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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney February 2nd 2019

Hello Sydney - we flew overnight and gained 3 hours in the process- we eventually found our Uber driver who was about to take off with the wrong passenger! Once in and after blaming everyone else but herself for the mixup we set off. 45 mins of mind numbing babble ( she wouldn’t shut up) we got to our Airbnb in Manly and collapsed. Great spot with great views and even better the son of the owner who was supposed to stay all week with us left after 2 days and we had the apartment to ourselves- result! That evening we met a friend of Jacks, Matt and his girlfriend Meg for dinner at a Mexican restaurant on the Wharf -sombrero alert! Great to see them both and they advised us on what to do and ... read more
Manly waterfront .
Mat & Meg and two other Amigos
manly to spit walk

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 20th 2019

Eunice’s apartment is on the 6th floor with great views over The Bay. So it’s the high life .... but not too high! Modem and minimalist with big glass sliding doors onto a balcony, it attracts a gentle breeze ..... even on the days when temperatures are tipping over into the 40’s. Of course , arriving late at night in the dark, I have no idea where I am, so when Eunice asks me where I’d like to go on my first day, I have no idea, no Lonely Planet and my planning hasn’t gone beyond the train ride from Melbourne to Sydney ( and I’ve discovered that as the tennis was on in Melbourne I’d have been very unlikely to get a flight anyway and was quite lucky to get a seat on that train..... ... read more
Rozelle, Sydney
Bondi, Sydney

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 12th 2019

Day 2 Sydney Jingi Walla! That means “hello, good day” or “welcome everyone to country” in the language of the Arakwal people one of the 500 aboriginal tribes in Australia. This a.m. we took a 2 hour walking tour of The Rocks neighborhood with our guide, James who is aboriginal from north of Sydney. The Rocks is in the shadow of the Sydney harbor bridge and it is the oldest neighborhood in Sydney. Full of pubs, restaurants, shops and the popular Rocks outdoor Market that is every weekend January and February. Most of buildings are all made of sandstone in this historic area. The oldest buildings in Sydney are right here. Sydney began in 1788 when the British arrived with a fleet of ships and the foundation of a penal colony began. Prior to this, the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 4th 2019

Billed as front row seats to the world's best New Years Eve fireworks under the sails of the Sydney Opera House with unobstructed views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Also as the biggest fireworks display ever. Next day the Sydney Morning Herald reported, "More than a million people braved lightning storms and transport chaos to pack vantage points around the harbour as Sydney ushered in 2019...and a further two billion watching from around the World." But sometimes shit happens and the best laid plans can cause discontent and this may lead to the NSW government to fall. This was our year to be there...front row...nearly didn't get there...dancing in pouring rain...nearly didn't get back. "Don't say I don't give you a good time", I kept saying...when there's no refunds ya just gotta ride your luck. ****** ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney December 24th 2018

Left Morisset on the 1pm train bound for Sydney airport. Took about 2 hours to get to Central and then another half and hour to the airport. A really nice lady at the Emirates counter has changed my seat to a long legroom seat with no one in front of me. That is just to Dubai. The last leg, I have a whole row to myself. I found a chemist to replace my earrings and bought some sushi for lunch. I've been working on my Forest Schools Portfolio for the last couple of hours. I hope I've downloaded enough 'stuff' to do work without the internet on the long flight. To my dismay, I realised that the 'Kids' were packed in our stuff from Melbourne. Nuggie went out this morning and bought some new 'Cousins of ... read more
I love Emirates
Emirates A380... very nice
Oh dear... bright orange socks

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney December 5th 2018

After breakfast we asked the porter to collect our bags and got onto the airport shuttle at 09:00 as scheduled. The Holiday Inn is practically in the airport so we were in the departure lounge within 5 minutes. There was just one other guest in the mini-bus but the driver even took our big bags and went with us to the bag drop area. It was then we found out that our flight was delayed by 3 hours to 14:30 which was annoying as we could have planned something better to do than wait in the airport for 5.5 hours. The only plus was that it would reduce our waiting time in Santiago by 3 hours. So we took the opportunity to spend the remaining US dollars we had and bought some nice chocolate to give ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 30th 2018

In the morning, we went for a walk (we didn’t have our car anymore!) with Douwe. We walked through Darling Harbour and the Royal Botanic Gardens to the Opera House. It was a very nice walk, with people having photo shoots in from of the river. We thought the Opera House looked nicer and more impressive at night from the viewpoint we had been to the night before. It turns out the Opera House is three different buildings! The number of tiles covering the roofs, 1 million, is quite impressive. The building of the Opera House was expected to take about 4 years and ended up taking 14 years - and involved 10,000 workers. We had lunch in the food court at Chinatown again, trying some delicious Vietnamese spring rolls. In the afternoon, I had a ... read more
Our hostel in Sydney
Street art

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 24th 2018

We flew into Sydney and caught our bus to the hotel. A little rest, some dinner and off to bed. I should talk about our fellow bus travelers. There are 34 of us on a full size bus, so we have plenty of room to move around. They are all from the US, Canada and England. We told them we were from Canada too so they wouldn't hassle us about our illustrious President. But they found out anyway! They are a great bunch of people. Most are around our age. We left in the morning to go on a tour of Sydney. We toured around the city and stopped a few times and ended up at Bondi Beach, which is a huge popular beach in Sydney. When its busy there can be 50,000 people on the ... read more
Opera House and the bridge
Stacy and I
Rocky outcropping

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 21st 2018

Up early again, breakfast and then a short walk to the boat that would take us out to the Great Barrier Reef. I took my trusty Bonine before we left and didn't have any problems with the boat ride. The boat took us out about 35 miles, stopping at an island to let some people off. Then it was over to the reef. They have a huge floating platform anchored at the edge of the reef. They have a semi submersible sub and glass bottomed boats for those who didn't want to go into the shark infested waters. Stacy was one of them. I though donned my Lycra suit, got my snorkeling gear and headed into the water. I did always make sure there was someone farther away from the boat than me. I forgot to ... read more
Cairns harbor
Stacy looking cool
glass bottomed boats

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 24th 2018

After arriving Munich we had to run to gates to catch our next flight. Only 1hour between flights and long way between boarding gates. Good flight on newer Lufthansa A380 with better seats and staff. Slept a little bit, 10.5 hour flight to Hong Kong then straight to Qantas lounge. Best lounge with plenty room. Good shower then a feed. 5.5 hours layover.... read more
Qantas lounge
Qantas lounge
Looking out from Qantas lounge

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