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Big buildings
View from the balcony
Downtown by night

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston March 27th 2008

Been in Boston a couple of days now for those who don't know. Think i much prefer it to New York. We are staying in a suburb called Everitt, and it seems really nice, much less hustle and bustle than New York. Even the downtown area is less chaotic, the whole area feels much more like a small english city. Walked the freedom trail yesterday, which is basically a 5 mile walk that, at regular periods, reminds hikers about how the English got there arses handed to them when the rebels rebelled. Anyone you speak to seems to take great pleasure in reminding you of this whenever they realise you are english. Don't think it was a good idea to walk the trail then, in an england shirt. You live and learn, theres a little mantra ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 27th 2008

Hello Everyone... another update of the travels of Daniel & Olivia. Will have to be quick because the internet access is expensive & we have some shopping to do in our final days in Las Vegas!! Since our last update we relocated from Newport Beach in Los Angeles, to Venice Beach in Los Angeles. It was a pretty big change.... one being the upper class where there is no one on the streets because they are driving expensive cars and/or too snobbish (we are talking million dollar mansions).... the other being the heart and soul of Los Angeles where EVERYONE comes together - roller skaters, bike riders, joggers, homeless, street stalls, etc etc. We didn't dare walk around this area at night but it was full of excitement during the day. While in Venice we went ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland March 27th 2008

It's so nice going home!... read more
Wild Ponies
Bay Sunset

North America » United States » Oregon » Cape Lookout March 27th 2008

Our original ambitious plan was to head down the Oregon coast to San Fran, head east into the Yosemite national park, then travel north back to Vancouver via the interior. We had planned well ahead to camp, and had purchased all the right wet weather gear. We were prepared for bad weather. Needless to say, I was so excited to go on this trip. I really wanted to be close to nature again, away from big cities, public transport, people, time. So we set off early on the Tuesday morning in the rental car. The drive down to Oregon is long and boring. And once we passed the US - Canadian border, it was just straight, on the I5 all the way to Oregon. US highways are good well marked roads with plenty of rest stops. ... read more
Fort Stevens State Park1
Fort Stevens State Park2
Fort Stevens State Park3

North America » United States » Utah March 27th 2008

Las Vegas, my departure city. It felt I'm almost home, just one flight away now. We've seen the movies so not much to add about Vegas. Opulence, glitzy, grand, elegant. I felt this place is a world part from all the places I've been. Thinking back to the simplicity of the Pacific Islands. I must admit I felt out of place at first as a backpacker. After few hours it was enough. My highlight, Bellagio casino fountain show. The next day we were off to the road trip! Driving along the route 66 was great, just miles of empty road and desert. We were in the wild west! This is really different experience of America. So far I had only been in Big American cities on my previous visits. So many times I'd felt like I ... read more
Arches National Park - Delicate Arch
Bryce Canyon

North America » United States » Texas » Houston March 27th 2008

Posted by Onaxthiel: There are certain disadvantages to camping in warmer weather. When the nights feel hot in the summer bag, and the morning dew starts accumulating on the bivies again, we know we have been out past the cold part of the season. We have entered the endgame now, the last portion of the trip. The weather tells us, the clutter in the car tells us, and the fact that Obfuscator doesn't feel like adding much to his entries tells us. It's been a great time, but it's ending soon. These are the things that I was considering as we started out for Houston. Entering the largest city of the second largest state in the Union (despite their best efforts) during rush hour could be a serious pain. Luckily we have a few advantages. First ... read more
Statue of Stephen F. Austin
Houston Skyline
The San Jacinto Monument in all its Soviet glory.

North America » United States » California » Redding March 27th 2008

On Thursday morning March 27th at 0700 departure time, an unseasonably cold weather system from Alaska was crossing the Washington coastline. Temps near freezing and snow flurries created a cold and painful start to the ride. Snow on the helmet visor required only a couple of wipes as I bore South toward Portland. The temps never rose above 40F until approaching Eugene as I slabbed it down I-5. The initial option of traveling down central Oregon and Nevada was abandoned with forecast freezing temps and severe cross-winds in the Great Basin desert. Experience as proven (in Nevada, incidentally) that hanging off the bike into a side wind for hours on end is not nearly as fun as hanging off inside of corners. As this Pacific front crossed the Sierras, winds were severe in the lee ... read more
Snow on the Ground
Red Bull
"Highest Elev. on I-5"

So after returning from Vegas to Pasadena the plan was that we'd spend a nice finale day with Steve and the family before getting back onto the road to head up the Pacific Coast - taste some wine in the Napa and then push on to Frisco. That nasty tennis bug we spoke of previously came back into our court, and Thom took his turn to be very much out of action for a couple of days. To finish this evil bug off once and for all we concluded that it be best for us to stay in one place till it had died, and then get back on the road. As this took a couple of days Napa was cut out of our schedule..... that's just the way things turn out unfortunately, but at least ... read more
Steal & Stem
Golden Gate Bridge
Royal Arches & Half Dome

North America » United States » California March 27th 2008

It has been awhile since I've updated this blog, so sorry to the loyal three readers. For anyone else, I should be posting more entries this week. Yhe, I know you were losing sleep. On we go.................. So, one of the best things about having to traverse this great sphere, is the fact that I have to breach Californian borders to reach either intended destination. Along this great embarkment/ disembarkment, I am privileged to stay with many friends and family, or shall I say, friends that should have been, or are family. This is always a highlight for me. Whether it be catching up with old mates or meeting new ones, the land of disfranchised pimps, Taco Bell tomato protestors, forgotten about Republicans and Mat Leinheirt fans, always proves to be exiting. About a year ago ... read more
Another Mango Moment

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