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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 4th 2019

I've seen a UFO and not everyone can claim that. Denise says if there were not about 10 of us then no one would believe it. It was 1979 or 1980 (the exact date is published in a book and newspapers)...a group of us sitting on Bundagen Beach at about midnight (south of Coffs Harbour NSW) when a large light over the Pacific Ocean danced before our eyes. We thought it may be a plane or a weather balloon but It's path was very irregular so we ruled those out. I held up a 20 cent coin and though it was distant the light was the size of the coin to the naked eye. It hovered at intervals...shot off at various regular course...watched it for quite a while...until it disappeared East across the Tasman Sea. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 2nd 2019

Thanks to the abdication of the Japanese Emperor Akihito - in whose honour a ten day holiday was announced - our darling son Ross and daughter-in-law Natsumi decided to spend their holiday with us. What a treat!! Kev had met Natsumi last year when he flew to Japan to attend a Motor Bike GP rally with Ross and a couple of Ross' mates but for me this was my first meeting. Luckily for us we didn't have to arrive at Sydney International Airport too early with the plane due to land at 8.30am. It was a great pleasure to meet Natsumi and re-connect with Ross on what was his 43rd birthday. At Ross' request we had a low key BBQ with just the four of us and a few kookaburras who decided that the meat on ... read more
Natsumi & Michelle, almost ready!
Michelle & Kevin becoming Japanese
The boys BBQing the kookaburra's dinner

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 10th 2019

“Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns in to a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta Due to a full programme yesterday, we decided to have a lazy sort of day today as we were out again tonight. The sun was shining so, after a leisurely breakfast, we decided to head up to Circular Quay, where most of the tourists seem to head for. We took the short train journey from Museum to Circular Quay and headed over to a small grassy area with a few trees scattered around. This was known as First Fleet Park. From Circular Quay we saw ferries come and go taking their customers to practically anywhere in the Sydney Metropolitan area; from Manley to Taronga Zoo; from Watson’s Bay to the Olympic Bay. This just sounds like I’m reeling off names and probably ... read more
The Sydney Underground
What's the view like up there?
Sydney Opera House from The Bridge

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 9th 2019

If you think adventure is dangerous, it is better than routine, that can be lethal– Paulo Coelho I woke at 07:30 this morning after another decent night’s sleep. Roisin had already been awake since 06:30 but she did go to bed an hour earlier. Our first activity today was to join a free walking tour around the city. Roisin and I always check for free walking tours if we are staying in a city for more than a few days. Most cities accommodate this sort of tour and we find they are excellent value for money. They’re free after all so you can’t get more excellent value for money than that!! (unless the tour guide pays you!!) It is customary to just pay the guide what you think the tour is worth. The tours normally last ... read more
The sky tower - Sydney
St james Church - once the tallest structure in Sydney
The Lucky pig

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 8th 2019

- Travel is more than seeing the sights. It is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living - Miriam Beard When the Commonwealth Games came to Manchester in 2002, Roisin and I were lucky enough to attend the opening ceremony. Among the big guns of the likes of Canada, Australia and the UK paraded a small team of a dozen or so. It was their debut at the Commonwealth Games. Blink and they’d be swallowed up in the masses. This was the small Pacific Island nation of Niue. At the time, we had to dig out the reference books to identify that Niue is an overseas territory of New Zealand. This was very much a case of, ‘It’s not the winning that counts but the taking part..’This edict was very ... read more
A typical shack in the outback
Sydney metro - a similar vibe to London's underground
a small kangaroo looking for a fight

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 25th 2019

When Katherine, Thomas, Sienna and Evie moved to live in Copenhagen around five years ago, each March since then Katherine has come to Sydney (usually on her own) for a short time to attend a Hillsong Women's Conference. Since their move to Copenhagen Isabella - born in May 2014 - has joined the family, and usually the whole family then visit us in July each year. But this year they decided to do something different so that the whole family could enjoy some beautiful Australian autumn weather. Then, come July, Katherine and Thomas will come back on their own while Ingrid and Carsten look after the three girls in Copenhagen. With Noosa, in Queensland's Sunshine Coast their first stop-off point it entailed a mammoth journey; Copenhagen to Doha to Sydney to Brisbane where they picked up ... read more
Thomas & Isabella ready for a long-haul flight!
Meanwhile Kev & Michelle arrived in Noosa first
Where we enjoyed breakfast overlooking the beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 24th 2019

It's been a hot summer... severe drought in Eastern Australia...record temperatures preventing us venturing West to support drought-torn economies...air-con humming constantly...violent hail and lightning storms flooding occasional relief. I venture into my Aussie backyard...Berowra Valley National Park...gotta be careful some hiker not report me 'cos I'm creeping through the bush with a camera...up to no good I'd warrant would be the report. I move like a cat...step by step...flash of movement...stop...head still...eyes darting...sniffing the molten my telescopic monopod...adjusting my zoom lens...straining for focus...on macro. A hoverfly zips past then doubles back...hovering in front of my face...zooming away...resting on a lens up real tight... streaming sweat stinging my eyes...brain screaming for respite...mopping my brow...biting my lip.... read more
Love in Flight
Triple-headed Purple Flag
Peeking Tom

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Hurstville March 11th 2019

Dear friends Well here we go again. In exactly six months from right this minute, Noel and I will be on board the Norwegian Pearl in Venice harbour waiting to sail for our 11 night cruise to Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Greek Islands and Italy. Our cruise will be followed by 4 weeks of road tripping through Italy, Switzerland, Munich for Oktoberfest Ja!! Ja!!, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. Noel will be driving a manual car, on the wrong side of the road to what he's used to, with a banged up hand that hasn't mended since his cricket accident 5 months ago and needs yet more surgery!!! It should be a HOOT and I should have LOTS of funny stories to share, together with beautiful pictures that will make you jealous. So if you are happy to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney February 23rd 2019

this is my fourth day in sydney and i am at customs house writing to you. it's starting to feel like home here. we had to tender in again, but we will be back beside the opera house tonight around 6 pm for the evening. it is saturday here and much quieter. no loud construction noise and most of the office buildings are closed. the weather is still overcast with showers and around 22 degrees. i was speaking to another passenger and they just heard from their daughter in yorkshire, england, and it is sunny and 18 degrees there! we had an update from the captain this morning. we are now heading out early tomorrow (sunday) morning, but unfortunately we will be heading east instead of north and not stopping in anymore ports in australia. so ... read more
climbing the sydney harbour bridge
path of cyclone Oma along the australian coast

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney February 22nd 2019

well the cyclone is still messing with our itinerary. we are now in sydney harbour and were supposed to stay for only 2 days, and now it as been changed to 4. captain cook announced the cyclone is now in brisbane, exactly where we were headed. so we are staying sheltered in sydney harbour until it passes. i am still not sure which ports we will be making over he next week. it could all be changed. the cyclones name is cyclone Oma, which is funny because Oma is german for grandmother. my first day in sydney i was booked on a 2 and a half hour walking tour around the city and harbour. the first night we were anchored out in the bay, and had to use a tender to get to shore. i am ... read more

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