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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki October 22nd 2023

My alarm beeped at 3am and I hit snooze and closed my eyes again. Another day starting before 4am. Surprisingly, Kamie didn’t protest about today’s six hour flight so I suppose he was only silently hating me now. Ha We checked our bags and breezed through TSA Pre-check (thank you Lord for this wonderful option). I will say, at Springfield TSA Precheck and LA TSA Precheck, both times, Kamie was pulled aside. He looks like a drug lord but no big o’ bags of money to be found. We both grabbed some Starbucks for breakfast (this specific location in the airport was completely SOLD OUT of the iced pumpkin chai latte). It was cold in the airport and Kamie was cold on the plane yesterday too but he chose to not bring his jacket even after ... read more
Very large banyan tree
Japanese restaurant
Kamie's meal

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki July 11th 2023

According to MSN Tempo: According to a 2020 survey of American grill owners, the Fourth of July is the country's most popular day for cookouts or backyard barbecues. Burgers, steaks, ribs, and other forms of protein will doubtless get charred for the occasion, but somehow it's the humble hot dog that seems most emblematic of the holiday. Maybe that's why we're expected to consume about 150 million of them across the nation on the Fourth this year -- enough to stretch between Los Angeles (the country's hot-dog-eating capital) and Washington D.C. five times. According to some sources, the hot dog was invented in the late 15th century in the German city of Frankfurt-am-Main -- hence one of its alternate names, "frankfurter," meaning a person or thing from Frankfurt. Others trace it back to the Austrian city ... read more
KC waffle dog
Pink's famous dogs

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki June 6th 2023

Bonjour à tous, Le dimanche soir c'est beaucoup plus calme que le samedi. Beaucoup moins de musique, de fêtes dans les bars, mais toujours autant de monde dans les rues. Repas de linguines aux fruits de mer délicieux. Vers 21h un feux d'artifice sans doute monumental à été tiré, probablement de la plage il à duré près d'une heure, de la où j'étais, je n'ai vu que certaines fusées dépassants les immeubles. Sur les guides il est annoncé tous les vendredis soir. Ce matin j'ai une petite angoisse en me rendant à Pearl Harbor. En anglais ou en américain les dates sont écrites dans cet ordre année, jour, mois ou année, mois, jour. Je n'ai jamais compris le pourquoi ces inversions. Je ne suis pas sur, mais ma réservation de visite devait être pour hier. Au ... read more
Amiral Nimitz
Pearl Harbor la baie
navire à quai

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki June 4th 2023

Bonjour à tous, Rude journée. Soirée hier, rien d'exceptionnelle, nouveau resto, pas trop mal prix raisonnable, pour des raviolis au crabe, et un désert hawaïen au nom imprononçable. Ce matin réveillé, par mon téléphone à 4h45, j'avais oublié de le couper. Comme je n'ai pas pratiquement pas redormi, j'ai quitté la chambre assez tôt. J'avais la crainte de la circulation, et des travaux sur la route de l'aéroport. Curieusement la route était redevenue normale, plus de travaux, probablement samedi. je dépose la voiture. Je me retrouve avec 2h30 d'avance, pour l'embarquement. La rotation de ces avions est hallucinante. J'ai fait le constat déjà, aux 2 aéroports précédents, l'avion se pose, débarquement des passagers, des bagages, embarquement des passagers, des bagages, et 30 minutes plus tard il redécolle. Et à la minute près. Je quitte Kauai, avec ... read more
Waikiki beach
cathédrale St Andrew

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki April 23rd 2023

Well it can’t be all about snorkeling, turtles and frolicking in the sea. Sooner or later, the fun has to end, and you’ve gotta subject yourself to a little bitta kulcha and some of the ancient stuff. Luckily for the girls, that time had come. Out of bed and Froggy was on the road towards Diamond Head. We had an early start to avoid the heat, but obviously that didn’t mean we didn’t want reminders of the temperature, gradient of ascent, distance to the end, and general dissatisfaction with the enjoyment of the activity at every available interval along the way. In case there was an element of doubt, it was hot, it was steep, it was far and it was boring. Luckily the views at the top were actually pretty spectacular and it was grudgingly ... read more
But he didn’t get this view!
Family selfie atop Diamond Head
On the way down

