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It's 9.45am here on Saturday the 19th. 4.45am in NZ on Sunday 20th. We leave here at 8.15 tonight and get homearound 5.00am on Monday. A day lost somewhere over the Pacific. We came over for a wedding which was a happy, joyous and family occasion. Since then we've explored a bit more of the BC area, only a small patch as this place is vast. We have been royally hosted by Gill and Rob, have enjoyed the company of their friends and family, have had many laughs and good times and, not wanting to gloat, the weather has been superb. We keep reading about New Zealand's big wet and can't wait to get home. Not a lot going on today. Packing and going for a walk and leaving for the airport. Reading the Vancouver paper ... read more
Rob's firepit
Local wildlife 2
Strathcona Place

Need to catch up with things done over the last 10 days. Been meaning to update but just been TOO BUSY. Been to Whistler. Fascinating place totally geared for the tourist/adventurer in the summer and the ski bunnies in the winter. We got a bus from Vancouver, a 2 hour drive along a spectacular coastal highway and arrived at Whistler Village in stinking heat and crowds of tourists just like us from all parts of the globe. Our hotel was amazingly accommodating - the booking info said check-in was from 4.00pm (far too late in my opinion) but we arrived at 12.00 and they said, "Yep, no problem, we have your room ready". From then on they were great to deal with and soooo accommodating. We heartily recommend the Aava Hotel in Whistler. At the risk ... read more
Bear watching
Alpine Trails
Sunshine Coast

Fabulous frocks, hair and makeup, high heels being gingerly stepped into - most out of practice - lots of laughs and a general air of something good about to happen. The make-up artists arrived early and set to with their huge bags of magic lotions, creams, brushes, quinquereme of ninevah, whatever. The results were outstanding but of course they had great canvases to work on. And so the day progressed; the bride driven off in a 1933 Beaufort, us taken away in a stretch limo, the ceremony going off smoothly, flower girls perfect. A very nice wedding. We got to bed at 2.00a.m. Next day somewhat quieter as old bones recovered from a late night and long forgotten dance moves. Joints and muscles we'd grown used to ignoring were there suddenly awoken and letting us know. ... read more
Flower girls etc
Wedding venue

Wedding preparations yesterday. Fetching and carrying, organising amidst mild panics. It all sems to be going along ok to my ignorant eye. There was a rehearsal today, mainly for the flower girls it appears. There's some uncertainty over how they're going to perform on the day. The wedding is at the BC Museum on the waterfront and if the sky was clear it would be spectacular. Still no blue sky even though the sun is shining; the smoke shroud lends a soft focus to the scenery. Until we get a wind blowing it seems that the haze will be with us for some time. Today is wedding day. Downstairs women are having their hair and make-up done. Rob and I are keeping well out of sight.... read more
Sun, haze & boats
Lyn at the rehearsal

We left Wellington on August 1, firstly and briefly for Auckland and then onto a direct Air New Zealand flight to Vancouver. Twelve and a half hours which seems like a long time to be sitting or trying to sleep. It was but hearing the stories of our cuzzies from Australia who also flew over for the wedding, which is the main purpose of our trip, we realised how good it is to have the direct flight from NZ. Two of then flew Melbourne - Sydney - LA. Both had delays at LA; one of 5 hours and one of 11 hours. Our total travel time, Wellington to Vancouver was around 17 hours. Theirs was up to 30 hours. Avoid LA! We got here mid afternoon, stepping out into high 20's temperature and a smoke haze ... read more
Paddle boards
Lyn and Gill

The reason for my visit to Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada, was for a powerlifting competition that I was taking part in, representing the England Powerlifting Team, during December 2015. This was, of course, an exciting opportunity, as well as a perfect chance for me to explore. I’d never been to Canada, and what better time than to go in the winter, I literally couldn’t wait; from what I’d heard of it, it sounded amazing! Typically, Vancouver doesn’t get covered in snow during the winter and the temperatures rarely go below freezing point, as other provinces do, and as I almost always feel the cold, this appealed massively to me. The competition took place, and we stayed, in ... read more

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Aussitôt débarqués du ferry, nous récupérons notre van à Vancouver pour partir à l'assaut des Rocheuses canadiennes accompagnés de Jerem' et son van. Au programme : 12 jours de road trip, 4 parcs nationaux et la promesse d'une nature très sauvage. C'est parti ! Étape 1 : WHISTLER LA station des jeunes et familles de Vancouver, et surtout la station des JO 2010, où nous décidons de passer 2 nuits. Malgré le fait que nous ne soyons pas vraiment dans l'ambiance "chalet canadien" imaginée (rondins de bois et tout le tralala), le village a beaucoup de charme de nuit comme de jour. L'ambiance d'avant saison est bonne et chaleureuse, on s'y sent bien. Premier réveil au milieu des montagnes, un peu frais. Cela donne un aperçu de ce qui nous attends : des paysages grandioses et ... read more
LES Rockies
Lac Maligne

Today was a rather relaxed day, we went and did some souvenir shopping and then headed off to Capilano Bridge for a few hours of wandering around there. A lot of the pictures from the day revolve around that. After we got done at Capilano we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for Angie so she could get a guitar pin for her collection. I then went in search of Poutine, for those of you unfamiliar with this dish it is Crispy Fries topped with Cheese Curds and then drowned in brown gravy. I had heard of this place called Mean Poutine while I was up there and went off in search of it. I found it and I was not disappointed and it made for a great lunch. Jennifer and I each tried a different ... read more

Ok so yesterday I fell asleep writing this, we arrived to Vancouver after getting up at 0600 again to grab the train from Seattle. After getting off the train and clearing customs which was an interesting conversation as our party looked a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies with 5 bags for 3 people. Border Control was really interested in why so much luggage for 3 days in country, after explaining to him what we were doing we went along on our way. Grabbed a cab out in front of the station...they don't believe in Uber here in Canada so much and off we went to go grab our Rental Car. Picked up the rental car and we were starving as we hadn't eaten since the night before, so right across from Enterprise we found a Costco...Alright ... read more

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