Published: August 5th 2017
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We left Wellington on August 1, firstly and briefly for Auckland and then onto a direct Air New Zealand flight to Vancouver. Twelve and a half hours which seems like a long time to be sitting or trying to sleep. It was but hearing the stories of our cuzzies from Australia who also flew over for the wedding, which is the main purpose of our trip, we realised how good it is to have the direct flight from NZ. Two of then flew Melbourne - Sydney - LA. Both had delays at LA; one of 5 hours and one of 11 hours. Our total travel time, Wellington to Vancouver was around 17 hours. Theirs was up to 30 hours. Avoid LA!

We got here mid afternoon, stepping out into high 20's temperature and a smoke haze from the forest fires several 100 kilometres north of here. Took the Sky Train to the waterfront and the SeaBus across Burraud Inlet to Lonsdale Quay and Gill was waiting for us. Easy.

And from then on it has been hospitality plus as we lead up to Katie and Andrew's wedding tomorrow - Saturday 5 August. Done a lot of eating, quite a
Paddle boardsPaddle boardsPaddle boards

In the haze
lot of sampling of local and farther afield wines and beers. A bit of walking. Some bad golf (as in 7 shots to get out of a bunker :-( )A scary bike ride, only because some stupid motorist was coming down the street straight at me on the wrong side of the road.....oh yes.... maybe that's me.....I struggled a little with the road rules but made it safely there and back. Kayaking on the inlet yesterday among the yachts, paddle boards, other kayaks and launches. Very peaceful believe it or not.

The smoke is casting a thick haze across the city and where we are. Blue sky is out there somewhere. The temperatures are right up there so it's a nice change from Wellington's southerlies and low teen temperatures. We're experiencing twice the Celsius levels.

Everything is bigger here.

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