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Europe » Italy September 1st 2011

I arrived in Trieste before the sun went down. It was so wierd as I was sat next to some lads I knew from my home city who were going to the Outlook festival in Croatia! There were some other people from my home town behind me too! Small world!! The bus journey from the airport took longer than I thought it would. I was panicking before I arrived as I didn't have any Euros with me and hadn't topped up my Caxton card (waiting for a more favouable exchange rate), and was relying on being able to pay by credit card. Luckily I was able to pay for my bus ticket by card, so I would think about getting currency later. It dawned on me that I had forgotten to bring an electrical adaptor. Shit. ... read more
Main square
Grotta Gigante
A Trieste square

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall July 18th 2011

Almost a complete washout but still beautiful. Sun shone hot on the final day though. Can't wait to return to this glorious county!... read more
St. Michael's Mount
Cornish sea
St. Michael's Mount

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Catania September 16th 2010

Didn't have long in Catania - the first day I got here I went straight to Taormini and spent the day there, and I only had that evening and the following morning to see this volcanic city. Went to see Piazza Duomo in the night which has the Fontana dell'Elefante made of lava in its centre, and surrounded by the Duomo and other nice buildings. I then went in the morning to try and get a view of Mount Etna as I didn't get to see it yesterday.... read more
Gap between Italy and Sicily
Piazza Duomo

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina September 16th 2010

Possibly my favourite place in Italy! About 45 minutes away from Catania where I arrived on an altered railpass :). Had to wait for a bus to take me up the hill to the bus station, from where I walked uphill to the old town gate. It was so so nice, but swarming with tourists unfortunately. The pics say it all - it was a stunning town - proper medievel with the Teatro Greco built in 1st century BC, so so so nice :) with amazing views of the coastline particularly from the Teatro and the viewing terrace on the Piazza IX Aprile - who needs the Amalfi coast when you've got this beauty??! The Villa Communale took my breath away and was a nice getaway from the swarms of English and Americans in the main ... read more
Teatro Greco
Mazzaro beach
Villa Communale

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo September 15th 2010

The first thing I did when I got up was go to the suburbs, to the catacombs which I was really excited about. You see I have a morbid fascination with the dead and stuff like that, and these catacombs have around 8000 mummified corpses of Palermo citizens from between the 17th and 19th centuries. It was fascinating. Mostly skeletons but some of them still had skin and hair! Apparently the higher class corpses are better preserved than the paupers. There was a section for child corpses and a separate corridor for males and females/higher and lower classes/virgins. Then I walked back down Via Vittorio Emanuele where I picked up a few cheap outfits :), past the beautiful cathedral and to the Palazzo dei Normanni. From here I decided to take the city in quarters, starting ... read more
Teatro Massimo
Palermo cathedral
Palazzo dei Normanni

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Cefal├╣ September 14th 2010

After having absolutely zero sleep on the ultra uncomfortable night train, I found my hostel and then went straight back to the train station to go to Cefalu to get some more use out of my interrail pass. Cefalu is the second most popular beach resort in Sicily after Taormina. The sky was murky, but I perservered up the mountain trail to get near to the summit of La Rocca on which sits the medievel ruins of Tempio di Diana from the 9th century BC. Then the heavens opened as I suspected they would and it started to bucket it down! I was there in my silly floaty summer dress and silly slippery sandals trying to find shelter. I eventually found a little bit of shelter in a ruined alcove but got bored and wanted to ... read more
Tempio di Diana
my ruin shelter

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples September 9th 2010

On arrival in Naples after the 2 hour train journey from Rome I was feeling particularly grumpy. Confused by the stupid ticketing system at the train station and being paranoid about getting fined after my experience in Florence I was getting more and more pissed off, but eventually got a metro ticket and validated the bugger. I soon realised I didn't even need a metro ticket because my interrail pass covered it for that day! Grrr always the way eh! And the ticket was now useless because I had validated it for that day so it would be no good for tomorrow or the day after. Oh well never mind. Had a bit of trouble finding the hostel but thanks to a Korean guy I found it eventually! Me and the hostel manager had words because ... read more
one cool sculpture
Piazza del Plebiscito
Caserta Palace

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 6th 2010

Arrived in the evening after a 4 hour train journey from Pisa, which I enjoyed as I was the only one in the carriage and was singing along to the tunes on my ipod! Found the hostel nice and easily and bedded down in a mostly male, yet clean, dorm. In the morning, it was yet another gorgeous day and my first stop was the forums which were fascinating. Then the Collusseum which was even more so! I was awestruck and got some amazing pics (please see). I also saw the Vittorio Emmanuelle Monument which was so impressive, the Trevi Fountain which was swarmed with tourists, Spanish steps, Quirinale and Piazza Popolo. My feet suffered that day! Met an aussie called Shane and brazillian guy called Anderson back at the hostel and we went to see ... read more
Vatican staircase

Europe » Italy » Tuscany September 6th 2010

Left Florence and got the train to Siena, which is a medievel town. Getting here was easy enough - direct train from Florence, but got into a bit of a fluster getting from the train station into historical Siena. Relatively expensive luggage storage (5.40 euros for half an hour, well one day but I only needed half an hour!) and the bus stop being wierdly placed in some shopping centre over the road from the train station. Literally only spent about half an hour there. Went to the Piazza Del Campo which is a large square in the shape of a bathroom sink, with plug and everything. It's a well preserved medievel city with its original city walls. Also saw the Municipal Palace in the main square but didn't really want to queue to go up ... read more
Leaning Tower
Piazza del Campo

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 3rd 2010

On arrival in Florence the afternoon sun was hot. Didn't have the best time because it took me a while to get my bearings and find out how to get to my hostel and on which side of the road to get the bus. When I finally got on the right bus, I hadn't purchased a ticket and....on comes the ticket inspector! I hadn't seen ONE inspector in Venice or Verona and was starting to think it was ridiculously easy to get away with not paying for italian public transport. Got my first fine in Florence (oh yes - there were 2 fines all in all) for 50 euros (would have been 45 if I had the cash on me there and then). Somewhat pissed off. Not a great first impression of Florence. But hey if ... read more
Bean, me and Amy with Florence as a backdrop
gorgeous bracelet

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