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Published: August 19th 2017
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Local wildlifeLocal wildlifeLocal wildlife

Just around the corner from our house.
It's 9.45am here on Saturday the 19th. 4.45am in NZ on Sunday 20th. We leave here at 8.15 tonight and get homearound 5.00am on Monday. A day lost somewhere over the Pacific.

We came over for a wedding which was a happy, joyous and family occasion. Since then we've explored a bit more of the BC area, only a small patch as this place is vast. We have been royally hosted by Gill and Rob, have enjoyed the company of their friends and family, have had many laughs and good times and, not wanting to gloat, the weather has been superb. We keep reading about New Zealand's big wet and can't wait to get home.

Not a lot going on today. Packing and going for a walk and leaving for the airport.

Reading the Vancouver paper has been interesting. So much of what concerns people here is replicated in NZ. They are closer to the Trump asylum than us so they have a lot more coverage and it's all baaaaaaad. I read a piece this morning re house prices here. We think Auckland is over the top but this article said that income to house price ratios here are now reaching 37 times in parts of the city. A ratio of 5 (to 1) is considered high. The same inequality issues are discussed just like at home. Politics seems maybe a little less combative than ours but perhaps I haven't seen what really goes on.

Traffic congestion is a major issue. Too many cars, too few bridges or tunnels and too few routes for commuters to exit the city and get across town reasonably quickly - surely not?

It's an easy place to be a visitor in. All our bus drivers have been sensational - friendly, patient, willing to give advice and accept the wrong money and put up with our nervous questions about where to get off. Each one has been customer service A1. Must write to the local Transit organisation and tell them that.

Yesterday Lyn and I picked blackberries for a pie. They grow profusely here and are fully in fruit. Lyn lost her balance while standing on a log and fell into the brambles. Her beauty remains unimpaired but she does have some scratches from reaching just a bit more for that big juicy ones up high. A lip smacking, juice
Local wildlife 2Local wildlife 2Local wildlife 2

Down on the beach below.
drooling, crisp pastry, delicious pie was eaten last night.

All in all a wonderful three weeks in sunshine, friendship, experiences and too much of Rob's self-made red wine - it's very good!

Hope you are all well. See you soon.

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Strathcona PlaceStrathcona Place
Strathcona Place

Regular night scene.
Strathcona PlaceStrathcona Place
Strathcona Place

Usual evening routine.

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