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Published: July 4th 2020
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No alarm, well at least I didn’t set one but Jerry did. Even without an alarm I still woke up at 6:00 am, but instead of getting up and looking forward to 9+ hours in front of my computer working, I turned over petted Tarragon and went back to sleep. I didn’t wake up again until Jerry’s alarm went off at 8. I might have kept sleeping but for that alarm.

It was good that we got up, since the continental box breakfast was only served until 9. I washed my face, rinsed my mouth with some Listerine and walked to the main office to pick up our coffee and box breakfast. The humidity was already high and I was drenched by the time I got to the office. I was the only one picking up at that time, so it didn’t take long. I walked back to the room and set out our breakfast. While I ate, I finished yesterday’s blog entry. The box contained an apple, nice and crunchy, a yogurt; cream cycle flavor; an overcooked boiled egg and a Costco muffin. The coffee was decent, luke warm but decent.

Breakfast over, we put on our bocce ball apparel and headed for the grass for a few matches. It was a partly cloudy day, no breeze and very humdid. We could have dealt with all that just fine, we had plenty of water, but the bugs were just two much, swarming around our face, nats, so no biting but annoying none the less. We still managed two full matches. I won, the second only by a couple of points.

After our match, we really needed to cool down, so we headed for the pool. We first went to the office to pick up the pool towels and fill up our ice chest with ice, so our Rose and White Wines would stay cool. Then back to the room, quick shower to prepare for the pool. There was only two other people in the pool, normally on a summer day (non covid times) I am sure the pool would be packed and too many children. This however was perfect as we basically had the pool to ourselves, as the mother and daughter stayed at one end and us at the other. They did get out and then we had the entire pool to ourselves.

Next up
The Sunnyside From the LawnThe Sunnyside From the LawnThe Sunnyside From the Lawn

AKA Bocce Ball Field
was lunch in the room. We had stopped in a store in Sharon on the way up and purchased some, meats, cheeses and crackers. I laid out our feast and poured a nice bottle of Sancerre. After lunch we took a short drive back to Salisbury to get some more bottled water. The market had a line, only let 25 people in at a time and took your temperature before you could enter. We were in and out fairly quickly.

Back at the room, we took Tarragon out for a bit of fresh air. So, on his collar and leash went and outside we went. He didn’t seem to enjoy it to much, a bit overwhelming, I guess. It was a short 10-minute experience. The rest of the day we have just been relaxing in the room, it has been raining for the last 2 hours, might be a hitch in outdoor dinning for dinner tonight. I am exhausted. It is either all the sun, activity and fresh air, or I did not realize exactly how much stress I have been under lately. In any event I took a quick disco nap with the cat and am a bit more refreshed now.

Currently we are getting ready for dinner. In case we can’t eat there, we have already decided what we want and will just do take out and eat in the room. That way we can at least have wine with dinner. Its been a pretty short and relaxing day. Tomorrow is much the same, except we are going to try our hand at a bit of canoeing. Hope it goes better than the Kayaking in Thailand, I couldn’t stay up right.

The Boathouse

Dinner tonight was at The Boathouse a Sushi bar and American bistro. Sushi seems to be a big thing here, why I don’t know because they are not near the sea and you don’t make Sushi out of trout. That isn’t why we chose this restaurant; we did because the menu looked good. Well looks can be deceiving. I was excited because Friday and Saturday’s are prime rib night, and I love a good prime rib. We didn’t know if we would even get seated because of the all-day rain and the website said that is all they had given Covid. The rain had stopped, but no outside seating, but they were again seating inside and were appropriate spaced.

We were not given a warm welcome, Jerry thought it was a disdain for us as a couple, but I didn’t really pay much attention, since they appeared to be white trash anyway. Oh, and by the way, this is one of the whitest places I have ever been. We were seated at a decent table, not thrilled to see the big screen TV, but it was comfortable. We reviewed the menu and ordered our one glass of wine for the night. None of the appetizes looked appetizing so we went right to the salad and entrée. We both had a Caesar salad, less than mediocre, very poor attempted at the dressing and very stale croutons. Jerry ordered a horseradish panko encrusted salmon. It was the best part of the entire meal. I order the prime rib and a lobster tail.

Jerry’s dish, at least the salmon was well cooked, hot and tasted good. My prime rib was cooked right, but again luke warm if not cold, the au jus was good. The worst thing was the lobster tail, was the worst lobster I have ever had in my life, it was mush in my mouth and no flavor, not even the butter helped this very sad lobster tail. The sides were well eh. The alleged sautéed zucchini had no seasoning (and I don’t just mean salt) they lacked anything at all and were cold. The garlic mash were a bit better, but needed much more garlic and again cold. Not much worse than cold mashed potatoes.

Worse than the food, was the elderly couple that came in half way through our meal. They were clearly locals, but they thought they owned the place, maybe they did, but they demanded the TV channel be changed to the Golf Channel (who watches the Golf Channel anyway) which they didn’t even look at once it was turned to the channel. The wife was also very loud and the husband had 20 napkins tucked in his collar. Overall, just very disappointing. We are more than willing to give all these places a big break because of the current situation, but there really is just no excuse for cold food.

Tomorrow night is our last chance at a really good meal, everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Now back in
Dinning Out During CovidDinning Out During CovidDinning Out During Covid

Social Distancing
the room, having some champagne. Played a little laser tag with kitty. He just loves chasing the little red light, he has no break and slides all over the wood floor. Probably be another early night to bed, but sleep is a good thing.

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Bad Sad Lobster TailBad Sad Lobster Tail
Bad Sad Lobster Tail

Can I ever show my face in Maine again

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