Flights of Angels

Published: May 8th 2006
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It's coming to an end.
Mass without walls, the final one of the year, the final homily by Snoopy Dobby Dobs (Father Dobbins), and valley of deaths?

Hemiketals, Abrams v Johnson, electrophiles, the life cycle, the list continues on and on of things I have to somehow cram into my brain to reguritate answers when the paper is right in front of me. It's amazing to see how grade effect so much of your life (especially if you want to go to medical school). If there is something I learned this semester, it is the fact that there are so many things that are attached to your name that can effect the way you live forever; however, the meaning of life is pushed aside.

Sometimes, I sit around, procrastinating on a paper I have to, for example now, and wonder exactly what the meaning of life is. Is it love, success, friendship, happiness? Sometimes, I wonder why the process of achieving this "meaning of life" is such a process. What I am supposed to do?

It's interesting to see some of the seniors in the past couple of days. Living a college life of freedom means nothing to the real life of freedom. All of a sudden, freedom we once thought of doesn't see to exciting. However, why is there a need to have a job right after college? Why must we all succeed and work to make money? There is so much more than success after college.

There are so many people who you meet throughout our lives that impact us in so many ways, it's hard to realize that the success we have is not solely because of our OWN work and achievements. There are people who do not meet that makes the road we travel so much easier. Paths cross even when we don't notice them. It's amazing that a death can change something so significantly. Family, friend, a stranger, death in general leaves a dent in our lifes that cannot be hammered out. Life is so surprising sometimes and I ask myself how I continue on when there are so many horrible things happening around me. I realize that my religion is so much more apart of my life than I thought it would be.

Sometimes when bad things happen, when death occurs, when finals are in full spead, and when people are leaving your life for good, things seem much harder than normals, but amazingly God pulls me through. If there was a good thing about industry, it would have to be organized religion.

"Farewell sweet prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."


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