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February 19th 2010
Published: February 27th 2010
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Complained to the girls I want to be a stone lighter when we were getting ready this morning, then was pleasantly surprised when we got beeps off three car drivers as we walked the long road to the bus stop. Proves that guys appreciate wobbly bits even when you do look crap. Got the bus to Coogee Bay and walked up the main street in search of a good cafe for some breakfast. Spotted two ladies tucking in to a mound of potatoes, poached egg and salad and instantly wanted exactly what they were having. It was called their "famous Potato Rosti Stack" and all three of us ordered one. Who said you can't loose a stone eating carbs anyway ;-) Our mouth watered as we watched them eating in silence, nodding their approval of the food. And when ours arrived, it was just as delicious as it looked.
Walked to Backpacker World Travel where some hairy-faced surfer dude with pupils the size of Frisbee’s attempted to book our travel to Brisbane. Between his laid back attitude and Steph's chattiness (she can talk the hind legs of four donkeys); it ended up taking him the best part of an hour. I'm very impatient so I fidgeted in my seat, huffing and puffing, willing him to hurry up so I could be back in the sunshine. I was mentally cursing the girls every time they brought up another subject for him to be distracted by: accommodation in Brisbane, Sky Dives in Byron Bay to name just a few. In my head I whinged "pleeeeease just let him concentrate on booking this trip". Being impatient probably stems from being a PA where I can easily hold a telephone conversation; type documents; keep an eye on my boss and an ear tuned into the office gossip, all at the same time. So I found it painfully tedious spending an hour waiting for a bummed out hippy to book a coach trip for 3 people.
I actually had to walk out and go to the shops next door towards the end, as I was near the end of my tether and wanted to throttle him with the keyboard cable. The girls were fortunately amused by my bad behavior so I didn't get shouted at. Went to the beach for a little while then headed back on the bus. Sam had his best friend Dempsey over for a few drinks so we joined them on the balcony. I said "I can smell a Barbeque" and Ellie shouted out "BBQ" looking very pleased with herself. No Ellie, I said SMELL, not spell.
Sam and Dempsey bet me that I couldn't get ready for a night out in under 15minutes. I flew around Sam's flat shouting demands at the girls as they helped me get ready. And I succeeded! However, I'd stupidly agreed that if I didn't win the bet then I owed the boys 20dollars; forgetting to establish what I would win should I be successful. So my unwashed hair and chaotic make up gained me nothing other that brownie points and a pat on the back.
The boys took us out to Newtown for cocktails and I had a big discussion about the Blog with Dempsey. He's the argumentative type and we had an interesting debate about why it is worth my while doing this. He just doesn't give up, even when his opponent's case is rock solid. Funny guy. Played a drinking game where you each put a finger on a glass (containing a nasty concoction of spirits, larger & wine) in the middle of the table and each person has to guess how many fingers they think will be left in (NB: to my friends back home, this is a lot like "Fives"!). The last person to guess correctly has the drink the poinsonous creation.
Dempsey introduced us to some of his friends, one called Gareth who took a liking to Ellie. She thought he looked like Colin Farrell and proceeded to call him "Irish" for the entire evening.
The girls’ toilet was missing a door, so we had fun trying to hide each other from passers by. We all ended up in the Kebab shop across the road where I got a chicken wrap and drunkenly devoured it in less than 30seconds. Dempsey had taken a turn for the worst and was slouched on a chair next to me, eyes closed and making suspicious gurgling noises. We all got taxis to a petrol station, only to discover they'd run out of cigarettes, then we found an ironing board randomly placed down an ally on the way to Sam's, and decided to take this, and a shopping trolley for the remainder of the journey.
Had a dance-off back at Sam's. "Irish" crushed Steph's little toe while teaching her the Waltz and Dempsey fell asleep under our bed. When we crashed out, we noticed his stinky boy pumps were floating up to us so we flipped round to sleep on it sideways, and as far away from his rear end as humanly possible. Ellie was on a mattress on the floor and unfortunately for her, she had to face Dempsey, who, curled up and lifeless, resembled Gladys (the creepy painting in Friends). The three of us were in tears from laughing so much. It was that funny, it actually hurt.

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