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Middle East » Turkey July 23rd 2015

Mary’s House Effes Turkey Historians in Turkey ( and elsewhere) firmly believe that Mary ( mother of Jesus) lived out her last days in Efes ( Ephesus). And the story is that her house was at the top of a steep hill -358 meters up. Part way up a gold statue was erected by The American Society of Ephesus in honour of the Virgin Mary. Climatic conditions at the top of the hill are much more pleasant than below- where it can be scorchingly hot. Views from the top are spectacular – but it’s a long walk down to get groceries. As you might expect its very quiet and peaceful at the summit. The house itself is long gone. On the foundations of the original house a chapel has been built. That chapel has been dated ... read more
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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet July 21st 2015

Taksim Square doesn’t have quite the name recognition that the other T Squares – Tahrir and Tiananmen – have, but it still holds an important place in Istanbul’s history, and I wanted to see it. I start by walking across the Galata Bridge. This runs across the Golden Horn from the Eminonu neighborhood to Karakoy. You can walk along the top side, which gives you a nice view of the city, or you can walk through the lower level, past the people fishing from the bridge, and the restaurants that will (presumably) serve their catch. Once on the Karakoy side I switch to the funicular. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of a funicular, I think of railways like the one seen in the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and I have ... read more
Wall  art
Galata Bridge
Public Transport - Funicular style

Middle East » Turkey July 20th 2015

Istanbul 10th -13th July 2015 When I first came through the arrivals gate at Istanbul, I was overwelmed with the sea of people in front of me, when it's barely a handful at Cardiff or Bristol. I quickly secured a private transfer after reading the many horror stories about Istanbul taxi drivers ripping off tourists. So after excessive hornblowing, an exchange of turkish expletives and horrific traffic, I reached my destination. This was the first time I began to wonder whether visiting Istanbul on my own had been a good idea? My accomodation was well placed near the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Square and the Hagia Sofia Museum. On checking in, my host provided a map and great information on where to visit and eat. It was already dark when I went out for food and first ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean July 20th 2015

TROIA Even I knew of the story of the Trojan horse. And the people of turkey have built a nice new one at the entry to the Ancient city of Troy. Somehow I expected Troy ( Troia) might be like lots of other “Old Towns”. Normally the Old Town is in various stages of restoration and inhabitation and surrounded by some more modern buildings ( say 3 or 4 centuries old). But Troy is much older And so it is much more different. Troy is a set of ruins. There is no town. Its like the Latin language. Dead It’s an archaeological dig site. There are no buildings. Just some blocks of stone that would be the foundations of a long abandoned city. There are areas where the layout of a building or street is formed ... read more
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2 Troy 044
3 Sea has gone from Troy- View Across land and Dardanelles to Gallipoli Peninsula

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul July 19th 2015

It occurred to me as I was packing for this trip that I like everything about travelling – except the standing in lines part. I get pleasure from filling the little three ounce bottles with shampoo and mouthwash. Folding clothes and fitting them into packing bags brings me great calm. Please note: this enjoyment does not translate into folding laundry in real life; it only counts if the clothes are going into a suitcase. The flight from San Diego to Houston to Amsterdam to Istanbul was long, but fairly uneventful. Schiphol Airport is being renovated, so it wasn’t very comfortable, but there was a Starbucks, so life was good. And I got to see an Air Serbia Airbus, which is not an everyday occurrence. Landing at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, I was surprised that we did ... read more
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Middle East » Turkey July 19th 2015

Gallipoli Helles and French Cemetry Blog Ihad always been aware that a few British soldiers joined the ANZAC forces at Gallipoli. But I had not been aware of the number. Cape Helles is at the southern tip of the Gallipoli peninsula – I guess 30 or so klms from Anzac Cove. Helles would be more logical place to attack and being a long beach with flattish terrain ( compared to Anzac Cove ) and so more logically prone to successful attack and maintaining fewer casualties as well as maintaining good supply lines. So on 25th April 1915 an army of British, Canadian, Indian and French troops landed at Helles. The Helles memorial is an impressive monument to all the Commonwealth Forces. A little way from Helles... read more

Middle East » Turkey July 18th 2015

Geo: 36.6782, 27.5208GÜN 18 GÜNLERDEN CUMARTESİ: Sakin ve sessiz bir sabah .Çocuklarım uyanmış sakin ve sessiz bir şekilde toparlanıyorlar ..Deniz kızım bir kontrol manyağı olarak her bir şeyi tek tek kontrol ediyor..hayret ve hayranlıkla izliyorum..Acaip bir disiplin geliştirmiş ..kendi bildiğinden başka bir şeyi de bilmiyor..Her şeyin kontrolünü yaptıktan sonra çok az tiyatrosuz tekneden ayrıldılar ..Çıkıp gittiklerinde arkalarından bakıp kaldık ..Sanki 10 dakika önce gelmişler ve gidiyorlar gibi hissettim..Artık bir yaşta bu ayrılıklar bana koyuyor ..Belli etmiyorum elbette ve &qu... read more

Middle East » Turkey July 18th 2015

Geo: 36.6782, 27.5208 SEYAHATİN ÖZETİ: ÜLKE : 1 YUNANİSTAN ŞEHİR : 14Yaka Köyü, Datça/Muğla, Türkiye Bodrum, Muğla, Türkiye Boğaziçi Köyü, Milas/Muğla, Türkiye Didim, Aydın, Türkiye Agathonisi, Kalimnos, Yunanistan Fourni, Ikaria, Yunanistan Patmos, Kalimnos, Yunanistan Marathos, Kalimnos, Yunanistan Leros, Kalimnos, YunanistanXirokampos,Leros, Kalimnos, Yunanistan Emporios, Kalimnos, Yunanistan Kalimnos, Yunanistan Nisyros, Kos, Yunanistan Symi, Pedi, Rodos, Yunanistan Palamutbükü Adası/Datça/Muğla, Türkiye YOLCULUK :Yaka Köyü, Datça/Muğla, Türkiye Bodrum, Muğla, Türkiy... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Gallipoli July 11th 2015

Gallipoli I grew up on a diet of annual commemorations on 25th April. Over time I have collected mental images of vast cemeteries with white symmetrical crosses all in columns and rows. The reality is starkly different. So I was surprised at how small the first cemetery I visited was. But then it sinks in – there are lots and lots of cemeteries each containing the remains of those of a particular segment of the campaign. Another unexpected discovery is how big the Gallipoli battle fields are in the minds of the Turkish people. The very first memorial site we came to in the Gallipoli peninsula was a huge Turkish memorial. From there on we got to see the effect of the Turks losing about 3 times as many as the British and allies. When we ... read more
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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Gallipoli July 8th 2015

After getting up I had to clean & dry everything we'd left out or under Billy – the rain had bounced covering everything in earth. The couples on the bikes got up really early to get their kit dry before packing up & heading off, one to Istanbul & the other to Thessaloniki & both long rides in a day of heat The ground took a while to dry out despite the rising we just relaxed & kept busy doing nothing...In the evening we sat on the beach watching the sunset which was truly magnificent, much clearer than in Cyprus for example as the air was clean & by this time very still. Our last full day in Turkey...... read more

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