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ok.. i have like 2 months till i leave for Europe. I keep having dreams that I am going to forget something vitally important, so i have made a million lists of things to do, things to take,and things not to forget!I have so much yet to organize I just want it all done so I can leave already.!!One glorious month away from heinous work :)I can't wait... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena November 2nd 2008

Hehe eindelijk eens tijd voor een berichtje! Ja, ik weet het, het heeft even geduurd maar dit komt hoofdzakelijk doordat er problemen gerezen zijn met mijn flatgenoot. Ze blijkt helemaal niet zo lief, tof en vriendelijk te zijn als ze zich op voorhand had voorgedaan, noem het eerder een duits oorlogsfront... En dat vraagt héél wat energie. En het grootste probleem is dat we vastzitten aan een huurcontract dat onmogelijk op te zeggen is zonder je (heel) grote problemen op de hals te halen. Nu ja, ik probeer er het beste van te maken... Gelukkig kan ik af en toe eens mijn hart luchten bij familie en vrienden in België en een goede Belgische vriendin hier in California! Dan weet ik weer dat het niét aan mij ligt (hoewel ze me met man en macht daar ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena September 4th 2008

My last night in Juneau was spent packing and hanging out with my family and a few friends that were left in town. I thoroughly enjoyed belting out old school songs with all of them. Packing List for the next 9 months: Important Documents (passport, ID, ISA paperwork) Medicine (Malaria Pills) Computer + Accessories Books (Lonely Planet and Vanish Acts) Nano I-Pod Pictures (Family, Friends, Alaska) Camera + Accessories Host Family and Friend Presents (Alaskan Fudge, Ulu Knife, T-shirts, Coloring book, hats, stuffed animals, shot glasses) Clothes (8 tops, 4 pants, 6 shorts, 4 jackets, and a dress) Bathing Suit Undergarments (socks, bras, underwear) 2 Pairs of Shoes (running and hiking) 3 pairs of Sandals (Chacos, Rainbows, and House Slippers) Weekend and Day hike backpacks Accessories (sun glasses, earrings) Miscellaneous (water bottle, cards, journal, gum, bug ... read more
L.A. Layover
L.A. Layover
Goodbye Florida

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena March 15th 2008

After landing safely in the US of A we spent ages sorting out our lush rental car - a brand new PT Chysler Cruiser! When we had finally gotten this done Laura tackled driving on the wrong side of the road, operating an automatic car and all of this combined with jet-lag. Well, an hour or so of crazy highway driving and following GPS (?!) and seeing the wonders of big city life, we arrived at my cousin Steve's house. The stunning house in Pasadena, was a very welcome sight. As was seeing the very hospitable Steve and his wonderful wife Liza. Soon after arrival we were tucking into a lovely dinner and beaut bottle of California Cabernet! It was cool to see their kids Taylor and Lexi. I hadn't seen Taylor since he was this ... read more
Super hero's Have Self Esteem Issues Too
Angles and Shadows
It's Cacti Madness!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena January 8th 2008

Hello and Happy New Year to Everyone! What a great start we had to the New Year! Of course we had to miss the "ringing in" of the New Year - as bed beckoned a little early and wake up time came far too soon!! You know me, the social planner, I was adamant that all had to be up and out of the house by 4 a.m.! I was not a popular person! Patti, Paul and Sarah Jo came from Carlsbad (near San Diego) the day before, and Jessica (an L.A. Canadian friend) showed up at the door at 3:30 a.m.....she had been partying and decided to just stay up all night. Ten of us bundled into the two vans, and off we went - a short drive to Pasadena. Luckily enough the freeway ... read more
Tail Gate Party
Jessica and Verne
We're In Our Seats!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena December 30th 2007

Ah yes, the holiday season. It arrives with festivities and it departs with greater festivities. Goodbye… and please do not return until next year… if you must. Christmas has always been about family, yet in the same context, Christmas has been about the spirit of giving—in many different ways. When I say giving, I am referring to a scale of giving; from honest care to its’ opposite, or shall we say mass consumption and the hoards of consumers, entering shops and browsing online catalogs with as deep or as shallow of pockets permissible. And this holiday season I experienced both worlds, but fortunately, there was a choice, and on the family side of things we removed ourselves from ritualistic spending and nonsensical wasting of resources. Instead, we decided to give back, both with thought and action. ... read more
Stressing Economies
Welcomed Citizen
Purple Balloons

Friday July 13, 2007 It's been awhile and a lot's gone on. A quick summary... Last few weeks in Argentina: Before leaving S. America, I spent 12 wonderful days traveling around the northwest section of Argentina, meeting up with my friend Aaron in Posadas and then traveling on to Salta on my own. There were long bus rides; aimless wanderings around random cities - sometimes with other people, sometimes on my own; sleeping in a room with this totally random Aussie who was only there in the morning as I got up early, trying to be quiet; there was some 4x4-ing, more horseback riding, watching a soccer game in a local hangout with some Saltans, and travels to crazy landscapes that looked as though they were right off the moon. In my cabalgata (trail riding), my ... read more

Tip No. 12 (or whatever, I lost count): If your driver has missed your exit on a major highway in Vietnam, do not panic. He will simply stop in the middle of the road and reverse a couple hundred feet back to the correct exit. He will not care that there are cars, trucks and mopeds heading straight for him because he is sitting in the front and they will have to plow through you and your family first. He will completely ignore your screaming, moaning and whimpering because you are a stupid American who does not realize what a hassle it is to go another mile and turn around. Tip No. 13: When you get off the overnight bus in Malaysia to go to the bathroom in some hole in the ground (really) at 2 ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena March 27th 2007

I just joined up today and am still looking through the site and learning some ins and outs and getting the feel for it. But I love to travel and hit the open (two-lane!) road, no matter where it takes me. Usually, it takes me down a portion of Route 66 or US-99, at least at the start of the trip. See, I live two blocks away from the Mother Road in Pasadena, CA, and am fascinated with that highway. Of course, that fascination led to a greater understanding of it and other two lane roads everywhere, so now that is how I spend a lot of my free time. If anyone is looking for ideas on 66 in So Cal, or has leads on other good, less-traveled highways in the southwest for me to go ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena February 6th 2007

36 hours to lift-off! We're so excited and exhausted from the packing and preparation. For a while there, we thought Peter wouldn't even be able to get out of the country. He submitted a renewal application for his passport in November. 3 months later, still no passport. The Irish government is switching to biometric passports and the passport photo requirements have become impossible. Peter has taken about 7 different passport photos and they have all been rejected. The infuriating thing is they won't/can't tell us what is wrong with the pictures. It's just rejected without notice. The lady at the Irish consulate couldn't have cared less if Peter got his passport. She kept telling him to call back, probably hoping that someone else would pick up the phone. I guess Peter's cute Irish accent doesn't work ... read more

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