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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena January 1st 2007

I was in the Rose Parade! It was so freakin insane. My friend Jeff was on it too... and wow did our cheeks and arms hurt when it was over. I've never been to it before, so I was shocked by the millions of people that come out to see it. I had guys yelling "I LOVE YOU!" at me and little kids looking excited when you say Happy New Year to them. So I got there about a week before to help build the float.... glue was everywhere. This was my second time working on a float, first time ridding. Now when they say that everything is made from a plant... they really mean it! I did under the car with these shredded flowers... ahahaha I was digging it out of my hair, eyes, mouth, ... read more
downtown LA

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena November 28th 2006

This is the one where the journaling begins...I am a talker by nature not a writer, so this is a new endeavor for me; however I believe I am in a "new endeavor" phase in my life. In less than 4 weeks the journey of my lifetime begins (I have dreamt of this for the better part of 20 years): On December 23, 2006, I board a plane ultimately bound for Entebbe, Uganda where I will spend 4 weeks volunteering with an organization that provides humanitarian aide to approximately 50 orphans, as well as trains pastors in the sufficiency of God's word. At this point, I know very little about the nature of the work I will be doing while I am there...I know I will be helping to prepare for a pastors' conference that begins ... read more

It's coming to an end. Mass without walls, the final one of the year, the final homily by Snoopy Dobby Dobs (Father Dobbins), and valley of deaths? Hemiketals, Abrams v Johnson, electrophiles, the life cycle, the list continues on and on of things I have to somehow cram into my brain to reguritate answers when the paper is right in front of me. It's amazing to see how grade effect so much of your life (especially if you want to go to medical school). If there is something I learned this semester, it is the fact that there are so many things that are attached to your name that can effect the way you live forever; however, the meaning of life is pushed aside. Sometimes, I sit around, procrastinating on a paper I have to, for ... read more

The short LA leg of this trip is more than halfway over but I already have many tales to tell. Since Mary and John picked me up from LAX early on Sunday afternoon, it has been non-stop fun and sensational people-watching experiences. We went to Santa Monica on Sunday afternoon and cycled to Venice Beach and the Venice canals. Amanda, you will be pleased to know that the bike path there is very similar to that around St Kilda beach - too many pedestrians and lots of sand! Thankfully, I was on a mountain bike and not my road bike this time For those who have visited this area before, you will not be surprised that I took several photos, discreetly of course, of the strange sights. There was plenty of strange hair, strange outfits (the ... read more
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The Hoff

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena April 30th 2006

So it's that time again.. when things are so crazy that there isnt time to breathe. The only thing that helps me hang on is that fact that I get to go home after this. Finals and last minute work is driving me crazy. So this education thing. Talking to my health science advisor, medical school is so much money and so much work. First of all, why is education so expensive. It is so disappointing that after paying so much to go to undergraduate, more and more loans will be taken out so that I can go to medical school! Isn't that a little absurd for a 22 year old to deal with? Money seems to rule the world. In class, when discussing about whether or not giving up one's worthy possessions is necessary when ... read more

My roommate has the TV on constantly. She can quote commercials, television shows and random movies. She also has a schedule and an alternate schedule for every hour of television from 9am until midnight. She watches a lot of television. My head starts to hurt a lot if I watch too much television. Although there are those couple of shows I dedicate my life to like 24, Grey's Anatomy, and Lost, but other than those, I really can't spend too much time watching television. It amazes me how much influence television has on us as well. The people on television effects the way we dress, act, and even sometimes think. It's pretty pathetic, but how we are so consumed with the thoughts of celebrities and what they are up to. Somehow we should separate ourselves for ... read more

Have you ever felt so sick that all you want is your mom and your bed back at home? Being in college made me realize that the worst part of living on your own is when you get sick. I've been sick for about a week now with an awful flu. I've been the the health center and my roommate brought me food from Connelly; however, it just cant compare to the homecooked food from home and the idea of dr. mom. Its interesting, because being sick, I realized that industry is everywhere. Its amazing that people can market anything and sell anything, ANYTHING!! Even weather is industrialized. Different weather helps out the clothing industry with all the extra fashion involved. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena March 20th 2006

So, i wish i was in high school again. The days when March meant being late to school every thursday and friday to watch the ncaa tournament. With villanova in the tournament, it is interesting to see how things work. First of all, i realized how everything EVERYTHING is a business. It's horrible. Getting tickets to games are unfair. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena March 14th 2006

Just got back from Spring break! It was great! My friends and I had so much fun hanging out in Southern California and living the dream. We did the Hollywood Scene, horseback rode in San Diego, hit the beach, lived a night life and still had time to joke around and relax. Interesting thought though.. friendships form in unusual ways. The 6 of us had a blast just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. It was interesting to see how we paired up and got to know each other better. ... read more

I should be studying for midterms, but the only thing on my mind is my flight to LAX on Friday after my classes. Even with my hardest midterm tomorrow, I caught myself swaying away from the Organic Chemistry website and looking at to see what the 10 day forecast is in Los Angeles. Here is why I worry. I invited my friends with me to go home to Los Angeles with me. Other than the fact that my house cannot hold 3 boys and 2 girls not including myself and my parents, I seem to worry more about the weather. It's spring break, I want warm weather. My nightly prayers are not "let me get a good grade on my midterms," but more "please Lord, give us good weather in Southern California." Of course, when ... read more

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