Wallace Family


Wallace Family

North America » United States » Florida » Brandon August 6th 2016

Before heading back to work I took a few days at home to unload the trailer, do 10 loads of wash, clean up the house and visit with family, oh and cry (I am so excited to see my friends, but getting back to reality is hard to face). Nate was fortunate enough to have two and half weeks left to get things in order. After visiting with friends we decided to post some common questions, but if you have more please send a comment. Fun Facts Our total trip was almost eight weeks long starting on June 11, 2016 and returning home on August 4, 2016. Once leaving Florida we drove in 18 states. We drove about 10,000 miles, costing $2,128.13 for fuel, stopping 66 times for fuel. With only one day without any driving ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Brandon August 2nd 2016

Coming down into Florida we are usually stuck with I-75, but this time we took US-98, this is a nice easy drive with ample places to stop for food and fuel. Once in Crystal River we stayed at Rock Crusher Canyon ($22/night Passport) since we have enjoyed our stay there in the past. The park offers a screened in pool and hot tub, Wi-Fi, Cable, activities and friendly staff. The best part of this park is there are many large shaded campsites similar to what you would see at a state park. Our stop here was mostly to visit with Nate’s aunt and take her to dinner for her birthday.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Carrabelle August 1st 2016

As I said in the previous blog we really scored at this campground, our view is amazing and everything is so nice here. We drove through town, purchased some bait, visited the bottle house, the world's smallest police station which was a telephone booth (see pics), and saw Crooked River Lighthouse from the outside. Once we returned we all went to the beach to hang out and fish. The sand was surprisingly white and powdery. The best part is since it is a private beach you are able to bring your pet. Daisy was ready to come home at dark since the bugs were driving her crazy, but Nate could not bring himself to leave the beach. He caught so many nice size fish and a sting ray too, but unfortunately none were keepers. Nate finally ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Carrabelle July 30th 2016

Today we continued south on I-65, the drive itself was not too bad, but there were a few accidents that were causing 30 minute plus delays so we had to get off the interstate and allow Google Maps to reroute us. We drove straight through, other than stopping for gas which allowed us to get to the next campground early, Cherry Blossom RV ($22/night Passport). This campground has the fastest Wi-Fi I have seen on the entire trip and cable, oh and it is by any restaurant you could desire. We finally got to eat our O'Charley's, after that we took Daisy to JcPenney's to finish off her school shopping and then back to the trailer to catch up on the blog. It is nice to not worry to much about the route we take now ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Cullman July 28th 2016

Today when we woke up it was raining heavily so we went to the front desk of our campground (Yogi Nashville) to look into staying another night which we thought would be no problem since the park was not even half full, but they would not allow us to stay another night at $35 (passport rate) they were going to charge $70 so we decided to pack up and move on. The drive itself was not too bad once we got out of Nashville, but we did see multiple accidents. I would like to say that was due to the rain, but I believe that some of that is just normal in Nashville, we are so glad to be out of there, if you can avoid the area with your travel trailer I would. We drove ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville July 27th 2016

Well other than the Gaylord Palms Resort I cannot say I really enjoyed my trip to Nashville, there is way too much traffic and the GPS wants you to take an interstate absolutely everywhere. If something is 5 miles from you it will take close to 30 minutes to get there, we finally turned the interstate option off which helped out a lot. We could not find anything we wanted to see in this town other than the Grand Ole Opry that we went to last night so Nate took us to some thrift stores. We did get some more clothes for Daisy, she's into throw back cartoon, candy and soda related graphic t-shirts. Nate found a replacement external hard drive to replace the one that broke shortly before the trip for only $10 which we ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville July 26th 2016

We embarked from our three days of relaxation headed to our next destination of Nashville, TN. we took I-57 to I-24, just before I-24 there was road congestion so we got off I-57, got gas and took a detour on IL-37 to I-24. We were glad that we were on the detour since a storm came upon us that would have caused us to get off the interstate. During our drive on I-24 we crossed over into Kentucky where we finally were able to stop at a Chick-Fil-A, the first in over a month. The drive overall was easy, but had an abundance of semis driving under the speed limit. Today we are camping at Camp Jellystone in Nashville (passport $35/night) they have tons of activities, pool, Wi-Fi and cable. The last time we camped at ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis July 24th 2016

Today we visited the Gateway Arch that sits on the Mississippi River, it is 630 feet tall and wide, constructed of all stainless steel. The arch took two years to construct and 13 million dollars. Once in town you have to find a public parking garage, but there are many to choose from, I would recommend that you park beside the Hilton it is a short walk to the arch. You can purchase tickets to go up into the arch for $13 or $10 if you have a National Park Pass. At the time we visited the arch there was construction everywhere taking away from the beauty of the arch, but we tried to focus on the beauty of the arch alone. We purchased our tickets and had an hour to kill, but it was very ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri July 21st 2016

Today we headed back up to I-90 which is a nice easy drive and continued on I-90 to Badlands. The plan was to camp nearby, but the day did not go as planned because Nate thought it would be a good idea to get ahead and take the trailer into Badlands National Park with us and continue driving after. At Badlands I got to see my babies again, prairie dogs. My cute little chunky babies were peeking out of so many different mounds over the park, I wanted them all. We did not get to see much of the actual Badlands because Nate got in a hurry since it was getting late and we still had 3.5 hours more to drive, but what we did see was beautiful. The land was diverse with hills on one ... read more

Today we found we have another low tire so we put a hold on the site seeing to find a tire shop. We dropped the tire off at a local tire shop and went thrift shopping. We found the Twilight movie that Daisy read on this trip, a lot of cool t-shirts for Daisy and finally a new camera. We got to go to a sit down lunch at Perkins which was a nice treat. We then picked up Mandy and headed to Custer State Park, it was $20 to get into the park and was already 5 pm so we opted to drive thru and take our own scenic drive. It seems that this area follows its own set of rules, all the other South Dakota State Parks are $6 and none of the other ... read more

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