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29th November 2023

Galicia, a place to repeat!
Your blog is a true gem for travel enthusiasts. Inspired by your recommendations, I decided to venture with my family to explore the Rías Baixas, visiting charming places like Vigo and Ourense. We stayed for a week in a cozy, typical Galician house, Casa Rural Camu, which turned out to be the perfect place for our family of six. ( The experience was so wonderful that we are already planning to return to Galicia next year. There are still many corners to discover in this magical region. Thanks to the advice from your blog, I have been able to trace a detailed itinerary for our next trip. A thousand thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping us create unforgettable memories!
9th November 2023

The way you talk about Paris, makes it sound inviting, relaxing and welcoming. I had not thought that about a place I have never visited.
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8th November 2023

Ah Paris!
First, I cracked up over lawyer voice. Pretty sure it is mother and teacher voice combined raised to the fifth power. Ha! Second, I want to visit Paris with you because I think someone who LOVES a place gives the best tours. Sorry you had to have a work issue. Glad you were able to regain your Paris state of mind rather quickly.
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7th November 2023

I laughed out loud at your description of the science fiction bidet controls. Then I saw your salad dish of the day, and I thought I was more scared of that. I've had the whole lobster once, but I don't really care for food that looks back at me. Even if it is through dead eyes. This looks like a lovely, scenic place. I wanted to relax on the beach. I'm glad you've had a good trip. How long do you think it will take to recover once you're home again?
6th November 2023

Thanks for the heads up that this isn’t an art museum for me. Although Matter of Time looked quite interesting. It might be worth the visit just to experience that. Oh, one. Warhol. That’s the only artist name I recognized. But I am really NOT current on art. That is a LOT of beef. Is there any significance to calling it ox? Is that really different than beef we know in Montana? So sad that your trip is winding down. I will miss these blogs.
From Blog: Bilbao
6th November 2023

Just visiting
That sounded like a dreadfully long travel day in the middle of your trip. Are you just visiting and passing through? It does not sound like a likely choice for a future home. Have you recovered from your injuries from your 'incident '?
5th November 2023

Thanks for the smiles
I thought the cathedral looked very interesting on the exterior. The architecture was unique (because three different styles are used?) to my untrained eyes. I like seeing pictures of you and Jerry, but I realize your blog is more about the places you’re visiting. Travel blog, right? I laughed when you said you sounded like your grandmother. I think all of us might be destined to have a few inherited sayings or worldviews. I just mentioned to Jeff that I was “all stove up” after sitting in the car. Who does THAT sound like? I’m glad you’re having a great time.
4th November 2023

Blog memories
I think your blog and area photos is a great way to capture your travels for your memories. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us! Your area history was very informative. Having not traveled much out of the US, seeing your photos of the historic buildings is amazing. It amazes me how much you see each day.
3rd November 2023

Hard Pass
All that seafood sounds horrible. But watching you cook would have been fun. Octopus? Hard no. *shivers with revulsion* That cathedral looks pretty amazing. I’m looking forward to learning more about it tomorrow.
3rd November 2023

Cooking Class sounds phenomenal
I always enjoy your cooking class blog. Was this the first time you cooked octopus? I love that you cooked the dish of the day. A private cooking class sounds very interesting. How were you doing after the stairs, hill climb and standing for cooking? I would be looking for a massage therapist and a large tub to soak in!
1st November 2023

OMG Chris! I hope you are OK. Loving the blog and all the pictures. Food looks amazing!
1st November 2023

Glad your last day went smoothly.
Your hair is nowhere near long enough for a man bun. Although now I want to put it in one while you’re sleeping. “Very Downton Abbey” I might have pushed the button just to see if it really worked. How very working class of me ;P
1st November 2023

I hope you are not too sore and bruised tomorrow. Sounds like you need to have a few slower days in the midst of your travels. Did you find your glasses? Glad you were able to replace your poster.
31st October 2023