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki February 1st 2023

A beautiful sunny island day today. Breakfast at the hotel club. Pedro really likes the purple doughnuts. Had the miso soup today with tofu and seaweed. Not a typical breakfast for those of us from the midwest. Big waves today and the number of surfers is crazy. Has to be 50 surfers off shore on the west end of Waikiki Beach. After breakfast we took a walk through Ala Moana Regional Park to Magic Island. Busy place with walkers and runners. Scuba lessons in the little lagoon by Magic island. There was a better view of the surfers. They were all congregating and waiting for the perfect waves. Saw some successful and some that need to perfect the skill. We had a tour scheduled with Pink Sails Whale Watching. It sets sail from yacht club right ... read more
Lighthouse as viewed from Diamond Head State Monument
False Killer Whales
Boats at Ala Moana Regional Park

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki January 29th 2023

We woke up at our usual early time despite the time change today. We were excited for our first day of our touring. We had breakfast at the "club" at our hotel and had a typical breakfast of eggs, sausage, fresh fruits, pastries and yogurts. After breakfast we took a swim in the pool. It was cool and misting so we had to pools to ourselves. We went in the infinity pool first, then the main pool and then finally sat in the hot tub. The water in all of the pools was warm compared to the air temperature, but we spent the most time in the hot tub. After our breakfast and pool time we took a walk down Waikiki Beach. Lots of birds. Lots of surf shops. Light mist during the walk. Lots of ... read more
Bike tour of Hickam Field
Fins at a Surf Shop Waikiki
The Hickam Flag

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki January 28th 2023

Drove to Chicago the night before our flight to Hawaii. There was snow during the day and several major pile ups on the interstate during the day. The roads were all clear by the time we were driving. Roads earlier in the day were sketchy with slippery patches. Pedro had picked up Kasie earlier in the day from college as it was time to take the stitches out after her surgery to fix the humerus. 16 days post major open reduction with internal fixation of the right dominant arm. She has been doing well and she has been doing her exercises regularly. She is doing well and getting really good motion already. Always nice to have a faithful patient doing all the exercises correctly! We were up early to catch the shuttle from the hotel to ... read more
Ala Wai Boat Harbor
Infinity pool Waikiki at night
Pedro and Lori get proper welcome at the Daniel K. International Airport

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki January 10th 2023

Aloha to everyone, We are sitting at the airport on Maui, Kahului, having a cold drink while we wait to head to our gate for boarding our flight to Honolulu. We got here a bit early as it didn’t take us nearly as long to get thought he rental car check-in as I envisaged. However by the time pointed out all the cars ‘issues’ to the very nice young man at the Dollar Rentals check-in we did take a while….the bonnet kept jumping open to the first catch, the key fob ‘door opening’ didn’t work at all - locked everything but wouldn’t open and it took me 3 days when I quite by accident discovered that if I used the key to open the drivers door and turned the key twice to the right it activated ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki April 19th 2022

For those of you heading to the islands, do not underestimate the food at the Ala Moana Shopping Center. From Lovefood's best food courts: Makai Marketplace at Ala Moana Center, Honolulu You'll find restaurants for dining in, some with terraces, and places to grab a quick but delicious bite such as Holy Cow (formerly Myungrang Hot Dog), whose specialty is Korean deep-fried hot dogs on a stick. Another favorite is Tanaka Ramen & Izakaya (pictured), serving flavor-packed bowls of noodles, meat and broth alongside a range of Japanese-style snacks. It's so good – and so popular – that you might want to reserve a table in advance. Poke, typically served in bowls topped with raw fish, originates from Hawaii so it makes sense Honolulu’s biggest shopping mall food court has excellent places serving it. At Poke ... read more
Something for everyone
Great ramen

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