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Published: March 1st 2006
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I should be studying for midterms, but the only thing on my mind is my flight to LAX on Friday after my classes. Even with my hardest midterm tomorrow, I caught myself swaying away from the Organic Chemistry website and looking at to see what the 10 day forecast is in Los Angeles.

Here is why I worry. I invited my friends with me to go home to Los Angeles with me. Other than the fact that my house cannot hold 3 boys and 2 girls not including myself and my parents, I seem to worry more about the weather. It's spring break, I want warm weather. My nightly prayers are not "let me get a good grade on my midterms," but more "please Lord, give us good weather in Southern California." Of course, when I am complaining about weather, it's still 70 degrees back at home, which is normal, but what if it rains? Oh boy!

It's amazing for me to see that simple things can sway our attention. Although as a student, all I should be thinking about is midterms and doing well, I seem to just want to go home. Sometimes, I feel that the School system, purposely put huge quintessential tests and papers before exciting breaks. Come on, Midterms before thanksgiving and Spring time and Finals before Christmas and Summer. What were they thinking? If I don't get into med school, I have only one thing to blame.

I'm thrilled to go home to warm weather, hoping it won't rain on us. So I ask everyone to please remember warm weather in Spring break areas for next week. Here is a sample prayer....

Dear God, Lord, Abba, Divine Spirit, Mother Nature, or _________________
Please as Spring break approaches allow students to focus more on their work and not Spring Break. But think about it ___________, if you can allow us to have great weather during Spring Break, then we will be focusing on our top priority, school work. I just ask for no rain and 75+ degree weather in Los Angeles. That's not too much to ask for and you have full control over it. Thank you! Amen!


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