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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 10th 2019

Dubaï je n'avais pas pour habitude de revenir sur un voyage que j'avais pu faire avant mes périples d'été, mais exceptionnellement, je vais vous faire partager ce court séjour. Comme j'ai toujours en tête Hawaï, il m'arrive de temps à autre de regarder les temps de vol pour cette pour cette destination. Les années se suivent et les temps de vol ne diminuent pas environ une soixantaine d'heures pour un aller retour. Les escales sont interminables. L'idée m'est venue récemment qu'au lieu de chercher à partir par l'ouest (USA) parcours classique, pourquoi ne pas regarder par l'est via Hong Kong ou Singapour que je ne connais pas et en profiter pour faire une escale un peu plus longue. A voir. C'est au cours de cette première recherche que j'ai vu un bandeau publicitaire pour les vols ... read more
vue du 149eme étage
Dubaï Marina
Vieux Dubaï le port

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 24th 2019

Today we are flying from Singapore back to Dubai - About 3500 miles - About seven hours in the air. We had a leisurely last breakfast. Thankfully, not too many people in there today. At Changi Airport, we had a lounge booked to start off the journey. This gave us a chance to have a light lunch and for Theresa to have a free glass of wine. Our Emirates flight, call sign EK353, left about 20 minutes late. The food on the flight is as good as it normally is. The drinks service was very slow though. Tonight, we are staying at Millennium Dubai Airport Hotel. It is a five star hotel, but they offer a free shuttle to the airport so no need to pay for taxis. With our arrival back in Dubai, we have ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 5th 2019

We had a good first night on the ship. It was just strange not to have it rocking as it was still docked in Dubai. After a leisurely breakfast, we had a wander around the ship to familiarize ourselves and get our bearings. This is one really huge ship. It looks like most of the restaurants are at the back and our cabin is nearer the front. Think we may be doing a lot of walking in the next 14 days. We also stopped off for a short presentation on Muscat, Oman in preparation for our visit tomorrow. On walking around we made mental notes of some of the things that we wanted to do or see during our voyage. At 1.30pm we had the muster safety drill. This was done by way of a video. ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 4th 2019

We have been watching the progress of the Spectrum of the Seas as it left the shipyard in Germany and then set off for it´s maiden voyage from Barcelona. It arrived in Dubai yesterday. After a final bit of packing, we took all our bags down stairs and the bellboy hailed us a local taxi to take us to Dubai cruise terminal. Our journey through the cruise terminal was the fastest we had ever had. Within about 30 minutes of getting to the terminal we were on the ship. As the ship arrived into Dubai yesterday and will not be leaving until tomorrow, the changeover is a lot more spread out than is normal when it is done within a few hours. Lunch was already being served when we got on board, so we went to ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 3rd 2019

Today is our last full day on land in Dubai. Tomorrow, we board the cruise on Spectrum of the Seas. Theresa has been affected the last couple of days by the amount of sand in the air. To try to stop this progressing into something worse, she went looking for something to help it this morning. She could not locate a chemist, but found the supermarket and got some throat lozenges. That should help. Whilst she was there, she also stocked up on some extra supplies that we shall need whilst we are on the cruise. We have a booking at the Salt and Pepper restaurant in the local Al Bandar Rotana & Arjaan by Rotana Hotel for Friday brunch. Not been here before so have no idea what to expect. This is another buy one ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 2nd 2019

We decided on an adhoc day for today, as we were waning slightly from always running around. We walked the couple of kilometres from our hotel along the creek to the souks. It was interesting seeing all the different dinner boats parked up. Later along the creek were all the shipping dhows. These are wooden boats used to ship supplies to places like India. They will ship everything by this method. We saw air conditioning units, fridges and freezers, tyres, cans on juice and fabric on our short walk past their boats. On our last visit to the souks we were a bit overwhelmed by people always trying to sell us items. It was no different today. A very hard sell which is off putting but bartering paradise if you have the required techniques. We did ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 1st 2019

When we were planning our days in Dubai, we did not originally include Miracle Garden as we believed that it would be closed for the summer by the time that we got here. Last night, we were talking to some people that will be on the same cruise as us and they confirmed that it was still open. A quick check of their Facebook page confirmed this. Miracle Garden is not near anything else, so to get there we got the metro to Mall of the Emirates and then a bus from there. Unfortunately, the bus to Miracle Garden had already stopped today for the summer, so there was a lot of confusion as to the best way to get there. It is quite a distance from the Mall so we were keen to get a ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 30th 2019

First stop today is to the Dubai Frame. Again, the metro does not go too near, so we had a ten minute walk. George needed to use the bathroom and we learnt from our visit to the coffee shop on Saturday that most of them do not provide this facility. We did pass a mosque though and they were more than happy to help. Another truly unusual experience. The Dubai frame was built between old Dubai and new Dubai and inside has areas to show off the past and the future. A very worthwhile place to visit. Once at the top, a section of the floor is made of glass, so you can see back down to ground level. We got strict instructions though not to sit or lie on it. Walking across it is permitted. ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 29th 2019

George is feeling a little under the weather this morning. All the walking is taking its toll. Sometimes, sciatica is unpleasant. After a slow start, we took the metro to Mall of the Emirates. We always like this Mall. One of the entertainer vouchers that we have kept looking at was the Krispy Kreme box of 20 small donuts. Every time we enquire, they do not have the small ones. As we took the escalator from the metro we spotted a Krispy Kreme shop with a huge display of the small donuts so grabbed the offer. Then it dawned on us. This was buy one box and get one free. So 40 small donuts. That will do nicely for breakfast for a few days. Next stop was Shamiana our favourite curry venue. We had already used ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 28th 2019

As the Glow Garden does not open until 4.00pm, we took the opportunity to spend some time to relax by the pool. It is not a large area, but being on the roof, all areas receive excellent sun. The water in the pool was so still cold though. Think we will stay out of it next time. It was nice to have a little rest as we have been on the go since we left home on 18th April. The nearest metro station is about 15 minute walk from the Glow Garden. Unfortunately, we thought we saw a short cut and ended up walking around a company car park for a few minutes trying to get out. Once on the right road, by the time we got there they had just opened. We realised we had ... read more

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