Bummer Days
I’m sorry you two have succumbed to the travel bug. And the sidewalk incident sounds painful, to body and ego. I hope you found your glasses. I love that the “peasant dish” was the dish of the day. Did you find out a name for it? I loved the pictures you shared here. And although dying cat sounds are certainly not my favorite, I would like to see Flamenco.
29th October 2023

Happy Anniversary!
I am so happy you’ve been able to return to where you went on your honeymoon. I’m sorry it’s not as good as the first time but so glad you’re having an amazing anniversary trip. Thanks for letting me follow your journey!
From Blog: The Alhambra
29th October 2023

I did wonder with as much walking that you do on your trips, how safe that you felt and what the pedestrian crowds were like. I appreciated that side note. Great photos! Yes , that did look like a lot of food. The tomato and red onion salad sounds very good!
From Blog: The Alhambra
28th October 2023

Step Count Please
More than eight hours in this place? How many miles did you walk? Also, the swagger thing is not only for young guys. I've seen some older men who think they have what it takes to walk that way. As I get older, I choose to ignore them rather than roll my eyes. Those gardens look amazing! Not Butchart standards but nice. You were just visiting here, right? Granada is not on the list of possible retirement places? I really wanted to see more cat photos after you gave them a paragraph of text. As for Japanese tourists, I have had the same experience with them stepping into my photos. It is rude, and I don't understand why they do it. Are they oblivious? They don't care if other people photo bomb them, so they do it? I may use Azafran as a name in my current book. I love it. And yes, you need a ginger cat so you can name him that.
From Blog: The Alhambra
28th October 2023

Sounds Perfect
This sounded like the perfect vacation day to me. I hope you got the rest you needed to go full-out for the next ten days.
28th October 2023

Trip Comments
The Food pictures from today look delicious. I am missing some of your personal comments in your blog this time. I can hear your voice through them. A very interesting note that Google maps is off. Do you put in comments (to Google) when the directions are off? Does it seem like the first week went quickly? Do you take all of your luggage to each place that you visit? Is the train easy to access in each town/city? How is your Spanish? I find it interesting the changes that you note from previous visits to this one. Besides the siesta time, is the overall pace of life more relaxed or has that changed from previous visits?
From Blog: On to Andalucia
27th October 2023

All the Food
I have been chuckling at your posts but usually I'm reading on my tablet and it can be a hassle to comment. Today, I'm on my computer:) Jerry is GPS. You are timekeeper. Perfect match. I want the garlic soup. So what makes pork "suckling pig"?
From Blog: On to Andalucia
24th October 2023

Old cow! Good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I read that because I actually snorted! The view is gorgeous. This place gets my vote because I’d LOVE to visit you there.
From Blog: On To Tarragona
6th May 2023

The markets look amazing
Shopping for fresh produce and proteins, sounds like heaven and the market looks fabulous! The white fish sounds delicious and what a gem of a restaurant to find! The mousse - a perfect ending. So glad to hear that your cycling went well today! Safe travels to your new destination.
5th May 2023

La Rochelle Gets My Vote
You've sold me on this little town, so I hope you do get to spend part of your retirement there and I visit you during that time. I especially want the chocolate mousse. But I will pass on any fish tartare (served raw), thank you very much. I'm not a fan of fish. Period.
5th May 2023

Hope the next day you weren't suffering from the 'Lucy ' episode
I could just imagine it! I thought, dang he's brave to spend two days biking in a foreign country when he admits to being 'a bit wobbly' on a bicycle! I hope getting out of bed the next morning wasn't too difficult!
4th May 2023

Thanks for the Laugh
I'm so glad nothing was hurt but your pride in the bike accident. And, yes, I was laughing as I pictured this. Didn't the gal whose life was saved by your swerve stop to help? If not, how rude! I'm also glad the bike shop had their priorities right. One in the states would probably have made you buy the bike. "You break it, you buy it!" Was the dish of the day the tempura cod? If you said, I missed it, but I do see the photo. It doesn't sound like you found the right neighborhood for retirement yet, so I hope the search tomorrow is more fruitful.

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