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North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus July 17th 2019

Hello, everyone, and this is a travel blog on my trip to America (USA). For a very long time, I have been interested in the idea of visiting North America, and so I decided to do just that. The journey there is accompanied by a 40-45-hour plane ride, with a few stops on the way. On this long plane ride, there are many amazing sights to see, and that's before we even reach our destination! Over the course of this journey, you are certain to fly over the vast, blue Atlantic Ocean. In every direction, wild, untamed water, as far as the eye can see. Above you, white, gentle clouds, wispy in appearance, and so close that you feel you could reach out and touch it. Below you, the ocean blue, spanning a large majority of ... read more
During the flight
Arriving to Canada

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus June 26th 2018

I had a relatively short drive from the Fox Den Acres Campground in New Stanton PA to Alton RV Park in Galloway OH. The trip went without a hitch, and I found Alton RV Park conveniently located on US 40 just outside the Columbus corporate limits. My space was at the rear of the park so road noise was no problem, and a grocery store was on my way back from anything I had scheduled for Columbus. Undeterred by the events near Rogersville PA a couple of weeks previous, Covered Bridges, Scenic Drives, Waterfalls, George Washington and a Big Oops in Morgantown WV, I had scheduled a covered bridge day for Thursday, June 21, 2018. My first stop was the 1888 Hartman #2-Lockville Park 48' Covered Bridge in Lockville Canal Park in Carroll OH. The bridge ... read more
Even if Only for Traversing a Water-Filled Drainage Ditch, It Serves a Useful Purpose
The Day of My First Visit, a Herd of Bicyclists Had the Same Idea
I’m not Sure How Many Communities Got a Piece of Twin Towers Debris, But This One Was Put to Good Use

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus April 3rd 2018

Well, we made it to Roman Atwood's house but we did not get to meet him. We did meet security at the end of his driveway. ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus March 26th 2018

Well we reached the end of an extraordinary 17000+ mile journey across this beautiful country of ours. Starting in August we crossed 28 states, visited 10 national parks, countless state parks/national monuments and museums...while camping along rivers, beside streams, within ancient lava flows, on mountain tops, below sea level playas, in deserts, forests, prairies, and along both oceans with sun rise above the Atlantic and set over the Pacific. We saw how the poorest of people live in the Slabs, the richest in Monterey, and the imprisoned in Alcatraz...we saw great human creations an even greater natural ones. After leaving Las Vegas as our final significant stop, we began a 7-day-2,000+ mile trip home along the path of Route 66 where we saw some cools stuff and camped within an ancient lava flow, but for the ... read more
Safari Motel Lobby
Roadside Lava Flow
Campgroound Lava Bubble

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus June 15th 2017

Our plan this morning was to get an early start as we new it would be a 300+ miles day, but all good plans are subject to adjustment, especially when we didn't wake up until 7:00. After a quick breakfast, we packed up the bike to head southwest to Auburn located in the northeast tip of Indiana. We checked the weather forecast and it looked like scattered showers throughout our travels for the day. It wasn't actually raining yet, but to play it safe, and as a little insulation from the morning chill, we went ahead and put on our rainsuits. Our trip took us west on US-12, and once we were outside of Dearborn, the road turned into a wonderful country road between farms with lots of twists and turns and hills. It made for ... read more
Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum - 1934 Deusenburg
Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum - 1935 Auburn
Auburn Cord Duesenburg Museum - 1931 Cord

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus May 2nd 2016

I gave a lot of thought into the name of my new blog. I wanted to keep it simple, yet capture what I love most about traveling. Every time I embark on a new journey across this vast world, I discover more about life. I discover more about lifestyles, cultures, religions, ways of life, interactions between people, morals, even different cuisines; especially I learn more about myself, who I am, and who I want to be. I am getting ready for my next adventure, May 14th. I will be traveling to Charlottesville, VA where I will stay the weekend with my long term best friend, Caitlin, as a stopping point en route to Washington D.C. for my Monday flight to Iceland! Caitlin and I share this same passion for traveling; we've both completed several study abroad ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus July 31st 2015

What is summer without a road trip? Usually you think of going somewhere very cool, or interesting, or something. But this year we needed to go by ground to Colorado from Ohio...a road trip that includes a slog across Kansas. But let's see if we can find somethings off the beaten path that make road travel special. But for a start, we made it only as far as Columbus, logging just 90 some miles, in order to kick the trip off with a concert by Old Crow Medicine Show. As usual, they did not disappoint. The set was full of tunes from all of their albums, and finished with encores from Tom Petty ("Won't Back Down") and John Prine. Everyone went home happy, and today we hit the road for points west.... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus February 8th 2015

Sometimes you just don't have a lot of time to research when you have a change of plans to your traveling route. Thank goodness for our modern cell phones! A quick look at recommended places for Columbus OH, and not to far off from the highway revealed this gem of a place. The North Market, is a open market place inside a building. Parking is located in the back off a side street and is fairly cheap. There are so many VERY GOOD things to eat here, such a variety. They include Indian, Donner kebabs, coffee and bakery items. Spices, Sushi and Vietnamese pho, French quality pastries (Best Macaroons!), gourmet ice cream, chocolates, wines and hot sauces just to name a few. We sampled a variety of goods and all were very high quality, very pleasing ... read more
Street Mural
North Market
Raspberry Hot Salsa!

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus August 2nd 2013

JOHN GLENN John tried to join the Army Air Corps in 1942 but they dawdled too long in calling him up to an aviation cadet program so he joined the Navy instead. He completed his advanced pilot training at Corpus Christi, Texas in 1943 as a Marine and was assigned to VMJ 353 flying the R4D transport. The R4D was the Navy version of the venerable Douglas C-47. It was important work no doubt, but John was better suited for a more aggressive combat role. His application to fighters was approved and in 1944 he went to VMF-155 flying the F-4U Corsair in the Marshall Islands. VMF-155 was commanded by Joe Foss, the leading Marine Corps Ace. John flew 59 missions with them primarily in a ground attack role. By that stage in the ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus October 28th 2012

I am reading Opium Nation by Fariba Nawa - I picked it up off the shelf at the library because of the name and the cover. I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but that method has worked out for me quite a few times. As I read this wonderfully informative and interesting book about Afghanistan I can't help but be amazed how much power words have over my life. I love books. I want everyone to love books like I do. I know this is an unrealistic goal; however, I truly believe that words and books have the power to change the world. if they don't change the world, books definitely have the power to change individual lives. If it wasn't for books I doubt that I would be ... read more

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