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1st May 2022

Making Memories
Being sick on vacation is the worst. I’m sorry it was food poisoning AND that you didn’t have a fantastic 60th birthday. But…it was a memorable trip, right? Thanks for sharing all these photos. I’m excited to hear about the pyramid trip from Jerry when we see Rhode Island this summer.
27th February 2022

Viva Mexico!! Vivan esos 60!! 🍾💃🏼🍾
Please be careful!!!
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4th January 2022

What a storm
That looks and sounds like terrible driving conditions. Must have taken a long time to drive the distance to Denver. White knuckle driving for sure.
4th January 2022

Dish of the Day
What? No picture of the blue corn cornbread that made dish of the day? I was wondering how blue it was. Yes. I'm THAT person.
From Blog: Travel Change
29th December 2021

Amazing class
The menu at the cooking class sounds fabulous. Getting the recipes is a great bonus.
29th December 2021

Onion Rings!
Funny you should mention the Ringside onion rings. I just had them as a starter with my birthday dinner there on the 17th. Delicious for sure but these look much wider. Also, I need to hear more about the horseradish caramel sauce. That sounds ah-maze-ing!
24th December 2021

Message from old client in Portland
Hi Chris and Jerry, I’m following your Southwest escapades and enjoying it. My question is how do travel with Tarragon? Do you bring a litter box? How does he do on flights and in cars? I have a wonderful cat, Boodles, and would like to travel with him. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nancy
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21st December 2021

I wanted a picture of Tarragon on his blanket AND the herd of sheep. Remember, we’re traveling vicariously through you (although I have seen a family of big horns up close in Yellowstone).
18th December 2021

On my list
Touring through New Mexico is on my list. Definitely looking forward to reading about the places that you visit. Have a wonderful holiday!
From Blog: Las Cruces
20th October 2021

What a beautiful day in a peaceful location. It’s raining here (big surprise, I know). I hope it is a restful trip for all of you.
22nd April 2021

Biscuit Takes the Cake
It is a LOT underwhelming if a buttermilk biscuit is the dish of the day (although I do love a good buttermilk biscuit). I hope the food gets better, and thanks for reminding me about Ed’s lobster rolls. I really want one now.
6th September 2020

Exciting News
I’m excited to hear about the new place and come for a visit (once travel bans and quarantines are lifted). And, the “barnyard” taste is why I have never even tried lamb. I’m afraid to go hungry after I hate it! But chicken Parmesan is one of my favorite Italian dishes when it’s done well. No tiramisu for dessert?
4th September 2020

This is exciting news. I have only been to Providence once but got the same impression. Very like Portland. I hope you are both well. Kimberly
7th July 2020

True Joy
Between the wine, full moon and fireflies, Ms. Joy was very much enjoying the evening with you two!
5th July 2020

Enjoyed this
I laughed over your canoe escapades! It sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend. I agree that bugs can definitely dampen an outing! I was crossing my fingers for you as you went to your final dinner! So glad that it was memorable and enjoyable!
9th March 2020

Fall should be beautiful
It sounds like that area will be beautiful to visit in the fall! I love the historical sites! It will be great to revisit your travel blog when we travel there!
29th February 2020

Have a Wonderful Birthday Weekend
I’m trying to take notes on everything. Is this place on a route that Jeff and I might drive in our RV to “See the colors” one autumn in the future? The food sounds lovely, even for someone without a refined palate (like me).
29th November 2019

Looks wonderful
You make it sound very relaxing to be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. The Thanksgiving dinner sounded exceptional!
29th November 2019

No Such thing ad Enough Gravy
Wow! Charleston sounds like a must see. Thanks for the vivid details. Dinner sounds wonderful, and I would have probably been asking for a second helping of cornbread dressing (that was about one-third of my plate at our dinner). Loved the picture of Tarragon on the bed and reference to opera at the Met (that’s on the agenda for our October 2020 visit to NYC and Philly).
28th November 2019

My Kind of Turtle
But will the parade be comparable to Macy’s in NYC? LOL I was drooling over the turtle torte dessert. Yum. That slice looked HUGE. Definitely something to share. Happy Thanksgiving.
27th November 2019

All the food sounds so delicious!
From Blog: Mansion Tour
4th May 2019

Happy for you
I am glad that you are home safely and had a great trip. Your ankle should be 100% for your fall excursion! It is always an enjoyable experience to read your travel blogs. You see a lot!
From Blog: Return to Paris
29th April 2019

Loved reading about your trip to France 🇫🇷
Chris and Jerry, I love that you think to remember me when you travel! It almost makes me feel as if I’m with you, which would b fun. From the description of the trains, food and hotels I am in awe. Please travel safely home and continue to remember me to continue receiving your blogs! Love them and love you both! Love Dave and Steve
From Blog: Sunday in Aix
28th April 2019

Wish I had gone!
Loved reading your blog! Can’t wait to read about your last day in Paris! Have a safe trip back!
From Blog: Sunday in Aix
27th April 2019

Aix is where my DIL Kacy studied abroad for a semester. She recommends crepes at “the place under the road.” This means NOTHING to me, but hopefully it will mean something to you. I’m going to share your blogs on that part of the trip with her. I hope that’s okay. I know she loved it there (she was a French major, taking translation while she studied at the college in Aix but her true love is lighting and stage design).
From Blog: Carcassonne

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