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North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson June 28th 2007

Day 11 Okay, we’ve made it safely out of North Las Vegas. After missing one turn, we pulled a U-turn and made it on the correct interstate. We crossed the Hoover Dam. Benji’s quote when it came into view: “Dam!” We had to be inspected before crossing. Benji was going to warn the officers that our camper was a mess inside. His thought “It looks like a bomb went off in there.” Bad choice of words, Ben Ben. Luckily, he kept his mouth shut and we passed inspection without incident. Off to Wickenberg! Lunch will happen there and we’ll get some information about the ghost town. I may have to turn this into a Scooby-Doo blog for a day. So we’re in Wickenberg. No sign of this Vulture Mine or whatever it’s called. They do ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell June 28th 2007

Day 16 On the road again. Left Arizona and are into New Mexico. There are signs cautioning us of dust storms. It sounds like it would be neat, but we really don’t want to be in one. Headed to Roswell. Town is closed, but we’ll get to see some stuff tomorrow. Can’t forget about Scott’s shirt! ... read more

Day 17 So, last night was an adventure. We had severe thunderstorm warnings with high wind damage possibilities. 50 mph winds with gusts up to 70mph. The camper was rocking and we heard something in the bathroom. Opening the door, we saw that the wind had ripped off our vent. After stopping to purchase some souvenirs, we bought a new vent. When Benji went to install our new vent, he realized it didn’t fit and we headed back to the store. Mike called us. It was nice to hear from him. But his news wasn’t good. There’s major flooding in the area we’re headed into. And, he told us we left a shirt, sock, and our garbage can. We knew about the can and sock. Loooong day. Lots of driving. And, like always, my phone ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Effingham June 28th 2007

Day 18 Camping wasn’t bad last night. The ground is that red clay and it was easy to get everywhere! Mandie just left her shoes outside. Mosquitoes are back. The bathrooms were a little scary. Mandie had a spider hanging from the sink and a cockroach on the floor. We’re traveling on Route 66 for a while. Mandie keeps singing the song. Looks like we’re in for a 4:00 arrival at our next destination. We pulled in late yesterday, and Benji was not happy. Just before the Arch, Benji decided he wanted to drive longer, so we moved our campsite a little beyond where we were going to stay. We’re still in Illinois, but a lot closer to home. The camp is really nice, but it seems that it’s set up for much larger campers. ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Farmington June 28th 2007

Beautomous! Made it in to camp late, got situated and was sent to sleep to the song of whipporwhils! Couldn't ask for more! Fantastic day hiking at Hawn! Lots of wild azaleas up on the glade! Woods are gorgeous and the storms lovely. Onwards in the rain to Eric's farm outside of Columbia. 76 miles to go! Perhaps stop at Flat Branch for a beer and maybe take the River road to his place and catch up with old friends! ***************************************************************** I would meet you anywhere, western sun meets the air, hit the road, never looking behind. ~Son Volt ... read more
Kristen's Sweetie!
Kristen in Pickle Creek!

Travel so farI want to start by mentioning one thing I forgot yesterday, which is that it is about 94 degrees here plus the humidity here in Washington, D.C. Let's just say its airconditioning is a necessity...Today was very full day of activities. We started by meeting for breakfast and then beginning with a three hour meeting, which included introductions, expectations, and overview of the Fulbright program. We then had lunch and headed to the Woodrow Wilson Center (The only president with a Ph.D) for a meeting and lecture on Canada and Mexico in relation to the United States. One of the speakers by the last name of Wentraub, was one of the creators of NAFTA. His perspective on North American relations gave an optimistic view of the future of the three countries working together. ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin June 28th 2007

Door County sure lived up to the hype as a top vacation destination today. What a fantastic day I had exploring. Today was like a fall day, bright, sunny but crisp. I don’t think it got above 65 all day and was windy. I went to two State Parks, two County Parks, two wineries, and two lighthouses. Of course I saw lots of great barns and other things along the way as well. I visited Cave Point County Park followed by Whitefish Dunes State Park. What a dramatic and stark contrast less than one mile apart on the Lake Michigan shoreline. Cave Point has rocks, bluffs and caves which have been carved out over the years by constant waves. You go right around the point and end up on a sandy white beach in the ... read more
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse
Eagle with fish 1
Eagle with fish 2

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden June 28th 2007

We're just North of Salt Lake City, having spent the day at Bryce Canyon (in Southern Utah) and then traveling through the beautiful but spare Utah Valley getting here (driving through Salt Lake City just in time to see the sunset over the mountains and great salt lake). Our time in Page, Arizona helped in a couple of ways: a lot of pool time for the boys, a automotive spa day for Millie and the exposure to an area to which we'd like to return: Exploring Lake Powell and its Canyons by Houseboat. Bryce Canyon was well worth the trip as you'll be able to see by the pictures here. These were taken by all members are the family. Mark and Millie (and Maria's nerves) got a little break today when we hit the Interstate ... read more
Kevin lost a tooth today
Millie: She's A Good Old Gal

North America » United States June 28th 2007

Harry took the midnight-3am watch from Bodega Bay to Eureka, and I got into bed to rest. It’s hard to sleep when we’re under way, even if the seas are calm. We still rock quite a bit, and the roar of the engine is beyond that white noise that might be comforting. Also, it’s freezing cold and without Harry to warm me up, I never got warm enough to drift off. When I came on at 3am, I first grabbed a handful of crackers and scooped peanut butter right out of the jar with each one. This was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. My body was screaming for food. I felt like a hole had fallen into my belly and it kept getting deeper, I was so hungry. Harry told me he’d had some ... read more
Look, Mom!  We're still ok!

Apparently jet lag is a very real phenomenon. I didn’t sleep last night, but I'm doing fine running on adrenaline. Today was all about introductions. We all met for breakfast and then spoke about what we hoped to learn and implement in our projects. My project is definitely going to need to be a work in progress. I have about three ideas running through my head. I would like to look at how the media portrays cultural identity in each country. I would then like my kids to examine how the media portrays their own cultural identity and analyze the accuracy of the portrayal. On a second note, I would like to study environmentalism in each country and then work towards creating a "green" school at 74th Street. I also got a couple of really great ... read more

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