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Important Notice for Those Soon Travelling to Dubai

It's great if you have decided to travel to Dubai as it's one of the safest places in the world now. But to make sure that everything goes fine and smooth, please get vaccinated as soon as possible.
35 months ago, May 24th 2021 No: 1 Msg: #209160  
Last two years, the travel world is suffering a lot due to the consequences of the pandemic Covid 19. We are all experiencing its impact on our life, not only the travel agencies but also the travel lovers as our travel plans are restricted to only domestic trips or trips to few international destinations.

But there is a happy news for those having a plan to travel to Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is welcoming travelers from many countries (though some countries are excluded) and providing them with an almost normal life situation here. UAE is one of the safest countries in the world right now as it fought the pandemic and gradually getting back to the normality in almost all areas.

The UAE achieved this bragging rights over pandemic management through systematic approach highly connected to the efforts of mass vaccination programs. Nearly half of the residents were vaccinated and the country is moving towards the herd immunity. So, even though the country is giving public access to many daily life activities, gatherings and entertainment options, all these restrictions are waved or allowed for only people who got vaccinated.

As a result, when you are preparing to fly to Dubai, please make sure the below 2 things to have a free and safe experience:

1. Ensure that your country is not among the UAE's list of entry restricted countries.
2. Get Vaccinated as soon as possible to ensure that your movement will not be restricted to important places or activities.

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