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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg July 18th 2014

We had a rather late sandwich lunch at a picnic table under some trees in the gardens watching the birds as usual. Ros and Arthur came past as we were packing up and we said goodbye. Our next stop was the last tour of the BDC (Bundaberg Distilling Company) Bondstore, where Bundaberg Rum is made. We had a few minutes to look at the information boards in the entrance area, and take a photo of the Bundaberg Polar Bear, who resides in a glass case there. Then we were met by our guide, Sam, who gave us a speech about safety (must have enclosed shoes, stay with the group etc.) that had one rather unusual part to it. We had to take off and put into lockers, anything that had electronics or batteries, including our watches, ... read more
The Bondstore, Bundaberg Distilling Company
Millaquin Sugar Mill
The Bondstore Bar

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg February 23rd 2014

Bundaberg There are very few places I have very negative opinions about, but of these places, I would choose Bundaberg to be blotted from the map first. To paraphrase Dickens, ‘it is the dullest and most stupid spot on the face of the earth.’ To paraphrase my journal of the time, ‘some days you finish by going up in fortune, some you finish worse off, today was the latter.’ I was dropped off by the arsey bus driver on a pleasant enough morning off the Greyhound, intending on a one night stay. I hadn’t booked anywhere in advance, for the first time during my trip, for the quite inane reason that I wanted to feel reckless and like a carefree traveller just for once, and rock up somewhere, ready for fate/life to take control and have ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg November 21st 2013

Ten o’clock we checked out of our hotel in Agnes Water and took a local bus to the closest city with an airport, Bundaberg. The whole trip took around two and a half hours and the bus ride was not the best experience in my life. The worst detail was that the bus did not have air condition and the temperature was 34 degrees today. Anyway, we arrived to Bundaberg city at half past twelve at ate a quick lunch at McDonalds to later on continue to our hotel. Our flight to Surfers paradise is not going until tomorrow morning so we are staying in the closest hotel to the airport, called Village Holiday Park. /Emma... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg July 25th 2013

Bundaberg, Queensland, 25 juillet C’est avec regret que j’ai dû quitter le nord du Queensland, je vous l’avoue… La dernière semaine passée sous ces latitudes furent pour le moins agréables. J’ai mis les voiles en m’orientant avec la croix du sud (la découverte du ciel austral fut un réel bonheur) et je longe maintenant la côte pour la dernière portion du périple. Je traversai depuis trois jours des mers de canne à sucre et je compris au final l’importance de cette culture pour l’industrie énergétique australienne, celle-ci étant destinée en grande partie à la production d’éthanol, tout comme au Brésil… Le vaste réseau ferroviaire destiné au transport de la précieuse plante est d’ailleurs omniprésent dans le paysage. Je campai hier à Clairview, au bord de la mer (la Bruce Highway passe en général loin de la ... read more
Palm Cove
Bruce Highway

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg June 8th 2013

Up early Fridayand we were underway just before 7am. Headed north out of the Sandy Straits between Little and Big Woody Islands. History and lighthouse buffs may be interested to know Big Woody Island has Queensland's 2nd oldest lighthouse on it, but its no longer in use.Got the sails up and with 15 knots of wind behind were doing a reasonable speed of around 5 knots. This was perfect sailing - small waves, clear skies under full sail. Unfortunately the bureau's prediction of 10-15 knots did not maintain itself and by around 11 am when we were now into Harvey Bay it has dropped to about 8 knots and progress was slow.Another yacht caught us up, didn't know how he had done it under just the front sail until he was close enough that we could ... read more
Calm sailing in Hervey Bay
Motoring into the Burnett River
Bunderberg Marina

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg December 28th 2012

Didn’t feel overly refreshed when I woke up at 6.30am, but by 7.30am we were eating the left over mango and passionfruit (not pavlova – just fruit!) for breakfast out on the veranda. We then headed back to Moore Park for a morning on the beach. This morning we were not alone, as when I went for a walk along the sea edge splashing in and out of the sea I passed a couple with two dogs. For some reason, despite being a distance away their black lab took a distinct dislike to me, barking and pulling despite the couples attempt to quiet it. I quickly passed; thankful they kept the dog on the lead, and continued to splash in and out of the water, contemplating what 2013 had in store. After my walk it was ... read more
Lindt bear :)
Bundaberg central

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg December 27th 2012

This morning Matt accompanied me on my run, and upon our return woke Rowena so she could join us for a pre breakfast swim. We all sat down for breakfast together and then had a relaxed morning chatting and packing up. Around 10.30am we said our goodbyes and started our one and a half hour journey North to Bundaberg (Bunde). In Bunde we are to be staying at Matt’s family home. Nobody has lived there permanently for the last few years as Matt’s parents are living and working on the West coast of Australia. However everybody pops back regularly to stay throughout the year. Recently, on one of these trips, somebody spotted that termites had eaten away a large proportion of one of the beams and floor at the back of the house. Subsequently the house ... read more
Lacey House
Lacey Garden

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg October 20th 2012

20thOctober 2012 Woken by wild turkeys gobbling away at the crack of dawn. Had an early breakfast and an early start to the day. Even Sasha was up by 6.30am. We enjoyed a brisk 1km walk to the river at the Sharon Reserve. The girls enjoyed swinging on the vine again. Went for a drive into Bundaberg and picked some fresh strawberries along the way. Some house-keeping in town before heading to the Bundy Rum Distillery. Had some hamburgers by the beach, followed by more sight-seeing. Departed later that evening towards the next rest stop at Gin Gin... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg October 15th 2012

Happy Birthday Chris! Today we left Hervey Bay and drove 1hr 45 mins to Bundaberg. We checked in at our camp site and then went to the Bundaberg rum distillery. We had a guided tour where we got to see all the processes involved in making the rum. We saw where they store the molasses, which we decided smelt like a mix between cheap beans and golden syrup. We also saw how they ferment the rum, and got to stand in one of the barrels they used to use. At the end of the tour we were allowed 2 free drinks each. Kayley had spiced rum and diet coke, and a 'special vat' with ginger ale. Charles also had the special vat, and a rum liqueur. We had a very chilled out evening at the camp ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg September 13th 2012

At Rainbow beach we stayed in a national park camping area so that we could just hop on the tour bus to Fraser Island the next day. We took in some of the local sights at Rainbow beach including an absolutely amazing sand dune that made my calf muscles cry out in pain by the time I had walked from one side to the other! The trip to Fraser is definitely recommended especially on a one day tour on a special 4wd bus. With no recent rain so many many 4wd's were bogged in the sand and glad we were not one of them. Our bus just never faultered. Fantastic beach and bush walk, beautiful lakes and informative commentary. Pete even had a close encounter with a snake in the men's toilet! Saw dingos on the ... read more
Rainbow Beach
Fraser Island
Fraser Island

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