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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 14th 2013

Although it will no highlight my ignorance I have to say I was a little dubious of visiting Dubai. I was terrified at the thought of offending someone with with my poor knowledge of the culture. After a quick google search we found out A) There should be no kissing or cuddling in public B) unmarried couples should not reside together C) alcohol consumption is frowned upon and finally D) skimpy clothing is deemed offensive. As I am heavily guilty of all these points on a daily basis I was worried Dubai would be the place for me. On top of that, Google Fact: Britons are more likely to be arrested in the United Arab Emirates than anywhere else in the thoughts "Oh crap!!" I found myself in Dubai airport thinking 'surely there are easier ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi April 11th 2013

Well, things are definitely winding down here in the 'sandbox'. Heading down the 'home stretch', metaphorically speaking. I have been working diligently this past spring break, preparing my online portfolio for teaching jobs back home and I have been sending it to prospective schools (of course very few boards allow this, so I have had to hone my Sherlock Holmes skills to find principals' emails). I am happy to report that most of the few responses I have received, have been somewhat promising. I learned of a new patron saint for employment named St. Cajetan (odd name I know), and I have been as equally diligent in the prayer department :-) Otherwise, I didn't do too much this break. Just a couple of beach days, a couple of ladies nights, an afternoon wine and cheese, and ... read more
Easter Sunday
Pretty view @  the Beachcomber
Ladies Night at PJ O'Reilly's

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 8th 2013

We had a hour to kill in the early hours of 8th April Dubai time spent going through security again, before another 7 hour flight from Gate A10 to Heathrow and 2 more meals.... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 28th 2013

We thought we had the overflow from the shower worked out by slowing down the supply of water by just having the taps half turned on.But to no avail although it did take a little longer before the flowback started and then there was nothing stopping it. As our body clocks still had not adjusted we were awake very early again so headed down to a supermarket a few doors down the road to but supplies for breakfast.For around NZ$6 total we fed ourselves with juice,yogurt,cornflakes,orange and banana plus a pastry.Even MacDonalds couldn't rival that ! We headed out to find the souks or marketplaces and took a ride across 'the creek' on a ferry.The Creek is not a river but just a stretch of water that appears about 5 km inland and is treated a ... read more
The Gold Souk
Quieter moment during Dune Bashing
Our shadows s the sun goes down in the west

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 27th 2013

We counted at least 16 nationalities amongst the cabin crew that joined the flight out of Sydney and they got down to business quickly once the plane had levelled out.By the time Broken Hill was below us they were serving another dinner.We thought about whether we should be eating two dinners in one night and then decided,yes,as it looked like it would be a while to breakfast with the 14 and a bit hour flight ahead of us. The offering was different from the first dinner and again tasty.This new crew though were no different to the first and the offer of drinks came well after we had eaten.To be fair though we didn't need to participate in wine after midnight and settled for a juice instead. Our surrounding passengers had changed in nationality too with ... read more
Mall of the Emirates
Ski field at Mall of the Emirates

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi March 19th 2013

Top of the mornin', afternoon. or evenin' to ya! Since I will be leaving the Middle East permanently this coming June, I thought I would be sure and add at least a few more BLOG entries before I complete it altogether. This entry is from yet another FUN St. Patrick;s Day celebration with my teaching buddies. We went to an "All you can eat/drink brunch" at an Irish Bar located in the Royal Meridien Hotel in Abu Dhabi, called P.J. O'Reilly's. Needless to say, it was an awesome day of eating, drinking, and dancing to a cool Irish band. It was pretty awesome to be spending St. Patrick's Day by 'the pool'. Although I missed my gf's back home and spending the day at Kennedy's in St Agatha :-( Next year girls!!!! Well, I hope you ... read more
Sara and Clare
Sara and Jon
A view of the crowd

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah March 17th 2013

With a 2 hour drive we can leave the glitz of Dubai and be transported through a changing desert landscape to arrive at the spectacular area of Al Aqah Beach on the East Coast of the UAE. We drove through the shifting and changing sand dunes, from low dunes, pale yellow, to more dramatic deep orange & higher dunes, then just as suddenly we were surrounded by flat scrubby rocky desert . Suddenly again it changes as we drive through the rocky mountainous moon scape, soaring up out of the flat desert scrubby landscape . Quarries, cement factories, convoys of heavy laden trucks, potted roads and road works abound in this mountainous part of the desert. We pass through the small towns of Al Dhaid, Masafi then through to Dibba and down the coast road to ... read more
Miramar night pool
Traditional doorway UAE

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 28th 2013

So, welcome to my first blog entry! I've been away for three days now, and already feeling a healthy kind of exhausted. Late Monday night/early Tuesday morning my very good friend Jenny dropped me at Melbourne airport, loaded like a packhorse with 12.5kg backpack, daypack and shoulderbag. I flew with Emirates for the first time, via Kuala Lumpur to Dubai. I've never been to Dubai before, so thought it would be a great opportunity to get a taste of the city before heading to Jordan. So far, it's been fabulous! I arrived at my accommodation, a villa run by my lovely AirBnB host Clare, after taking a pink 'ladies' taxi from the airport. I had never heard of these until Clare mentioned about them, and they are mostly Barbie pink taxis driven by women, for women. ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 24th 2013

I made another trip "home" to my apartment in Dubai. It feels good to get out of Doha sometimes and this time, my fellow geologist accompanied me. But what a hassle of a weekend it was! I could only get a super late flight and then we wound up in holding pattern for almost an hour while landing Dubai, where our gianormous plane was offloaded via bus (UGH!). I had to wait for my coworker to go through customs, but used my time by getting some Duty Free wine. Then we had to wait in a line for a taxi. Seriously? Why so many people at 3:30 in the morning? We were able to get a ladies taxi to take us home and I swear the woman's eyes kept closing - I started to watch her ... read more
Spice souk
Mmmm.... spices
First beers in a month!

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 13th 2013

Der erste Teil ist geschafft. Wir sitzen nun in Dubai am Flughafen (leider haben wir keinen Zutritt zur Emirates Lounge bekommen) und warten auf unseren Anschlussflug. Zum Gl├╝ck gibt es an Bord ein Entertainment-System, das uns die Langeweile auch auf dem zweiten 5-Stunden-Flug vertreibt.... read more

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