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Europe » Romania September 15th 2011

I arrived early morning from Belgrade after a dismal overnight journey. Had so many scary moments. I started the journey sharing with a reasonably pleasant Romanian girl. We exchanged a few pleasantries but I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have her rather than the next Romanian that entered the cabin until after she left. When she left I thought ‘score – a cabin to myself!’. My happiness was cut short when a creepy fat Romanian bloke with a trilby hat on decided to come in. I was trying hard to sleep but every time I opened my eyes there was Mr Creepy staring intensely at me. I had to tell him in no uncertain terms to stop fucking staring at me and thankfully he left and found himself another cabin. Phew. Scary moment number ... read more
Border crossing
Dâmbovița River

Europe » Serbia September 12th 2011

The train to Belgrade went on and on and on through not such spectacular scenery unfortunately. Just lots of fields and stuff I was sharing a cabin with a couple of French lads who were also backpacking. I know it sounds really off but I prefer not to engage with people who can’t speak very good English. The language barrier gets a bit annoying. I also have preconceptions about the French (probably shouldn’t write that on a public blog) but they seemed nice enough. We shared a bit of banter but then the language barrier got too annoying. I arrived in Belgrade at about 9pm and the thermometer at the top of one of the train station towers read 33 degrees C. It was hot, busy and polluted. It didn’t take me long to find my ... read more
I loved this building
Skadarlija famous poet

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina September 9th 2011

I arrived from Mostar in the evening and had to find my way from the bus station using my Lonely Planet map. A bit annoying when it’s within a huge ‘Europe on a Shoestring’ guide, as well as hauling my wheeled luggage along. My hostel was located in the heart of Sarajevo so it was a bit of a trek. I had my eyes peeled for the ‘Sarajevo Roses’ I had heard about these in my LP guide. They are shell impacts in the ground all over Sarajevo where people lost their lives during the war and are filled in with red cement. Unfortunately it was dark so I didn’t see any. I got a little excited when I saw the famous bright yellow Holiday Inn because that was one of the sights I was looking ... read more
Stari Grad
Holiday Inn

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar September 9th 2011

After having travelled from a country where begging is illegal, it was a mini shock to the system to encounter lots of gypsies begging on arrival at Mostar bus station. It was a bit stressful because I had tourist touts trying to get me to stay at their hostel etc and one of my flip flops fell apart while I was running to get my luggage off the coach which I had forgotten about, so I had to change shoes. Following that ordeal, I paid the luggage storage and set off for Stari Grad (Old Town). The route there took us (me and a girl I knew from my previous hostel in Dubrovnik) past burnt out and bombed buildings. I felt almost in awe as the recent devastation in Bosnia was now a stark reality. We ... read more
River Neretva
Hmmm banana anyone
Used to be a hotel

Europe » Montenegro September 8th 2011

Severely hungover, I reluctantly forced myself out of my deep drunk sleep to go and catch the minibus outside of Ploce Gate to Montenegro. This doubtlessly put a bit of a dampener on my day which is why I generally don't drink much whilst travelling. But what was done was done - I had gone out in Dubrovnik the previous night and got hammered on buckets of vast volumes of intoxicating liquids. Oh well. The tour was going well from Dubrovnik to the border crossing with Montenegro - finding out little nuggets of information from the tour guide on the surroundings that passed us on our journey, for example, the best restaurant in the Balkans is supposedly in some woodland near the Montenegran border with a waiting list of something silly like 5 years. That is ... read more
Cathedral of Saint Tryphon
Budva Old Town
Boka Kotorska

Europe » Croatia September 7th 2011

I arrived after a much needed sleep on the overnight coach from Zagreb early in the morning, luckily enough. I would have felt luckier at the time if I had known just how busy the old town got during the day! It was nice trying to find my hostel to have the old town to myself bar the people setting up their businesses for the days' trade. I found my hostel just as it was starting to get hot. Lugging a wheeled suitcase (albeit only a cabin sized one) over all the cobbles and up countless stairs was hard-going in the cooler dawn air, let alone the 35 degree heat I would be experiencing later. I dumped my stuff and went to Banje beach to get a bit of sunbathing in. The beach was tough on ... read more
Gorgeous sunset
Cat amongst the pigeons

Europe » Croatia September 6th 2011

Beautiful park. Tourists are herded around like cattle though :( ... read more
Photo 25
Photo 8
Photo 3

Europe » Croatia September 6th 2011

Za - GREB - how fitting. Hated this place. But that may have something to do with surrounding circumstances to be fair. The internet can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be the most annoying and misleading thing (see my Redang blog). My shit day here started the night before when I believed I would be catching the 1am bus from Ljubljana to Zagreb. Turns out that bus only drops passengers off - it doesn't pick um up as the internet led me to believe! So I had to get the train instead which left a little later - fine. I went into Ljubljana town centre and sank a few wines and a few beers while waiting. I was the next morning to regret this :/ The reason why I prefer bus travel to ... read more
Not fans of joining the EU?!
Wall of graffiti

Europe » Slovenia September 3rd 2011

On arrival by bus I was lost. I went into a travel shop/internet cafe where the nicest bloke gave me some water (I like my free water), use of his internet and rang my hostel owner who came and picked me up! My faith in humankind after encountering some uber rude Italians was restored. At first I was a little freaked out at how far away the hostel seemed from everything - but I couldn't complain as I had a great view of the mountains (but then again this is Slovenia you would be pretty hard pushed not to have a great view of some mountains of some description) and I could see Bled castle. I spent a few hours online before retiring to bed after a long day. The following day I did what everybody ... read more
Lake Bohinj
Lake Bled
Lake Bled

Europe » Slovenia September 2nd 2011

Crossing from Italy to Slovenia was a bit like crossing into a different world. Suddenly there were loads of mountains and lots of green! Slovenia is very very green. And smells of manure. But it's great if you're into nature. On arrival in Ljubljana I asked a very attractive pair for directions to the road I was looking for. Their English was really good which gave me hope. I was soon on the right track to get to my hostel. Turns out it was just one straight road. After about 20 minutes of walking I was at the unmistakeable Dragon Bridge, and my hostel was not much further. The river looked so pretty with the bridges all lit up at night and I was excited (but very tired) to be here. The hostel staff soon shat ... read more
Art Nouveau building
Ljubljanica River

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