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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Icmeler June 9th 2015

This morning after breakfast we indulged in a Turkish bath, massage and facial package. With my masseur at home out of action before our departure I hadn't had a massage in months so it was lovely to have some of my knotted up muscles worked on. Our package started with about 10 minutes in the sauna to warm and relax our muscles before being taken into the Turkish bath. In the Turkish bath we were sluiced down with warm water and then scrubbed with mitts that sloughed off a disgusting amount of dead skin. When my masseur showed me how much grimy skin he was scrubbing off I found it hard to believe that I had actually showered before breakfast!! After the scrub we had more water sluiced all over us before having soap suds thrown ... read more
Icmeler Canal
Relaxing after a hard morning
My hair has slipped to my chest

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Icmeler June 8th 2015

Overnight we sailed 128 nautical miles at an average speed of 11 knots and found ourselves back in Marmaris this morning. This trip the Pommy package holiday that Kath and Albert organised for the four of us to enjoy was a cruise/stay combination which meant that today we commenced the 'stay' component of our Aegean holiday. Some of our fellow cruisers were due to fly back to the UK today after either a week or two aboard the Thomson Spirit. Other passengers were spending the day in Marmaris before cruising the Black Sea with stops at Istanbul, Odessa and Nessebar before they return to the UK early next week. Although the Marti LaPerla hotel is just a few kilometres away from Marmaris in Icmeler, it took us nearly all day to get there! After breakfast we ... read more
Icmeler Beach views
Icmeler Beach views
Icmeler Beach views

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Izmir June 6th 2015

We only sailed 69 nautical miles last night, at an average speed of seven knots, to reach Izmir in Turkey. This is the port offering a day trip to Ephesus for those passengers wanting to see the wonderful Roman ruins at Ephesus. Since we have already visited Ephesus not just once, but twice, we were happy to have a relaxing day just mooching around Izmir. After breakfast we disembarked and walked all the way along the waterfront into the historic centre of Izmir. It was quite a hike as the cruise ships share the cargo terminal that is a long way out of town. It is a lovely and flat 'green' walk along the waterfront with well-maintained lawn and gardens the whole way. And when I say well-maintained I mean it - we saw a guy ... read more
Konak Mosque
Izmir Clock Tower
Konak Square

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris June 1st 2015

Ugh, our earliest start yet. The alarm was set for 3.45am this morning so that we would be ready to be picked up by the mini-cab at 4.30am in order to be at Manchester Airport in time to do the check-in for our flight to Turkey at 7.00am. We weren't active enough yesterday to work up a sweat so we didn't bother showering this morning, just cleaned our teeth and dressed and stuffed our toilet bags into our travelling bags ready for the next instalment of our holiday - cruising the 'Undiscovered Aegean' with Kath and Albert. Because we were going on a cruise we didn't have to join the ridiculously long check-in queue, we were fast-tracked through the 'Premium' queue which was virtually empty. Our bags all came in under 20kg, thank goodness. Kath and ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul May 24th 2015

22 May My wife had the wish to visit a certain medical goods factory in Istanbul (it is somewhat related to her job) and so she suggested our trip to the capital of Turkey for 5 days. I was reluctant to go at first, because of tight budget, but finally got excited and we bought Turkish Airlines tickets (non-stop, direct from Petersburg to Istanbul). I knew Istanbul is an amazing city and so I saw it with my own eyes. When I write about Russian cities and towns I usually interweave the narrative with facts and figures, but I won’t do this for Istanbul. Anyhow, you’ll see the city on your own. The good thing about non-cheap flights is that their departure and arrival times are very convenient, without the rush in the morning or sleepless ... read more

Middle East » Turkey May 23rd 2015

Geo: 41.021, 29.0157... read more
Per og Bente

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side May 22nd 2015

Left at a decent enough time for another coastal journey, some of it along the coast which has become the Turkish riviera with hotel after hotel after hotel, some of which were as big as Wembley Stadium & quite gross. A few had big statues out front as an indication of oppulence? But the one to take the top prize had 2 Greek females & gold plated or at least painted gold & were a good 40' tall. Once through the grot the road was as twisty as the others but climbed to 1500 m above sea level , hugging the coast & again just beautiful. We stopped for lunch at a more organised cafe next to one of the many fuel stations that are in Turkey & this time we had pide (a form of ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya May 22nd 2015

t was hot yesterday – 33 most of the afternoon & in the evening the breeze dropped so it was a hot night despite have all the roof lights open. Worth it though for the first view out of the door when we got up.... The showers were hot too which is more than we were expecting. We went & sat on the beach & read then had a swim in the sea, our first this year. It was a bit cold; I must have been very emotional as I had two lumps in throat...We were watching the little fish in the shallows when a sea bass or a mackerel shot by & gobbled a few up. We had a wander around an ancient monument in the afternoon which is right net door to the site ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Taşucu May 22nd 2015

Up early to the sound of more watering... Off again on the short trip to the ferry port. Another amazing road way above the sea. They're building lots of tunnels which must mean they are to build another new road which will open this coast up no end. Shame for all the little shops & cafes on the old road – goodness knows what they'll do... Arrive in Tasucu & there is no shade to be found, so parked up, wound the awning out a little & had a quick lunch. Some young lad of about 9 came over & spoke to us in Turkish, peered into the van etc. Our first thought was that he was trying to con us into a false parking charge. I asked a passer by what the boy wanted – ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side May 18th 2015

Woke to a beautiful day. Went off to the showers at 7.30 in case there was a rush which there wasn't, expecting a cold shower as the sun hadn't been up long. It was uber hot. Our bodyguard slipped away in the night to do some mine sweeping I assume but a couple of gullets motored across the bay. Could have stayed here for a while.... Got away for 9.30 as we knew that not only was it a fair way away but also it was the coastal road - & what a road. Once again it hugged the coastline close to the sea & passed some lovely coves, little beaches & also a harbour that had nothing around it; it was just a mooring site I suppose. Back through the snow covered mountains, out, back ... read more

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