Vancouver 3 - wedding day

Published: August 8th 2017
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Fabulous frocks, hair and makeup, high heels being gingerly stepped into - most out of practice - lots of laughs and a general air of something good about to happen.

The make-up artists arrived early and set to with their huge bags of magic lotions, creams, brushes, quinquereme of ninevah, whatever. The results were outstanding but of course they had great canvases to work on.

And so the day progressed; the bride driven off in a 1933 Beaufort, us taken away in a stretch limo, the ceremony going off smoothly, flower girls perfect. A very nice wedding.

We got to bed at 2.00a.m.

Next day somewhat quieter as old bones recovered from a late night and long forgotten dance moves. Joints and muscles we'd grown used to ignoring were there suddenly awoken and letting us know.

The sun is still trying to break through the smoke haze. I've been told that NZ firefighters have been dispatched to help with the containment of the fires up north. It's hot and humid and such a contrast to New Zealand at this time. No election cacophony to cope with as well as vastly different weather. Tomorrow we're going up to Whistler for a couple of days and leaving Gill and Rob in peace. It's a two hour drive to the ski resort which is apparently pretty good to visit in summer as well. Lots of mountain bking to do.

Kayaking today; a boat trip up Indian Arm (3 seals seen), one raccoon seen, one family of otters ditto; jumping off the jetty into water that is clear and welcoming but not as warm as the air temperature suggests it should be. Terrifically good meals and company as the wedding relllies are all here. I'm sure Rob and Gill must be over it!

Having a good time! Wish you were here.

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Flower girls etcFlower girls etc
Flower girls etc

Abigail, Elizabeth and Owen the ring bearer.
Wedding venueWedding venue
Wedding venue

Museum of Vancouver before the ceremony.
Museum of VancouverMuseum of Vancouver
Museum of Vancouver

Lyn and Gill at the reception.

8th August 2017

Enjoy the warm weather despite the smoke
Hi there, It's wet, wet, wet here with NO smoke. Enjoy at least being dry and have a fab time in Whistler. We loved it there, Disey

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