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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas May 5th 2007

Se que hace mucho tiempo que no escribo nada en el blog, pero la verdad es que no hemos parado ni un momento. Hemos empezado con el proceso de inmigración, y como lo estábamos haciendo todo mal al final hemos tenido que contratar a un abogado. Una vez empezado el proceso de inmigración, si salgo de Estados Unidos antes de recibir los papeles, no podré volver a entrar en 2 años. El proceso desde aqui son 3 meses, pero desde España son 2 años. Como no sabemos exactamente cuando voy a recibir los papeles, hemos tenido que posponer la boda por si acaso no llegan para cuando llegue el momento de ir a España para la boda. En principio intentaremos celebrar la boda en septiembre, por lo menos lo bueno es que no hará tanto calor ... read more
Heidi y su padre
31 de marzo

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix May 5th 2007

I have to start by saying I’m really annoyed with myself. I just spent ages writing out this entry and it didn’t publish when requested (the usual computer error) so I have now lost the whole entry. I’ll try one more time. Yesterday morning I finally bought myself some decent walking sandals. They surprisingly didn’t cost the same as an internal US flight (every single other pair were at least $50 - these were $15). Good old TK Maxx-esque shops! I also had good news about my credit card bill, so I just might afford this trip yet! After lunch we ventured out for the aforementioned walk in the desert. Arriving at the trail’s start I realised that it was completely unlike any terrain I’ve ever hiked on before. There’s a surprising amount of vegetation in ... read more
The cow!
Me on a rock

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my birthplace, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids is located about thirty minutes from the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. The city was first inhabited by the Ottawa Indians, who settled along the banks of the Grand River. The city was settled by French fur traders in about 1826. Grand Rapids was originally known as the Nation's Furniture Capital because of its excellent lumber industry, and it is still known for its many national and multi-national headquarters including Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Alticor (formerly Amway), Wolverine World Wide, and Meijer stores. Large immigrant populations from Poland, the Netherlands, and other European countries settled in metropolitan Grand Rapids in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They brought with them a variety of skills and traditions, which ... read more
Grand Rapids 02
Grand Rapids 03
Grand Rapids 04

Le premier jour du seminaire Wealth Mastery est termine. Et quelle journee! 8 heures sans arret + une pause d'une heure puis un autre 5 heures. On est 1200 et c'est intense! Aujourd'hui le sujet etait la "psychologie" Wealth is 80% psychology and 20% mecanics The winning formula is : Spend less than you earn, invest the difference, get compound interest until you achieve a critical mass that will provide you with an annual income so that you don't have to work ever again for the rest of your life. Le revenu moyen annuel des 1200 participants est 160,000$ Celui qui a le plus de revenu a 1.5 millions par an, les moins fortunes ont des revenus de 50,000$/an (devinez qui?) Il y en a un qui vaut 50 millions un autre qui faut (moins)-1.8 millions. ... read more

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Happy Cinco De Mayo! We are getting excited for our trip to start and only have four days left in the States. I feel like we are ready but I am sure there are things that we have overlooked. Only one way to find out. Our friends are having a party for our departure tonight/Cinco de Mayo, so we are excited for that. Ideally, we are going to write on this blog when we can and so you can all log on when you have spare time and see that we are still okay and find out where it is that we are. Don't worry mom and dad, we will still be calling you.... read more
Seattle Photos
Seattle Photos
Seattle Photos

all the way to Okee Matt Edwards I'm sitting in a public library in Midwest, OK, which is just outside of Oklahoma City. Long day so far, much driving still ahead. Got absorbed in music and forgot to look at the fuel guage; noticed the little red warning light 5 miles before an exit and ran out a mile or so short. Argh! Took advantage of the opportunity for excercise and started jogging, but was quickly thwarted in that plan by a kind couple who picked me up and drove me to the gas station. Bought a gas can (a donation for Daniel's car) and they actually drove me back as well! Nice folks. Found out they were heading to Kentucky soon for some kind of missionary work in a few small towns. Yesterday was ... read more
little rock
river overlook

On our way to Albuquerque we met a lot of wildlife...and some fun towns. Just wanted to share the photos!... read more
umm...whatever noise a deer makes!
new mexico has trees!

Wind blew last night and kept us cool. Stayed in the shelter and not the tent. We passed a youth group while climbing the Priest yesterday and they took up all the tenting spots. It was just one guy "Quatro", CC and I so there was plenty of room. Left the shelter at 9AM as we had planned a short miles day. We dropped down the south side of The Priest to VA826 over a knob to Cash Hollow Rd then over Main Top Mountain just over 4,000'. Down past the Fish Hatchery Rd that runs into Montebello and the trail famous "Dutch Haus." If you walk the mile down the mountain before 11:30AM, you get a free big lunch. A ploy to get you to stay the night, pay for a bed, dinner and the ... read more

Thought you'd like to see a few pics of my birthday party which my fabulous friends Lauren and Allyn threw for me. We had an absolute blast! Then, the party continued on Saturday when I celebrated with Ellie with a cookout and more yummy cake. Hope April brought you wonderful May flowers at which to look! M ... read more
The greatest girls in the world
Everybody loves a Jetta
I'm fabulous

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