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Istanbul, Gallipoli, Goreme in late April?

Is 7 days enough to fit in a trip to all of these places (Istanbul, Gallipoli, Goreme)? Is it worth the trip to Goreme?
13 years ago, January 14th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #99659  
Is 7 days enough to fit in a trip to all of these places (Istanbul, Gallipoli, Goreme)? Is it worth the trip to Goreme? I've read about the fairy chimneys and am fascinated - estimated travel time from Istanbul? And if we were going to do all three places is it better to do a round trip (Istanbul-Goreme-Gallipoli-Istanabul)? Also, how long do people recommend in Gallipoli - is it easy enough to hire a local guide for a tour of Gallipoli and ANZAC Cove? Reply to this

13 years ago, January 17th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #99996  
N Posts: 2
you can fit it 7 days, but will be very tiring if you do not use fast transportation. Istanbul and Gallipoli are ok but Göreme is a bit far...also it worth seeing. you need good planning if you want all. I can say...İstanbul will take at least 3 days...and gallipoli another 2 (including to go and come back by bus probably)...if you want to see göreme you must go there by plane (1.5hr max) otherwise bus or train will take your whole day and you cant even take baloon ride (its reccomended). You can find local guide easily...they are everywhere. If you are from Australia, NZ or you like to see battle fields go there. In two days in Gallipoli you can also see Troy (very close)...Before I forget..I reccomend Ist-Gal-Ist-Gör-Ist-Home😊))
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13 years ago, January 24th 2010 No: 3 Msg: #100937  
I agree that with 7 days will be pushing a visit to Goreme unless you decide to fly. Istanbul is worth a least a few days, and you'll need about 2 or so days in Goreme in order to see both of the underground cities and the other sites of the area. Another option is Ephesus, which is easier to reach from Gallipoli, and you only need one full day to see - but again it will still take some time to get there. Reply to this

13 years ago, March 8th 2010 No: 4 Msg: #105978  
S Posts: 1
The legacies of the Hittites, Greeks, Romans, Christian apostles, Byzantines, Ottoman Turks, & the other civilizations that have called this land home have made Turkey into a vast outdoor museum full of beautiful, intriguing sites. Highlights of Turkey's many treasures include the spectacular Byzantine churches & beautiful mosques of Istanbul; the ruins of the fabled city of Pergamum on its windswept hilltop; the holy city of Konya where Dervishes still whirl; the extraordinary landscape & cave dwellings of Cappadocia; the great theatre of ancient Ephesus; the magnificent beaches of the Aegean & Mediterranean with signs of ancient civilizations at every turn & so much more...
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