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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 16th 2015

A dream came true today when I saw the Sydney Opera House. Wow - it is just breathtaking. We were docked so close to it. Took a tour with another couple, Bob and Sandra, and we all fell in love with Sydney. The pictures speak for themselves.... read more
A Walk Along the Beach
Beautiful Waterfront
University of Sydney

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Bondi Beach May 12th 2015

WE'RE BACK! I know it's only been a couple of weeks, but our adoring fans (our mums ...) need their fix. So we left off the last blog having arrived in Sydney - to be more specific Bondi Beach. Our home for the next week was to be Bondi Backpackers, imaginatively named as it is a backpackers and is in fact based right on Bondi Beach. This place was a recommendation from a nameless, no longer friend of ours - RACHEL McKENZIE - as she had stayed here before. On arrival we were delightfully told we'd been upgraded. What was this upgrade we speak of? A queen size double room? A suite with panoramic views of the beach? No, no - unfortunately they thought that the people who had booked a 4 person dorm 4 weeks ... read more
Could sell this as a postcard!
One too many?
Assaulting Samantha

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 10th 2015

Sarah: On Saturday we headed out on a bus towards Coogee Beach on another gloriously cloudless day in Sydney. From Coogee Beach we walked North along the coastal path up to Bondi. Coogee was our first sight of an Aussie beach and we were suitably impressed! Golden sand, brilliant blue sea, beautiful surrounding scenery and lots of surfers looking like little seals out at sea waiting for the perfect wave. As we wandered along the coastal path lots of other little beaches and coves appeared around each corner, some with little man-made sea water swimming pools that protected from the surf (although the water was freezing and after the warm waters of Costa Rica I wasn't going anywhere near it without a wetsuit, apart from a little paddle!). Each little cove was as beautiful as the ... read more
Coogee Beach
Loving the sunshine
A pretty little cove

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 9th 2015

Nick: There's not much to be said about our final day in Monteverde. Conscious of the impending trip to Australia, we spent much of the day sat in the hostel kitchen investigating potential stops on our route between Sydney and Brisbane. We had an early start the next morning to catch our 06:30 bus back to San Jose, and since we would be missing breakfast we put together some bacon, cream cheese and avocado sarnies to eat on the journey. The hostel owner was hanging around the place a fair bit during this time, along with some of her wider family, watching the telly (Jurassic Park, in Spanish - which, incidentally, includes some scenes shot in none other than Costa Rica. So there you go). Being a Sunday, they were cooking some food themselves, and we ... read more
Sarah and the iconic Opera House
The impressive 'Ugly Coathanger'! (and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, boom boom!)
Enjoying the sunshine in Hyde Park on our walking tour.

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney May 4th 2015

So I realised I haven't written a blog post in over a month now because compared to the last three months my life In Sydney has been pretty boring. When I arrived in Sydney my cousins were all on their Easter holidays which meant they were home for two weeks. My uncle also got back from his work trip to London a few days after I got there so we had a full house which was so nice. I spent that two weeks with my teenage cousins enjoying the luxury of not doing anything so we watched a lot of movies, played on the wii, played cards and went to the park a lot so they could practise their football skills. I did nothing touristy, I hardly even left the house and when we did it ... read more
Move night with my cousins
Lulu and I having cuddles

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Airport May 3rd 2015

Our love hate relationship with airports begins at "Sidney" - according to LAN airways that is the correct spelling and I think closer to its correct pronounciation. Once the tears finished flowing and we made it through the departure gates we headed for our first set of wings, making it through customs without a second glance (but not without our first family selfie). Our flight began with the plane crew flippin' the bird at their mates coming off the previous flights, and listening in on a hippies conversations about 'Abdoriginals' and her interactions with their culture on her previous visit to Australia. We have also bumped into an old Asian man with a straight cut mullet and we sat next to a lady who wore her sun hat and sunglasses for the entire flight, how disappointing ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Penrith April 29th 2015

Anzac Day … 25 April – our country’s most solemn day of remembrance each year. A day when we honour those service men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country – in all wars and conflicts – those who courageously gave up their tomorrows so that we can have the lifestyle and the freedom that we enjoy in Australia today. I was up at 3am in the pre-dawn hours as I had to be over at daughter, Natalie’s, home to meet up with the rest of our family, minus husband, Ted and son-in-law, Justin, who both had prior commitments which prevented them from attending the Anzac Day Dawn Service this morning that daughters Jenni, Natalie and grandchildren Erin, Adam, and 4 year-old twins, Luke and Olivia, and myself would be ... read more
The crowd gathers for the Dawn Service
Proudly wearing Dad's service medals
100 Years of Anzac

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 29th 2015

Today I'm taking you for a nice sunny walk in the centre of Sydney: CBD (central business district), Harbor Bridge, Opera House, parks..and lots more :) Generally, after living in a place for a couple of weeks, you don't really see it through the eyes of a tourist anymore, you don't bring your camera with you anywhere you go, sometimes you ignore things that you'd normally pay attention to. But I always try to enjoy the beauty of every place as if I were there for the first time. When I lived in Hamburg - in my opinion, the most charming city in Deutschland - I loved taking my camera and just walk around the city. Go around the Alster lake for a long walk, enjoy the harbor sunsets, see cherry blossoms in Planten un Blomen ... read more
The tourist :)
City skyline
Hyde park

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 19th 2015

A friend of mine texted me yesterday saying I was getting lazy with updating my blog :)))) Guilty as charged :p I promised him I'll write soon, so here I am keeping my word on my way back to Sydney ;) First and foremost, thank you everyone who is following me by reading, commenting or just looking at the pics;) I am really glad to be able to share this beautiful journey with you. Can't believe I've been in Sydney for almost a week now...and on my travels for exactly two months (!!). Time flies and sometimes I wish I could stop it or make days and moments last just a bit longer. I'm sure we all have times like this every now and then. I noticed that when I was much younger I never said ... read more
Look at the license plate :) apparently you can get it personalized it Aus!
Darling point
Sydney street art;)

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney April 18th 2015

Hi All, Today we left beautiful Manly, after having a lovely, educational morning with Bobby and Martha; Martha made us a green fruit and veg juice that was delicious. She takes all these shakes for her arthritis and for her general health, she had throat cancer and using just natural ingredients she has cured herself!!! Very impressive and we cant wait to start doing the same once home!!! We went into the town of Manly markets to look around in the morning, we found out it was Bobby and Martha’s 19th Anniversary today and felt so bad we didn’t get them anything!!! L We offered to walk around on our own and let them have the morning together but she was meeting friends and Bobby wanted to show us around. We loved it and like normal ... read more

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