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North America » United States » Illinois » Springfield July 6th 2007

This morning I left Toulon for an Abraham Lincoln side trip. Culture shock! The drive in was beautiful-2 lane highways that wind through small towns and corn fields, and corn fields, and corn fields! Along the way I stopped at the New Salem historical park. It is a living history park and they have done a good job of recreating the feel of a small frontier town-only a lot cleaner and with lots more things to buy. It was also filled with an obnoxious tour group of teen-agers, many summer day care groups, and lots of hot, sweaty families with kids who wanted to go home, go to the bathroom, go get an ice cream, get their parents to carry them, or just whined for general purposes. I only got about a third of the ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 6th 2007

Day 1 Christoph Hall Tour word of the day: Masturbatorium (not sure how that one came about) Beverage of the Evening: Sierra Nevada So here we are on another tour. We have the same crew as last time (Myself, Brian, Laurie, Martin, and Edward). The Nebuchadnezzar has been getting quite a workout this year touring. 20,000 miles in 6 months. As seems to be the standard, Brian along with his girlfriend Julie, spent the days up to departure working on the bus. At 350,000 miles it's showing some battle scars but is running strong. Finding Vegoil in Minneapolis this time was a bust for the most part but we did find enough to get us to Chicago. We were in the bus for only about 10 minutes when the same old jokes surfaced. We enjoyed ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Luray July 6th 2007

On our way up through North Carolina and Virginia we stopped at the town of Mount Airy...which was Andy Griffith's home town. This is what he based his show on, and the town has embraced that image whole-heartedly. They've recreated the sets from the show in a small area of town and even offer sherrif car tours of the "famous sights". Paul got a kick out of it, whistling the theme song all day long. Danielle was thrilled by this, of course. :) Next on our agenda was the lovely little town of Charlottesville Virginia, and the home of Thomas Jefferson. It was named Monticello, and though not grand or incredibly beautiful, it was very interesting. Jefferson spent some time in France and brought back a lot of ideas with him of how a house ... read more

First of all, disaster struck on our last night in San Francisco, and we accidentally cleared our camera's memory card, so this will be a photo-free entry, and all the rest of our photos from previous stops are lost forever too. Oh dear! Anyway, although we spent a week here on honeymoon, and I loved it, this time around I was just gutted to be leaving New York, so I wasn't that bothered at all. Even Roy Scheider from Jaws being on our flight didn't ease the pain for me. Started to settle in almost as soon as we arrived, though, as the taxi journey from the airport reminded me just how cool California is too. Our hotel was something else - huge rooms, clean and comfortable, but like something out of Vertigo or The Birds ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville July 6th 2007

Early exit via taxi to Memphis airport. Picked up Jeep Laredo (imitation Ferrari coupe) and drove from Nashville to Memphis. Upon arriving in Arkansas (not the park near Sth Tweed) realised we probably were lost and turned around. Finally received proper instructions from a Tourist booth which allowed us to find the rental car drop off point. Transferred to the airport and successfully arrived at New Orleans which was "Bloody hot mate". It was about 94 degrees. Went for a stroll along Bourbon St in the French Quarter to get our bearings. Pretty tacky place with tacky tourist shops. Got Eden some bling so he could fit in with all the black "gangsta" types which appeared like they were just taken out of a video clip. This place is weird. Even though it is the ... read more

North America » United States July 6th 2007

Hey everyone. Apologies for the gap between the last post and this - the Travel Blog website crashed a few weeks ago and all our posts were lost. Thankfully I managed to restore them so I can carry on boring you all to death for a bit longer. Incase you haven't noticed I've uploaded a few photographs to the site starting with the 'Washington, Philly and New York City (Extended Version)' post. Anyway, here is my extended version of Days 19-24 (wow - that's a long time ago!) Incase you've forgotten where I left off, we just spent the evening listening to rock 'n' roll music on Beale Street in Memphis... I'll try and keep the moaning about walking to a minimum! Day 19 (22/06/07) We began the morning of the 22nd by watching a film ... read more
San Antonio
San Antonio
Road to the Grand Canyon

Today was the site-seeing day. Too bad we woke up to the worst fog Tileli had ever seen since she moved to San Francisco late May. We woke up and caught the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge. Too bad when we got to the Bridge, you could barely even see it because it was covered in a dense fog. We meant to stop right on the other side of the bridge, however, we didn’t realize what we were doing so we ended up in Sausalito, accidentally. It turned out to be quite the pleasant accident (and most definitely not the last one). Since the sun was out there, we decided to sit at the docks and have our packed lunch that we brought: sandwiches, apples, wasabi peas (our staple food group). After finishing up there, ... read more
Wall of Fog
Coats in July!?!?
Sunshine in Sausalito!

So we're now officially on the road having picked up our wheels from New York. Unfortunatly, Dollar Car Hire stiffed us (tell your friends) on the agreed Dodge Charger and tried to offload some Lincoln (naff car) on us. After 30 mins of haggling/complaining, they gave us the keys to a brand new Dodge Avenger with a paint job we've since been told is called "Go Man Go!" red. Its way cool and we're really chuffed to have such a cool car to take us Pan-Am. Trung took to the wheel and we did a quick lap of honour around Central Park before cutting up through Times Square and out of New York via New Jersey. Once on the interstate, we switched seats and I took the wheel which was the first time I've driven a ... read more
Trung Overlooking Shenandoah
Steve on Capitol Hill
Korean War Memorial Soldier

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu July 6th 2007

Arrived in Hawaii a few days ago, woke up in Fiji at 9 am. Was in the hostel in Hawaii before 10am the same day, gotta love the 22 hour time difference for a 5 hour flight. My goodness Americans are dramatic, getting through the airport was a mission on zero sleep. They really should chillax more. Well, booked into this hostel for the entire 8 days. Not really what I wanted to do but not much of a choice when you have little cash, no credit card and everywhere is booked for the 4th. Not really been doing too much, I'm still and I think will forever be on Fiji time. Hawaii is beaches are meant to be paradise, I've seen a lot better. The surf looks amazing though, shame I'm not good at it. ... read more

At the camp, so no way to blog. But this palce is insane. In good ways and bad ways. I have written about it in my diary and will write it all up when I can go on the net for a while. Missing you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... read more

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