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Today we were booked on a LA city tour taking us to all the sights of LA, the celebrity hang outs and houses! I hadn't realised how massive LA is, there are so many different suburbs ranging from the ganglands downtown to Bel Air and Beverly Hills (90210!). Our first stop on the tour was the chinese theatre, the walk of fame and the kodak theatre which Jess and i had seen yesterday, so we took a second look but spent most of the time back in the tacky souviner shops - oh my god the tack you can buy, only in America! The next stop was back to the sign - we didn't get nearly as close as we did yesterday so Jess and i felt very smug! Our tour guide was very knowledgable ... read more
How very baywatch!
The sign again.
Pamela Anderson i ain't!

Continuing to clock the miles on my worn out bicycle, I made the Gaithersburg trek around the lake. It was my full intention to capture the goslings as their parents nurture them in the early spring...accomplished! A... read more
gfamily2 (Large).JPG
gfamily (Large).JPG
goose2 (Large).JPG

Around The 2nd Oldest US Capital North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe By Erin and Eli May 3rd 2007A few shots from around Santa Fe and our adobe abode near the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. We love this town for so many reasons, but amazing food, natural beauty, interesting friendly freaks from afar, lots of dogs, and Trader Joes top the list. Not to mention green chiles...everywhere. I wouldn't recommend eating the greenies all three meals if you want to sleep, but they are tasty. This is the only town that gets away with painting every structure brown and gets ... read more
The Hallway
Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch....

North America » United States » New Jersey May 2nd 2007

Argentina Trip We thought it would be fun to keep a blog of our trip for our family and friends. We'll try to update as much as possible, but we can't guarantee we won't be too stuffed on Argentinian beef and empanadas to post for a couple of days. Work has been busy for both of us, so this trip comes at a great time for a break. We leave Wednesday afternoon, fly through Houston and get into Buenos Aires 15 hours later on Thursday morning. Some Ambien and travel Scrabble will hopefully make our overnight flight less painful. We're spending 3 nights in BA, then flying into the Andes to a town called Salta for a night. Driving from there to another town called Cafayate for 2 nights, then flying back to BA for ... read more

Always wanted to fly as a kid, and this came as close as anything else I have expereinced. Something that I would definitely try to get my proper licence for. Fantastic... read more

G'day All, hope things are well back home. The latest installment in our travels was a trip to Washington DC. Once a year the Australian Embassy get all the Army guys posted to the States together at DC for briefs and a bit of a social gathering (Navy and Air Force do the same on different weeks). I decided I would head up a couple of days before Fiona to participate in the social aspects of the week (aka - get on the turps), so I left last Sunday and stayed with Jacko a friend of ours living in DC (he is also the same bloke we went to Las Vegas with). We had a formal dinner on Monday night which was followed up by an organised tour of the Gettysburg battlefield on Wednesday. Fiona had ... read more
Learning how to fight Civil War Style
Australians at Gettysburg
Little Round Top

Water + exercise = happiness! Ray's backyard is a beautiful lake! What a lucky guy...or perhaps luck has nothing to do with it? We took the kayaks out for a bit to explore what Germantown nature has to offer along its beaches. A few birds, a few beaverdams, and a lot of paddling! A... read more
adam 2
ray kayak1 (Large).JPG

North America » United States » Texas » South Padre May 2nd 2007

Este blog es mas que nada para poner fotos de los ultimos dias en South Padre. Despues del viaje de "dolphin watch", pense que podia repetir lo mismo al dia siguiente pero con la tabla de windsurf y que seria barbaro navegar entre delfines. Quedamos con Mariana que ella y las nenas irian a el parque que esta en el extremo Sur de la Isla (Isla Blanca) y yo trataria de ir con la tabla y nos encontrariamos "entre las 3:30 y las 5:00" en una playita que habiamos visto desde el barco el dia anterior... Asi que sali de Las Brisas a eso de las 1:30 de la tarde del domingo con direccion sur (el viento venia del este-sudeste asi que no era muy complicado). Hice mas o menos una milla y media y ... read more
Amy y Mia en el muelle
Me voy a dar una vuelta....
Dejando estela

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan May 2nd 2007

As I have now nearly come to the end of my adventure I thought I would try and just add more pics and less verbals so what have attempted to do is post a site where you can view the pictures I have taken on my last stop before I leave for the UK and view as you wish. Let’s hope it comes off. I have now been away for 6 months, yes hard to believe .it was an amazing experience, covered 60,000klms via air some 24 flights. 17,500 klms by car I have some wonderful memories and I have my blog with 5,000 photos to look back on in future years. I still find it difficult to accept it’s nearly over and I will be back in Tenerife shortly and back to reality. It ... read more

Last International Coffe Hour & Exam Jam North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte By _Gaby_ May 2nd 2007 Gaby De sista dagarna hade vi alla fullt upp. Det var att tänka pÃ¥ packning, köpa de sista sakerna, plugga till tentor, städa, umgÃ¥s med hela gänget.. Det var sista av allting - sista International Coffe Hour (fast jag gick bara till första och sista faktiskt, där emellan hade jag annat att göra) för lite gratis fika och trevligt prat med alla. Sedan hade skolan arrangerat Exam Jam - utomhus... read more
Fikning in action
Egen tårta
Tårta, jaaa!

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