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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 17th 2017

Yes, we are our way home with a couple of days in Dubai. An uneventful flight yesterday after an early start. We arrived in Dubai about 19:00 and then managed to make it to the accommodation. It is a nice studio apartment, plenty of room and a good price. A late start this morning as we are still on London time (3 hours behind). The heat hit us as we left the hotel as it was around 42 degrees. It got to 46 later on, although someone told us it got to 49. There is a sand haze covering the sky and all the buildings are in colours to match the sand. There is also lots of building work going on. Traffic is usually good at letting you cross the road and just stop while putting ... read more
Lion at Dubai Zoo
Dubai Creek

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 17th 2017

This is officially the last day of our holidays. The next day or so is travelling. It is as well our time is finished as both our suitcases are a little worse for wear. The bearings have gone on the wheels on mine. I think just too many cobblestones and rough pavement. I was dragging it along complaining about how heavy it was when Andy checked and we swopped bags so he dragged mine and I pulled his along. The wheels on Andy's bag are good but the handle is difficult to pull out or push in. A tad easier after some casual use of Paul's WD40!! Also, part of the suitcase is coming apart. They have both served us well. Today we met up with friends who are just starting their holiday as we finish ... read more
Desert safari
Desert safari

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 6th 2017

Fin de ma semaine australienne aux Blue Mountains avec deux jours de petite randos balades. Petit tour dans Newton et un Resto éthique vegan à prix libre : lentil as anything, I recommend ! Puis depart de l'aéroport, 14h30 de vol en direction de Dubaï où je viens d'atterir. 8h30 de transit j'en ai donc profité pour sortir voir la lumière du jour et cette fameuse ville au milieu du désert. Au final la fatigue du vol, les 40 degrés et le fait que tout soit fermé...( il est trop tôt), la visite aura été express ! Puis dernier vol pour Lyon, 6h55 à m'envoyer en l'air (sacré perf ;p ) et je serai de nouveau sur le sol français ;)... read more
Coal mine désaffectée (charbon)
Mother Earth s'amuse

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 24th 2017

Left England on the hottest June day since 1976, it was ridiculous, fortunately we spent most of it either in the car or in the air conditioned airport lounge! Flight had its moments at one stage the air crew were told to take their seats you know it's properly bumpy when that happens. When I wasn't sitting there with my eyes closed praying I caught up on my movie watching, having watched Moana on my way over I decided Storks was my speed, then started to watch Trolls but it was aimed at kids I think and I gave up! Stephen was sorted the latest series of Vikings, he has saved some for the trip from Dubai to NZ though as 17 hours is a long time to fill. We had left UK at around 8pm ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 24th 2017

Dubai for 2 days. 45 degrees in the shade. Sea is as hot as a bath and sadly no sign of any fishes for Oliver.. Been living the expat life with Alison and Ross. Luckily it's a Weekend in Dubai on Friday and Saturday so we have been seeing the sights of with big air con malls, ridiculously tall buildings Burj Kahlifia and crazily big fish tanks.. A strange place quite surreal..this place doesn't really make any sense.. But it's late and neither do I.. Hopefully get some pictures on tomorrow when we worked out how to download from Ginnys camera. Happy Eid to you all! A... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 28th 2017

'Are you serious? Grandma wouldn't leave without me!!!' And so we found ourselves at Perth Airport minus our best friend. Surely that wasn't my name being called for the final person to board. Dam it. It's tricky running with a full cappuccino in your hands. Window seat plus a spare. Always good to have a spare. Now here's where the beauty of Facebook kicks in!!! Plonked myself down, simultaneously thinking ahh, a Scottish emirates crew member! Turned around semi apologising for being last and thought, I've seen that face before! Facebook! So out of a possible 24,000 emirates cabin crew we were attended by Bronte's friend, Ewan. What are the chances? Let me warn you. It's never a good thing to be in a shopping centre when there's NO COFFEE SHOPS OPEN!!!... read more

I've been over ten times to Dubai, but never stepped foot in Abu Dhabi. I have to admit, the Great Mosque has been for years on my wish list of places to visit. Here it is! This blog is just a month overdue, I know! We first spent few days in Dubai. We met some friends, I obviously went back to ski at Ski Dubai, but not many pictures from this part, so no blog either. We rented a car for the two nights we would be spending in Abu Dhabi. First time driving for me in the UAE, and it actually went pretty fine. The main rule here, is be careful of the crazy driving of the locals...because whatever happen, you will be wrong and it will cost you. Good news, it's 90% foreigners on ... read more
Best time to visit, sunrise, or sunset!

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 29th 2017

Geo: 25.1154, 55.2013Managed to sleep most of the night but woke early, so by just after 6am we were down eating yummy omelet and chocolate bread and butter pudding for brekkie, what other countries consider acceptable breakfast choices is always interesting! We had originally planned to do a dinner safari later on In the day today but swapped it for a city tour after my wee accident. We will still do the safari but on the way home in 8 weeks hopefully my rib and shoulder will be camel riding ready by then. We were to be picked up for our tour at 8.45am after 9 we were still waiting.....we had just got the concierge to ring the tour place for us when our pick up arrived. The same tour company who provided our airport transfer ... read more
The palace
Water taxi

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 27th 2017

Geo: 25.116, 55.2007Stayed the night in Auckland at the Novotel Airport hotel, they very nicely gave us a late checkout until 6pm at no extra charge so we got to spend the day chilling out - our room is in the perfect position for people and plane watching. Spent an interesting half hour watching a family - mum, dad, baby, grandma and grandad trying to fit themselves, their bags and about 8 boxes, ranging in size from 60 inch tv to a standard square carton into their average size station wagon. Entertaining as hell, bags in, one box in, bags out, 3 boxes in, baby in, baby out...... repeat, repeat, same outcome, mum and dad gesturing and arguing, grandad has a turn, dad walking away, coming back, whole dance starts again, till finally he rings someone ... read more
Dubai Mall

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain April 24th 2017

Friday 7 February 2014 United Arab Emirates has rich history and is full of archaeological treasures. Interesting sites spread across all Emirates, some as old as 150BC. Accustomed to today's easy style of living, visiting such site always makes one wonder how those people managed to live in such harsh environment. This time I managed to steal away my good friend Yasir Bilal (YB) from his home ministry for half day and explore some of the appealing sites spread across Al Ain. Al Ain (literally The Spring) is a peaceful green city of Emirates of Abu Dhabi and has many interesting reasons to visit. It is located approximately 120 KM south of Dubai. 1. Bida Bint Saud Alternative Name Qarn/Garn Bint Saud Location: N 24 22 58.72 E 55 43 06.26 I set off early morning ... read more
Hili Archeological Park
Mubazzarah Historical Dam
Bida Bint Saud

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