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Published: May 1st 2006
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So it's that time again.. when things are so crazy that there isnt time to breathe.
The only thing that helps me hang on is that fact that I get to go home after this.
Finals and last minute work is driving me crazy.

So this education thing.
Talking to my health science advisor, medical school is so much money and so much work.
First of all, why is education so expensive. It is so disappointing that after paying so much to go to undergraduate, more and more loans will be taken out so that I can go to medical school! Isn't that a little absurd for a 22 year old to deal with?

Money seems to rule the world. In class, when discussing about whether or not giving up one's worthy possessions is necessary when helping others, I thought to myself. My parents are not the wealthiest of the wealthiest, but it is not that I had a difficult life. My parents are very noble and moral human beings who believe in saving the world one day at a time. I cannot remember the last time I got a Christmas present, because we all decided as a family that we would take the money that we were going to spend on each other for christmas gifts and instead, donate the money to a nonprofit organization. My parents, after the hurricanes, went to New Orleans to help out with relief work, they realized that even though my parents do whatever they can to help out with the relief work, New Orleans did not need hands, but money. Even though hands and physical work is welcomed and necessary, money can do so much in rebuilding New Orleans and helping the families out.

However, living like Thereou in a simple life looks extremely appealing to me. I never want to live a lavish life with Gucci bags and expensive jewelry. I rather have a simple casual life where my children have want they need and not what they want. I want a life, where the money I make goes to important causes like scholarships for students and disaster help. The United States needs so much help from their citizens, but the money is obviously not circulating correctly. There are too many people suffering in the country from starvations, addictions, and homelessness. There is so much that we can do, but with money, so much more can be done.

I just hope that one day, I can accomplish what I set out to do. Dreams and goals are extremely important. Even though I will be in thousands of dollars worth of debt at the end of my education, I plan to take the money I earn to building something for others. Free Health care for those who need it, working for Doctors without Borders or maybe opening a free hospital. I know that the spark my parents ignited in me will continue to stay and I hope my children will realize and learn the same thing I learned from my parents: living a worthy life, helping others.


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