towns are geared for tourism with lots of short-term housing and motels including a yuppy type shopping centre with 3 estate agents, it made us think it was similar to the Margaret River area in WA, except here they don't have the vineyards or the surf.

During the day Rags was contacted by his family and friends either by phone, sms, or on Facebook. The contacts really pleased him and we finished the day with a barbecue of the local vegetables we bought this morning with a couple of delicious steaks from the local butcher.

Friday 8th July 2011

It was after 8am when we crawled out of bed, as the camp was so quiet and cold. The
Bundaberg Ginger Beer Bundaberg Ginger Beer Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Impressive building, but we didn't buy any of their non-alcoholic beverages!
first part of the morning was spent washing, tidying up, and Judy starting the task of marking assignments. The deadline for these is midnight tonight, but of course there were quite a few in already. She also had a fair few last minute queries for the slower ones, as well as applications for extensions. She may get up to 150 assignments from the 3 units she is tutoring so her time will be cut out for some time yet.

We rode our bikes into 1770, enjoying the scenery and the sunshine. There was no wind and the temperature was in the low 20s. At about midday we agreed that a bbq lunch here would be good, so we rode back to camp and drove into town for bread and sausages. Lunch was bbq onion & tomato, snags and slices of fresh bread. This seated on the lawn overlooking the ocean, watching several unsuccessful fishermen trying their luck. Rags has promised his son, Chris, to send photos of any fish he catches, but from what we have seen and been told, this is not the place.

Returning to the caravan, Judy continued with her work, Rags pottering around washing the car and getting things ready for a departure tomorrow morning. One thing we have noticed here is that by 4.30pm the temperature drops and it starts getting dark soon after. This was in direct contrast to what it was like two weeks ago in Colorado where it was still light at 8.30pm.

We looked at maps and brochures and plan to travel as far as Rockhampton tomorrow (230kms away) but this could change at the drop of a hat!

Additional photos below
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Town of 1770Town of 1770
Town of 1770

Our first ride for a while
Town of 1770Town of 1770
Town of 1770

Mangroves line the shore here
Town of 1770Town of 1770
Town of 1770

BBQ lunch in idyllic setting
Town of 1770Town of 1770
Town of 1770

Lovely bush setting

12th July 2011

Love that fold up bike. Good to see you're getting some use out of it. Love Kerry.

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