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North America » United States » Connecticut » Madison June 18th 2015

We left the Outer Banks of North Carolina for Connecticut 11 days ago. In order to miss the major metropolitan areas of Washington, D.C. and New York City we traveled through areas of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and a corner of New York state. Shenandoah Valley National Park in Virginia was beautiful and lots of summer flowers were in bloom. Pennsylvania is full of rolling hills and farms. We drove through the Delaware Gap National Park and enjoyed the view of the Delaware River. We arrived in Connecticut 7 days ago. This is where I spent my time in the summer growing up. My oldest sister, Linda, still lives in our family home. It was a fun week visiting with Linda and her husband, Tawn. We also had a few days with my cousin Ed ... read more
Shenandoah Valley National Park
Camping in Pennsylvania
Delaware River

Bonjour à tous Comme prévu hier au soir je suis allé souper sur le port Provincetown, juste pour vous, j' ai pris de nouveau une "chowder" (pour ceux qui n' ont pas lu, allez voir le jour 4) et des raviolis garnis au homard. Une dizaines de ces raviolis font environ 40 de ceux que l'on connait. Une ventrée!. Heureusement que je ne mange pas le midi, et que j' ai pas mal marché, si non ce n'est pas moins 10 kg, mais plus 10. Malheureusement ou heureusement je vais quitter la région de pêche. En partant souper vers 19 h j' avais remarqué, à l'hôtel, quelques couples une dizaine de personnes, assez bruyants, autour d' un barbecue. A mon retour 2½ plus tard, les bières, aidant, le volume avait bien monté. Je finis le blog ... read more
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raviolis au homard

North America » United States » Connecticut » Clinton May 10th 2015

Yesterday morning we picked up our home for the next three weeks and hit the road. It is just brilliant!! Has a sofa, banquette dining area, kitchen with fridge and freezer, shower room and a double bed in an electric slide out extension. I might have underestimated the challenge of driving a thirty foot long double wheel base vehicle on the wrong side of the road, but Spencer took to driving like a pro. We picked it up in New Jersey so had to drive back around NYC to head north and the traffic was horrendous with lane changes needed constantly and overtaking on all sides by impatient Yanks. Despite that, we made it to our first nights stop without incident. We stayed in a fairly average campsite in Clinton, Connecticut, chosen for its easy first ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut April 25th 2015

We are halfway through Connecticut. There seems to be some traffic.... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut April 20th 2015

We have made it to Connecticut! taking a quick bathroom and snack stop!... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » East Hartford December 21st 2014

We left Gabriella's house on the second day to go to Hartford to see Maddie, Jack, and Elizabeth. When we got there, we went sledding outside in the snow. It was really fun. First we had to shovel up show and put into the gaps where there was grass. After that we had hot chocolate. Then we had dinner which was pasta. Next we lit the menorah because they are Jewish. It was Ania's first Channukah. We went to their living room to open presents. I got a one direction book, a knot-a-quilt, and a world atlas. Then we went to bed. The next day, Maddie, Jack, and Elizabeth had to go to school. So when Maddie woke up, I woke up too and we had breakfast. When they left I went to my dad and ... read more
Me, Maddie, Jack and Elizabeth
Lighting the Menorah

Haha, lived in Alaska for 6 years and never came this close to the north pole!... read more

Hey Everyone, This is going to be my spot to post everything cool and/or not cool about my trip to HK. As most of you know, I will be leaving Monday at 10am on a non-stop 16 hour joy ride from JFK on Cathay Pacific. My seat is a business class seat so that means I am pretty excited about the first part of my trip. I am going to be picked up by a car service at 5am, drive the three hours or so to JFK and then be on my way. My first few posts will probably be of my flight over and getting checked in to the hotel, but from then on hopefully the adventures will be a bit better. Keep in mind I am going there to work primarily, but that doesn't ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » Niantic June 6th 2014

Bill and I left after breakfast, with me driving Ned and Mom's new Prius, for trip to Giants Neck Beach and Rocky Neck State Park. I grew up at Giants Neck: playing on the beaches and rocky coasts, swimming every day I could, skating on the duck pond in the winter, watching hurricanes blast through, hanging out with the summer kids from Memorial Day til Labor Day... We hiked the beach to the park Pavilion, built in 1935 by the WPA, and then back down the beach to Giants Neck to visit my childhood home and the beaches where I played and swam. "The Ellie Mitchell Pavilion is a Rustic-style building completed in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration, a Depression-era relief program. Designed by Russell F. Barker and othe... read more
Giants Neck Beach where I grew up viewed fro Rocky Neck State Park
Giants Neck
WPA-built pavilion at Rocky Neck State Park

North America » United States » Connecticut » Niantic June 4th 2014

Bill and I have flown to New England to visit my mother and step-father for a week. We will also travel to Rockport, Massachusetts on the weekend to see friends and have lunch with my eldest brother and one of my step-brothers. We arrived on Tuesday morning via the red-eye, drove an hour south to my mother and step-father's home in East Lyme (very near the place of origin of dreaded Lyme disease), took a nap and headed out for Gillette Castle, along the Connecticut River. I have visited here many times, starting as a young child. It was been renovated recently and you can no longer go up into the tower... The castle was built in by William Gillette, an actor and playwright best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. He added the hat ... read more
Approaching the castle
Gillette Castle
All stone...

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