Danielle Lloyd


Danielle Lloyd

I'm Dani, 24 years old from England.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool November 1st 2011

Unlimited train travel £10 each for one day took us to Liverpool.... read more
Albert Dock - homes of celebrities
Rock off!

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante October 5th 2011

I quite enjoyed the long train journey from Barcelona even though I was battling with my Ipod earphones the whole time as one decided to break and the other was on its last legs. Some rather nice scenery. It was nice and easy finding my hostel. It was a proper hostel - cheap, ultra laid back and really friendly. I only had one thing on my mind after check-in - food. I went to find the place the hostel manager recommended to me which had sandwiches and beer for a euro each on La Rambla. There I ordered a gourmet beef and something sandwich, a cone of chips and a beer. To my amusement the cone of chips was actually a cone of crisps (chips to Americans and Aussies). I was expecting a cone of chips ... read more
Costa Blanca
Avinguda del General Marva

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona October 4th 2011

There was a bit of confusion with trains so unfortunately I spent more time than intended at the uninspiring Portbou train station where I sat with 2 party boy Australian lads who had been on my overnight train. I still don't see the appeal with Contiki tours - being completely wasted the whole time and not remembering much. This is surely something you could achieve at home? The whole thing just seems really trashy to me and like a complete waste of time. Anyway the train to Barcelona took quite a long time and I finally arrived there at about 1pm. Luckily I was able to get off the train at the metro station where my hostel was. It was very hot and it wasn't long before I found my hostel. To my disgust they wanted ... read more
Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris October 3rd 2011

It was like ready set GO in Paris. I arrived early and locked my luggage away in Gare l'Austerlitz and proceeded to get the ticket that I had reserved to Portbou in Spain leaving that evening. I then walked rapidly along the river past the Jardin des Plantes which is the main botanical garden in France and the Notre Dame cathedral on the other side of the river to Place St. Michel where the free walking tour was meeting. Our tour guide was hilarious - constantly cracking jokes - mainly politically incorrect ones. We started the tour by crossing the Sant-Michel bridge checking out the Notre Dame cathedral to our right the the bullet holes in the wall of one of the law courts in front of us caused I think by WWII. We then went ... read more
Seine at dusk
Notre Dame

Europe » Germany » Hamburg October 1st 2011

I got up early to get a train to Hamburg. It was only an hour and a half journey and the trains in Germany, as you can probably imagine, don't mess about. They just get from A to B at a decent speed unlike in all the previous Eastern European countries I had just come from where the trains seemed to painfully judder along. Strangely though, the train both to and from Hamburg AND the train from Berlin to Paris were all late unlike all the other trains I had been on so far which had all been on time. For that reason German rail gets marked down slightly as I had high expectations. Armed with my Lonely Planet guide, I attempted to find the main town centre but ended up walking away from it on ... read more
Chilehaus inner courtyard

Europe » Germany » Berlin September 30th 2011

I was very tired on arrival in Berlin's uber modern Hauptbahnhof. I jumped on the S-Bahn to where was hostel was situated by the TV tower. I had received a really good service at the train station when reserving my onward ticket to Paris but I was to wish I had never asked a waitress setting tables outside of a restaurant which direction the street was that I needed to get to. Just a simple arm gesture in a particular direction would have sufficed but no. She said "I'm busy I have no time for this" to which I replied "Oooooh I won't be coming to eat here then...bitch..." I was very tired so felt this was an acceptable response. It turns out after asking a few people and getting sent in the wrong direction by ... read more
TV tower by night
the famous spaceman graffiti
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 27th 2011

On arrival in Prague, I was unaware I was about to experience the worst hostel I have ever stayed in. Arcapay is awful. The receptionist was rude and uninformative, the room stank of damp, the bed was rock hard, it was so far out of town and there was one shower for every 3 dorms. Urgghhhh. Anyway! After dropping my stuff off I headed back to the metro station to go check out the old town. Steph had come to Prague yesterday so we arranged to meet at the free walking tour by the town hall. This tour was led by an enthusiastic American guy. I was cynical as he was obviously not a native Czech, but he was surprisingly knowledgable and very entertaining. He took past the main sights on that side of the Charles ... read more
Astronomical Clock
All you need is love

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków September 24th 2011

I arrived in Krakow from Vienna after a relatively comfortable night in an overnight sleeper. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the compartment was, and was glad that out of 6 beds, only the 2 were occupied. I love sleeping with the movement of the train. I was in for a bit of a shock on stepping outside – it was pretty darn cold and I was without winter clothes. After finding my hostel I spent a few hours on its free internet before going to join the free walking tour outside St Mary’s Basilica. We walked first to the Barbican which is one of the few remaining relics of the complex network of fortifications and defensive barriers that once encircled the royal city. Built around 1498, it is one of only three such fortified ... read more
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Town Hall Tower

Europe » Austria » Vienna September 20th 2011

On arrival in Vienna it was still rainy and relatively cold. I got the metro to my hostel. I was ready for a stiff drink or two and got chatting to an American guy I was sharing my dorm with and we proceeded to get wasted at the bar downstairs. Pints for 2 Euros and 5 jeager bombs for 10 Euros were bound to have that effect, not to mention the wet pussy shots. To cut a long story short, I completely overdid it and ended the night having the vomit washed out of my hair by the guy in my dorm and also the vomit cleaned up off the dorm floor by said guy. Legend in my eyes. Needless to say I felt atrocious the next morning and my hair felt very dry (god he ... read more
Freud's house
Industrial Incinerator
Don't jump!

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 18th 2011

It was yet another hot day in Central Europe. I had had a fairly good sleep on the train from Brasov despite the horrors that unfolded on the journey i.e. the utter wanker of a ticket inspector who defaced my interrail pass. I’m not sure I have ever been so angry in all my life. I had filled in the travel calendar entirely correctly, yet the inspector clearly did not understand the rules of interrailing so he decided to fill in another day with yesterdays’ date. I thereafter had disturbing visions as to what I wanted to do with his pen. This proved to put a dampener on my whole stay in Budapest for the following reason: if the inspector on the next journey decided to take issue with the fact I had to write over ... read more
St Stephen's Bascilla
Pest from Buda
Fish Bastion

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