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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul March 31st 2014

Your pod will be departing "any second now"! The futuristic start to the trip was about to get underway courtesy of the Pod. The unmanned capsule moved cautiously off towards Heathrow Terminal 5 on it's concrete roadway. The "doors will open automatically", announced the screen as we docked into our arrival berth. We waited. We waited a bit longer. The doors finally did open, after what seemed like an excessive delay. Miranda's panic subsided. It would not be the last transportation hiccup of the day. BA0678 touched down in bright sunshine at Instabul's Ataturk International Airport. The queue at immigration was lengthy and we watched a steady stream of disappointed arrivals being dispatched to the back after failing to secure an entry visa from the separate desk. We congratulated ourselves on having purchased the online E-Visa. ... read more
Istanbul University
Galata Tower

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara March 19th 2014

Day 2 in Istanbul. friend Amy and I finished a lovely breakfast at the Hotel Neorion. We set out to see the sights in the historical district including the Hajia Sofia. We were almost their when we encountered a "stop man". We had been warned that this was a possibility but that is where you "go with the flow". We ended up seeing the entry to the cistern and then being shown "El Rincon De Fethi". With a swirl, apple tea was in our hands and we're introduced to Halit. We were shown rug structure, wool, cotton, silk, knot technique and finally colors and patterns. One hour later, Halit had served us Baklava and pistachio ice cream. By this time, I am telling him which rugs look like Pottery Barn. He laughs and writes down ... read more

Middle East » Turkey March 18th 2014

I was buying one way tickets the whole time. It worked out better that way 'cuz I could decide a few days in advance how I felt and ramble on if and when(ever) I wanted to. When my lover, Lucia had to go back to work I wanted to hang out in Porto for a few more days so I let her go. I needed the space and time to decide my next step. The full moon was coming and I was ready to step off the map again. I wanted to visit the place of my most desired location since I left there when I was a few months old. My birthland: Kathmandu. High in the Himalayas Nepal beckoned me return at the time of my 36th year since birth. So I was given a ... read more
Taksim by Night
Inside Mosque

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Edirne February 25th 2014

Istanbul, Edirne approximately 2.5 hours with a pleasant bus ride there were very nice. City of Edirne, a city of culture and history. Appearing from every point of the city of Edirne Edirne Selimiye mosque in the city are located on the highest hill. The benign Sector, the son of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. Selimiye mosque sultan selim made ​​on behalf of Turkey's most beautiful and largest mosque. made of a large marble courtyard and a wide variety فنادق اسطنبول , فنادق اوزنجولflowers and trees are adorned with gardens. 7 years was built by Mimar Sinan, Sinan the Architect's Master piece works well and protected by UNESCO. very nice in blue, green and red calligraphy and are decorated with tile mosaics and ceramics. Selimiye mosque dome and four very large pieces are very thin, tall minarets. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 18th 2014

Woolly says – Time seems to pass so quickly with a paintbrush in your trunk. Having completed my room, the hall and the living room (with very little help from that idle pair I might add!), we were at last ready for the arrival of our furniture. I was so excited at the thought of finally having my whole wardrobe out of storage and seeing what snacks had been packed in the UK. The moving day arrived and Ian left Jo and I packing up our temporary home while he headed for the mountains and our storage facility, ‘should be back in an hour or so with the first load’ were his immortal last words! Jo, under my supervision of course, packed the rest of our temporary home up and we walked up the road to ... read more
Moving Turkish Style
Woolly finds his spot on the balcony
Lots of fruit in the gardens

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bosporus February 17th 2014

Ich komme gerade aus Istanbul in der Türkei zurück. Es war großartig. Für alle mit Zweifeln, es ist unbegründet, und man muss sich keine Sorgen machen, alles ist wie immer. Es gab nur ein paar Demonstranten am Taskim Square, aber das war auch schon alles. Istanbul befindet sich zum einen Teil in Europa und zum anderen Teil in Asien. Alleine diese Tatsache war atemberaubend. Wenn, man allerdings an der Meeresenge von Bosporus steht bemerkt man erst was dies wirklich bedeutet. Glücklicherweise kam ich dort bei Sonnenuntergang an: ein paradiesischer Blick von oben von wo ich riesige Tankerschiffe sah welche auf ihre Einfuhr warteten. Die Tanker kamen entweder vom Schwarzen- oder dem Marmarameer. Man erzählte mir, um Zusammenstöße zu vermeiden, werde an jedem zweiten Tag eine andere Ruten eingeschlagen. Die beiden grossen Brücken in Bosporus sin... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya January 19th 2014

Woolly says – it seems like years since we last put pen to paper or, if you like, paw to keyboard. I do miss writing the blog and thought it was time to give a bit of a catch up on life in sunny Turkey. Our first few weeks of the year passed quietly and easily where the biggest decisions to make was which part of the balcony to sit on to doze in the sun or which flavour ice cream to have on a walk round the harbour. Our evenings spent watching the beautiful sunsets followed by episodes of Dr Who – I do like Mr Tennant – life was going swimmingly until the keys arrived! With our patience dwindling and our proper apartment standing empty our frustration grew ever higher as the keys to ... read more
Measuring up
This is slave labour!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya January 1st 2014

With the year coming to an end, over 20,000 miles travelled, 21 countries and principalities visited, 132 Blogs published and over 3000 pictures taken we asked the International Mammoth of mystery for some of his views on his adventures in 2013 ….. What has been the most inspiring place you have visited this year? Well, that’s an easy question to start, let’s hope the other questions are better! It would have to be Mount Nemrut 809520, the location was incredible and to see what they had built on the top was amazing and truly inspiring to a Mammoth of my size. In my (not so) humble opinion, truly the eighth wonder of the world. You have quite a few outfits, which has been your favourite one for the year? A few outfits….are you kidding? My wardrobe ... read more
Go Woolly Go
View of the second tower - San Marino
Checking out the White Tower

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya December 30th 2013

Woolly says – what a super Christmas I had, lots of pressies for me, so I must have been a very good Mammoth this year. I really loved my JCB from my bestest friend Sion and I spent the afternoon playing with it and my mini Ferrari, I’m not sure that daughter Zoe liked it when I kept driving into her leg hehe. The time in Aberystwyth passed very quickly and with the wind whipping around us we had a tearful goodbye before Ollie took to the road for his last journey before retirement. With only 193 miles to go we spent the journey reminiscing on Ollie’s 20,000 miles with us and watching the Welsh mountains going past, glorious scenery with white blobs of sheep carpeting the landscape. Woolly says – Jo was so transfixed by ... read more
The Great British Phone Box, now sadly nearly extinct
Following the Hunt in Exmoor
Christmas Mammoth

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