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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 15th 2019

We awoke to another sunny day and after breakfast set off on our second Sydney touristy day with our super guide Karen. We walked to the local bus stop in Lane Cove and caught the bus to McMahons Point and then the ferry Bungaree, under the Harbour Bridge to Circular Quay and then another ferry the 'Golden Grove' from there to Mosman Bay. We had a coffee stop waiting for the next bus up to Georges Head (part of Sydney Harbour National Park) up a long winding road. The view there is spectacular. This is a quote from John White, Surgeon-General, First Fleet on 26 January 1788. "Port Jackson I believe to be without exception, the finest and most extensive harbour in the universe, and at the same tIme the most secure". There remain numerous canons, ... read more
The Opra House from the ferry
Bustling Circular Quay
Sydney Harbour Bridge from the ferry

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 14th 2019

Monday 14 October - Darling Harbour We slept really well in our lovely upstairs room. We woke about 8.00 and after breakfast we set off in the car. Karin showed us where her daughter Coleen first lived. We drove through Hunters Hill, which is beautiful and where the enormous houses cost a approx $7 to 8 million! We found a lovely spot to photograph the iconic Harbour Bridge across the water. We found all day free parking and walked a short distance to catch a bus to the Queen Victoria Building in the city. The stunningly restored building was a great place to visit, with carefully restored tiled floors, stain glass windows and iron railings, with 3 floors of designer shops. Karin treated us to coffee on the top floor. There are several huge clocks from ... read more
The bridge from Hunters Hill
Sydney from Hunters Hill
The Queen Victoria Building

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Lane Cove October 13th 2019

Julie and Mike made everyone a hearty breakfast of fruit and bacon and egg buns. Mike's parents, Kerry and Jed, called in too! Alan set up the camera for a family photo, which worked well. The Nick's headed back to Melbourne, while the McCarthy family took us on a brief, sadly unsuccessful hunt for kangaroos nearby, before we all set off for the airport. The children all helped pull along our luggage and we checked in at Tullamarine. The family farewell was rather emotional as we have had such a wonderful, generous welcome from all the family. They remained in an area overlooking our plane and we waved to them once we were on board. Such a heart warming sight of them all waving from the view point. Our flight from Melbourne to Sydney was short. ... read more
Through the airport with the family
Our Quantas flight to Sydney

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mascot September 14th 2019

Feels like we have been waiting forever for this holiday, even though we only decided to go after the Travel Expo in February. Departure day finally arrived, but unfortunately, so did a text from the airline saying our Sydney to Perth flight had been delayed. Not normally an issue, but we only had 1 hour and 25 mins in Perth, and had to get from domestic terminal to international (in the same building in Perth) and go through immigration and security so a delay was going to make this very tight. We made it, just, with an escorted sprint (well a brisk walk) with 28 other passengers, through the aiiport. Then, only 11 hours to Johannesburg!!... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney September 7th 2019

Today was my first full non-jet lagged day in Sydney! We still haven't seen our help x host person yet and got no instructions for work so after an impromptu breakfasts of roasted sweet potatoes, avocados and eggs we hopped on a bus towards the city center. After an hour-long journey we arrived at Wynyard Station and began our search for a coffee shop to do a bit of trip planning. The city streets are build up with skyscrapers and small shops like New York City, but about a quarter of the people and vehicles. A brisk wind blustered through the streets and I wished I had a beanie while Alec pined for his jacket he left at the host house. After walking past a few coffee shops we realized they weren't set up for productivity ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney August 18th 2019

Slowly, I'm sorting out my pictures of this pretty amazing trip. We are back Australia for few thousand miles! Been to the country for way too many times that it is time for me to finally see places I hadn't before....but before that, Tanya and I love Sydney....but we never came together! So here it is...a double 2 days one night stand in this amazing city. We saw few friends....didn't everybody, was truly on the run. I'm not going to complain, the sun was with us for every minute of this trip! So we first stop on our way between Bangkok and Rarotonga and next was on our way back from Papeete via Auckland and next....soon the big rock! We are staying at the Sheraton on the Park where they treated us like royals. We ... read more
Another Iconic one...
Enjoying a perfect winter...
Iconic Sydney!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 16th 2019

Home to see family and friends. Stayed in Marrickville apartment...where we lived 22 years before! So great to see everyone and feel the vibrancy of Sydney mid winter festival vibe.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney July 10th 2019

The residents of Sydney refer to themselves as Sydneysiders. Hundreds of thousands move to Sydney every year to work, live and study. It’s one of the best cities in the world to live, but once you’re there you’ll want to talk and live like a local, blend in, and be able to share local knowledge with people who come to visit you there. Here’s what you need to know: What to Do in Your Spare Time There’s plenty to do in Sydney year-round, but things change with the seasons. In Summer it’ll be mostly beaches, bays and bush walks, and in winter museums, ice skating and indoor entertainment, you’ll find so much to fill your weekends and holidays in any season. In the Warmer Months: ⦁ The big beaches like Bondi, Manly and Cronulla, head out ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney June 24th 2019

I wouldn't say that I've been reluctant to visit Australia. I'm not sure if it's an NZ thing, a global thing, or just a personality thing, but I feel that the more accessible a place is, the less likely that I've willing to plan a trip there. I mean, NZ is far enough from the world that any trip requires a robust plan, but in my head I've blurred the difference between a 3 hour flight to Australia, and a 28 hour flight to Europe. I think it's because I go down a slippery slope for these things. Ok so trip to Australia is this. For a little bit more time and money, I could just go to Asia. And for a little bit more, I can just go to Europe.. again. I think the biggest ... read more
Vegetables and Soy Milk
Jordan the Guide

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mascot May 12th 2019

Hi Everyone It’s that time again,we have arrived in Sydney staying overnight,before we fly to Auckland Tommorrow to board a plane to Houston Texas with our Kiwi friends from Melbourne Glenys and Ray. We are away 43 days Hope you can travel with us and enjoy pictures ect. Kevin and Sylvia... read more

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