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October 1st 2016
Published: October 1st 2016
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AMASYA to OSMANCIK 28 September, 2016
110 Kms SubT. Kms 3302.47 kms . Road Condition: Highway- goodWeather: showers at start, wet roads, after lunch- MILD 15c Time in Saddle: 5:00.15 hrs. Av Speed: av. 23 kph. Av Cadence. 66 rpmElevation: 950 m up; 800m downCalories burned : > 5000

This morning the rear wheel rim was sitting on the ground, tyre completely flat!! Pumped it up and prayed it would last to lunch. After three beautiful mornings, it was showering so didn't want to hang around. Arrived at lunch with tyre mostly deflated. Last 20 kms very squishy feeling and sound. Again pumped it up and road to tonight's hostel. Thankfully got me here. Changed tube whilst waiting for room to become available. Could find no evidence of cause in the tyre, either on the outside or inside. Had another rider also check. A tiny hole caused by a wire. If it happens again, I will put on my new, replacement tyres. Must be my fate, as last two trips, no flats!! Have checked the tyre twice since tube replacement, seems to be holding up.

Scenery and ride average. The road spray left me splattered with mud. With the rain, tyre guards would certainly be welcome. This town must be a commercial centre for the region, nothing inspiring to mention!

OSMANCIK to Grassy Camp 29 September, 2016 stage 111
126,42 Kms SubT. Kms 3428.89. kms . Road Condition: Highway- good STEEP LONG HILLS. Weather: SUNNY & MILD 15c Time in Saddle: 7.05:42 hrs. Av Speed: av. 17.8 kph. Av Cadence. 60 rpmElevation: 2175 m up; 1650m downCalories burned : > 6000

Today was the biggest climb since I've been on the tour. 15km+ 7km+ 3km of 10%+ gradient, it was a 'killer', but now over. Tomorrow much shorter '1750 m' !! The weather was kind, cool but sunny most of the day, the descents were cold.

The morning scenery was appealing, but unfortunately in photos it just looks bland. Few coke stops, but thankfully at the base of the steepest descent a store sold hot nescafe, bliss. Eat an amazing amount of junk food, chocolate and packet chips and soft drink. However am losing weight, jeans purchased a week ago, size 32, now swim on me!!! More concerned about tooth decay!!

A grassy and treed camping site. The best looking one on the tour.

5 riding days remain.

Grassy Camp to SAFRANBOLU. 30 September, 2016 stage 112
133.20. Kms SubT. Kms 3562.09. kms . Road Condition: Highway- good STEEP LONG HILLS. Weather: COLD until lunch, >8, SUNNY & MILD 15c. Time in Saddle: 6:23:11. hrs. Av Speed: av. 20.8 kph. Av Cadence. 64 rpmElevation: 1750 m up; 930m downCalories burned : > 6000

This morning it was sub zero. Black at 6am, and we get up at 5.30 am, madness, as it makes for a very cold ride until 11am. Fingers feel like stone, especially after collapsing and packing the tent!
A very heavy dew last night, the tent seemed more drenched than it would have been if it had rained.

On arrival at the hotel, I erected the tent so that it could dry out. The tent bags are very good, with little moisture escaping into the duffle bag. I am pleased that all my gear is packed into a variety of stuff bags, not only does it make it easier to find things, it also keeps gear cleaner and drier.

The ride was again very mountainous with some steep inclines, the cruel part was the town Safranbolu is very steep so there was no respite until off the bike. The scenery was again appealing. A few coke stops to rest thankfully.

Safranbolu is a town of two halves, the old and the new, separated by a steep hill of about 1.8 kms. Shared a few beers on arrival, tasted good going down but left me with a headache, might have been dehydration!!!

SAFRANBOLU REST DAY. 1 October, 2016

A noisy town last night, lots of vehicle horns. Also felt as though the room was in a spotlight!
After breakfast most cleaned their bikes in readiness for the final pressure clean and boxing in Istanbul.

Walked back to the old town, most buildings constructed in the Ottoman era. The old town is all cobblestoned. Most tourists were Turkish, Ankara is not far by vehicle, and it is Saturday. Strolling around was relaxing, visited a street vegetable market which sold the produce from the surrounding hills.


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