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22nd July 2010

I would spend as little time as possible in Kuala Terengganu, but the islands are pristine and beautiful! But Terengganu - not a very nice or welcoming place in my opinion!
6th July 2010

I have quite equivalent experience
Just came back from Kuala Terengganu with my friends today and these are my honest feedbacks and I will say I have slightly luckier experience. lol 1. We (4 of us) somehow looked like alien to them...although we are Malaysians ourselves. Yes, we are non-muslims...and we wear 3/4 long pants...but do we look strange ? And yes, you shoudn't be wearing short shorts and shirts that have some valley which is not common over there. LMAO 2. Language is definitely a barrier, although we speak Malay, the local Malay language slang there lost me. Just like I lost myself first time listening to Sabah-an (Borneo Island) Malay. Needless to say speaking English :) 3. Talking to them with them, seems like difficult too especially when they are "shy" and not having contact. Sometimes might get frustrated as probably the body language mind show as if it's they are not paying attention especially between opposite sex ? :ยท 4. We stayed @ Merang. Drove from Merang up to Besut, which is near to Thai border. Trying our luck to find nice beaches. Hmmm....freaked out when I see lots of trash (i.e water bottles, diapers, cigratte boxes at the sea shore). I'll get pissed when I see trashes. Needless to say, see-ing a baby diaper ontop of a 7-8 feet rock. I had to climb up the rock and get that down....what the fuck is wrong.... ? 5. We tried to look for seafood as well.....what ? No seafood in Terrengganu when there are fishermen ? Holy cow...great! We'll have fried rice for 4 days. Food serving is rather super slow....well, that's due to slow lifestyle which we asked for. There's one 24x7 restaurant called "Restoran Desa"....They are the most unfriendly restaurant and people I ever find in my life. We went to take get our food after drinking, and the waiters just clear the table out of no-where. Very unwelcoming. Also, when one of my friend mentioned we are not finished. Out of the dumped basin of drinks they picked up the 100plus and gave it back to him....WTF ?!!!! 6. On the resort we stayed? Well, i have to say they are much friendlier and quite an okay place to stay. Service are good and people there are approachable. Merang Suria Beach Resort. 7. Travelling up from mid-of-Terrengganu till up to north, there are all beaches with trees which are 7-8 feet away from the sea water...what's going on? No shed for picnics? Lots of the sand are washed away ? 8. Went to Kuala Terengganu...great, we used an old edition Terengganu map...and looking for handicraft shops..."DesaCraft", it's no longer available anymore....closed down 7-8 years ago according to one of the shop owner there. His show is one of the unit consists of DesaCraft.
6th November 2009

Hello !
I am so glad to meet you here ! Beautiful girl ,welcome to my blog!
12th August 2009

I was looking at flights to the island itself but it was considerably more expensive but should have really :)
5th August 2009

was searching pictures of redang in google.....ended up coming here! what a experience ya had! haha
26th July 2009

You should take plane to redang instead of kuala terengganu, and avoid all of these incident.
9th July 2009

I've never read any of your entires before.... just stumbled upon this one. I love this tale.... how adventurous. I've found myself in very similar situations in exotic countries numerous times, and this entry takes me back to those times. That was real traveling you wrote about!
9th July 2009

hey hey hey
YOU WEREN'T THERE lol i hardly ever whine, it was frickin scary though!! Yea I knew they were fully taking advantage but wat can ya do eh x x
8th July 2009

I think they took an advantage on u by rinsing the price (taxi, boat etc) seeing that u were alone and desperate... even though u were (a bit) whiny in the posts, I can't help laughing while reading them...haha so cute If the same happened to me while I was travelling alone in a foreign land (esp with communication barrier), I sure would whine too haha
8th July 2009

What The.....Next time take me with you. I love to show u around.

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