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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown October 11th 2014

Sydney, part crumbling emphaseamic uncle, part flashy grumpy teenage daughter, if Sydney were a dish it would have to be something contradictory like chocolate chicken.... We're in a little terrace guest house in Golden Grove, somewhere between King Street Newtown and the railway. I spent 8 years in this area in the '80s and it feels a lot like home. The old street names, jacarandas, sweet scent of jasmine and marea in flower, the Uni, pubs and other haunts.... South Sydney 'Rabbitoes' heartland, but working class fans of the NRL premiers are a bit thin on the ground, as this is frontline in the war over urban gentrification - 'renewal' to the advocates, 'yuppyisation' to its opponents. Whatever your view it's a bizarre world when crappy rundown little terraces now fetch $1.5m, and that's if you ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown November 3rd 2011

I awoke after a 10 hours sleep, during which I subconsciously tackled a cold. The cold remains, but has suffered multiple casualties during the night war. Following the tragic and bloody war the morning greeted me with a combination of the grey and the wet. Enough of the UK's favorite topic of conversation and back to the catalyst of why this blog has been born. Well actually I've just realised it was due to the grey, the wet and the boredom that surrounds me. My aim of this blog is to create an online piece of personal history that documents my movements and thoughts. It will also serve multiple cringe moments upon future reading where I realised I was an immature twat. So to the present. I'm typing away in my kitchen in Newtown, Sydney accompanied ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown May 17th 2011

Hey family and friends, its your long lost daughter/niece/granddaughter/sister/friend here! Remember me?! Haha, sorry I haven't updated for so long - I haven't had a lot to tell. Have been working very hard, 6 days/nights a week and inbetween I either sleep or go out! My liver is taking a pounding. But don't worry, I'm eating pretty healthily and remarkably haven't caught even a cold! The weather here has taken a turn for the cold as winter finally arrives - we had the coldest day of the year so far last week (snow just outside of Sydney!) which had the Auzzies wrapping up in scarves and gloves ... much to my amusement as it was nothing to us hardened British! Night times are getting pretty chilly though and as the bar I work in is partly ... read more
Darling Harbour at night
Where I work
Chinese garden of Friendship!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown March 15th 2011

Hello everyone, Just woken up on our first morning in Sydney Australia! We flew in from Melbourne Avalon airport, which wasn't really in melbourne but geelong and took an hour to get to as well as being one of the smallest airports known to man - similar to plymouth!The flight however seemed to be over in a flash where as no sooner had we taken of and made our ascent we were being told we were decending again back into sydney and infact the flight was quicker than our aiport shuttle from melbourne to the airport! We arrived at our new hostel, Billabong gardens (take a looks... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown November 27th 2010

Wowza, I've been in Sydney for two months! The first two weeks here passed in a whirlwind of Gumtree searches, CV touch ups, sightseeing and catch up lunches. While the next two were a blur of introductions and inductions, sleepless nights in a noisy dorm and blisters ballooning on my toes. Then the routine and rigmarole of daily life took over and I settled into a pattern of work and wandering around my new city and hanging out with new found friends building a little expat community around myself. With the wind blowing and the drizzle clouding out the skyscrapers I could be back in Blighty! Exploring my new neighbourhood and meeting the locals For six weeks I have been hanging out in the hip and happening suburb of Newtown in Sydney's Inner West. The area ... read more
King Street, Newtown
King Street Newtown
Billabong Gardens

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown August 26th 2010

Kingsford Smith Airport After a final coffee at Newtown cafe, I said goodbye to the suburb that had been home for the better part of two years and the pretty Northern English waitress who had served us, and headed to the airport. I went to check in at JetStar. This is roughly when the trouble started. I produced my passport and my USA visa waiver. The girl at check in then asked for my ticket out of Hawaii, so I dug through my documents and showed that to her as well. She looked at it long and hard and made an ummming noise that I found unnerving. At this point I should make a point of saying that she was extremely friendly and apologetic, and I was going in to a state of shock so any ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown March 14th 2010

Servus, Heute waren wir auf einem Filmset, für einen Werbespot von Hyundai. Am Anfang war es wirklich spannend und das ganze Geschehen als Statist zu erleben und nicht nur immer auf DVD (Making of) anzuschauen. Der ganze Tag begann bei uns um 6uhr und Endete um 16uhr. Bis zum Mittag war es schon sehr hart, aber nach dem guten Lunch, das wirklich wirklich gut war, ging die Zeit ganz schnell um. (Wollten eigentlich noch ein Video einfügen, aber wir haben leider unsere 90 GB Download aufgebraucht und können nur noch "normal" online gehen. Wir fügen es aber noch nachträglich ein, no worries, gelle) Farage liegt wieder im Krankenhaus. Weil er meinte gleich am nächsten Tag heim gehen und eine Party schmeissen zu müssen. Nach einer OP, der spinnt doch! Artur musste um 18uhr leider wieder im ... read more
die Vorbereitung
die zwei Stars
"more smoke, we need smoke"

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown March 8th 2010

Monday night - night before i leave - stressed out of my head!... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown February 19th 2010

Complained to the girls I want to be a stone lighter when we were getting ready this morning, then was pleasantly surprised when we got beeps off three car drivers as we walked the long road to the bus stop. Proves that guys appreciate wobbly bits even when you do look crap. Got the bus to Coogee Bay and walked up the main street in search of a good cafe for some breakfast. Spotted two ladies tucking in to a mound of potatoes, poached egg and salad and instantly wanted exactly what they were having. It was called their "famous Potato Rosti Stack" and all three of us ordered one. Who said you can't loose a stone eating carbs anyway ;-) Our mouth watered as we watched them eating in silence, nodding their approval of the ... read more
Balcony fun
Few drinks before getting ready
Awww: Sam, our number one fan

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Newtown January 30th 2010

Thankyou all for making our farewell such a fuckin awesome day/night. Everybody turned up and had a good time and we couldn't have asked for anything more. love you love you love you's!!!!!... read more

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