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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Ortaköy May 7th 2014 Packed some more.... Weighed suitcases etc. Shopped t.oo much to get packed. Either leave clothes here or borrow extra suitcase, Decided to borrow duffel bag re-pcaked.....put.dirty clothes in duffel ..... Souvenirs in suitcase. It is really hard to squeeze 6 boxes of Turkish Delight into one suitcase! Tomorrow we leave for Amsterdam. Goodbye to amazing Turkey. We will have to return....there is still much to see here. Wonderful month with Peter, Shannon, Abby and Luke. We had such a wonderful time. Many happy memmories of our travels with them! Hang with us a few more days....... We Will have a mini-adventure in Amsterdam before heading home.... read more
Goodbye Istanbul

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Ortaköy May 6th 2014

Today we toured ICMC. The International Catholic Migration Commission where Peter works as the Head of Affiliated Services. He showed us all the areas of the resettlement center and introduced us to his fellow workers. He then explained the process the immigrants must go through in order to qualify for resettlement in another country. It was very interesting and enlightening to realize what qualifications they must meet. It does make you stop to think how lucky you are to have been born in the USA. After our tour we went back to Zorlu Mall to meet one of Shannon's friends from her International Women's group for lunch. We had a delicious lunch.... (I had Lamb Chops) then headed home to think about the chore ahead. :-((((( packing!!!! That was all we did though. ....think about it! ... read more
Abby at the wheel
Up in the Air
Shannon, Luke , Abby.   Cappadocia

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul May 6th 2014

***VERSION EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO*** Istanbul is a wonderful city and Turkey is a tourist friendly country that sparked our curiosity, admiration and insight into learning as much as we could about its history. Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople and capital of the Ottoman Empire, combines the present, past, and future all in one place. Getting there we encountered some hiccups with a 2 hour-long immigration line to actually get in the country and a lost bag but at the end it was all worth it! Most people spend 3-4 days in Istanbul but we had almost 6 days there so we got to do quite a bit of exploring and food tasting! On our first day, since we knew it was going to be sunny and warmer than the rest of the week, we took ... read more
Roman castle in Anadolu Kavağı
Grand Bazaar
Basilica Cistern

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul May 6th 2014

Another day at sea today as we move from Athens to Istanbul in Turkey. Our path takes us through a narrow passage in the Dardanelles past the Gallipoli Peninsula. ANZAC cove is actually on the far side of the peninsula so we didn’t get to see it but we did go right past the modern city of Gallipoli. At the beginning of the passage is the ancient city of Troy but as we went past at about 4am, we didn’t manage to spot Brad Pitt or Eric Bana ;) Em just wanted to go back to the kids club this morning so while she played there, we played Chinese checkers while watching the world go past out the panoramic windows at the front of the boat. It is still very overcast so there is not much ... read more
The Blue Mosque

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beyoglu May 5th 2014

Today our destination was Nahil Gift Shop in Beyoglu where unique handicrafts are sold.. This shop is sponsored by a foundationp for the support of women's work . Women participating in development projects produce the goods .....the income is used to support women and children centers. We took the Metro to Taksim and walked Istiklal Cadessi to the shop located on Bekar Sokak ....just a few blocks from Taksim Square. After shopping we had lunch at Starbucks. A light rain began to fall so we headed back to metro for trip home. Shannon took us to see the Cevahir Mall on the way home. No new photos today so I will post some of my "kats of Istanbul" photos. We are winding down and must start to think about packing our souvenirs and leaving our clothes ... read more
Hanging out with red Kat
Watching for lunch
Kat nap Ii

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Ortaköy May 4th 2014

Today was an easy day. We had breakfast at the Tribeca Restaurant and Lounge. Bagels, cream cheese, jam, omelette, pancakes and coffee. Sounds like home! The restaurant had photos of New York sites on the walls but the menu was in Turkish .... Try acting out the word onion.... We ended up with spinach on the omelette ....yummy anyway. After breakfast Peter dropped us off at the Sunday Market on the square along the Bosphorus. We went back to some of our favorite stalls.... Purchased a few more souvenirs, found a bead shop ( had been looking for one for weeks) and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day. All our usual friends were out.... The local cats, dogs and colorful people. We watched a beautiful bride and her groom being photographed along the waterfront. The Simit man ... read more
Emirgan ParkTulips
Local music maker

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk May 4th 2014

Another belated blog...these were so easy to write when backpacking...but so much more difficult to get round to when you're on holiday or living and working in a country. Anyway, in May we had 10 days holiday from our jobs in Odessa. We had planned on travelling to Crimea....but I'm sure anyone reading this knows why we changed our plans. So, with friends living in Istanbul and further friends currently living in England, but on holiday in the country at the same time - we set off for a May break in Turkey!! And this is what happened.... Fast and convenient e-visas Istanbul is just a teeny flight from Odessa at just over an hour and we flew in with Turkish Airlines. On arrival we had to process our visas and despite having bought them online ... read more
View from our hotel room in Selcuk.
Fortress overlooking the town

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beşiktaş May 3rd 2014

Today we had breakfast in Europe....Lunch in Asia....and Dinner back in Europe! :-))). We took a bus down to Besiktas And caught the ferry across the Bosphorus to the Asian side of Istanbul. It was a glorious sunny day with big white fluffy clouds in the sky....the views back to the shore along the coast were amazing. The Dolmabalce Palace, the Galata Tower, Topkai Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque ....all seen from a new prospective. We also passed the Leander's or Maiden's Tower ( Turkish Name ) an 18th century tower which has served as a lighthouse, a custom's control point and a maritime toll gate. Our docking point was Kadikoy which is 7th century and located near the Scutarion Palace which was the starting point of Byzantine trade Routes through Asia. We wandered ... read more
Dolmabalce Palace
Istanbul  skyline
Hagia Sophia

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet May 2nd 2014

Left home at 10:00 am. Shannon drove to Zorlu Mall where we parked car. Walked through adjoining tunnel ( a couple of blocks) to Metro. Rode metro to Taksim stop ....departed and walked up steps to Veniculr ....rode to Kabatas.... where we caught Tramvey across Galata Bridge over Bosphorus to Cemberlitas in old town .... Walk to Grand Bazaar. This is how you get around in Istanbul! Six hours later we have done our best for the Turkish Economy. Bead shops, jewelry shops, scarves, pillow cover shops, more jewelry shops, Tea Break.....spices and Turkish Delight shops, Teas , soaps, Lunch Break.....Tea sets, tea spoons and saucers, more jewelry shops.....a very crowded walk to Spice Market .....more beautiful scarves and Turkish Delight. Everyone had to stay home and lay low yesterday....they all came to the Grand Bazaar ... read more
Tunnel to metro
Galata Tower tile

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Ortaköy May 1st 2014

Today is May Day. A holiday in Istanbul. It was expected there would be some demonstrations around parts of the city today. The demonstrators began to gather early..... Labor Day..... The Labor Unions wanted to gather in Taksim Square to demonstrate but were blocked by police using tear gas, water cannons and Rubber Bullets. We saw police helicopters flying over the city and could hear blasts and see smoke..... It was far From us but we decided to stay close to home today. Shannon cooked a yummy smelling pot of Red Lentil Soup .....we went in to the little village of Ortakoy to the Thursday Market. We wandered up and down the rows of clothing, genuine fake hand bags, vegetable stands, spices, jewelry , scarves, and baked goods. We stopped for a grilled flat bread fried ... read more
Turkish Evil Eye
Grilled Cheese Turkish style
Yummy things we ate at market

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