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Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna September 3rd 2010

I liked the fact that visiting Bologna didn't require taking a bus into the main town. After a stroll up the main street I arrived at the main square: Piazza Nettuno, and another short stroll took me to Bologna's two leaning towers. One is not accessible because it leans too much but the other is, but on the day I went I think it was out of bounds. The one thing I was looking forward to coming to Bologna (the culinary capital of Italy) for was the food, but it was siesta time!! And all the trattorias and restaurants were unfortunately closed :(. I was glad I didn't book accommodation here because once you have seen the main square and towers you're pretty much done, but of course you shouldn't listen to me as I have ... read more
Leaning towers

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona September 3rd 2010

I left Venice and caught the 7:09 train to Verona, as I planned to visit here and Bologna and go to Florence all in one day in order to make best use of my interrail pass, which I found to be achievable, happily. Encountered my first Italian lech on the train - a guy who shamelessly stared at me the whole journey despite me asking him what he was staring at and looking angry. I know it's best to be ignorant but I can't help it grrrr. Bought my 10 euro Verona Card on arrival and got the bus into town, where my first stop was the Roman Arena which is beautifully preserved. I then walked to Juliet's house and visited that and went on her balcony etc. Unfortunately didn't add to the love graffiti on ... read more
Juliet's bed
Love graffiti

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 1st 2010

It was a nice change to get free drink and very nice Swiss chocolate on the flights from Birmingham. Immidiately bought my Rolling Venice card at the airport for 22 euros and hopped on the bus into Venice. My hostel was a sweaty 20 minute walk away from the bus station. I was impressed with the hostel's exterior - gothic style building surrounded by canal and accessed by a cute little bridge. Inside it wasn't the nicest hostel I've stayed in but it would do! I got changed and hit the streets and had a look round. I ate spag bol at a restaurant and it was run by Thais so unfortunately it wasn't the lovely spag bol I was expecting (I had learned in SE Asia to not have western food in Asian establishments...they just ... read more
Me with lovely Burano and its leaning tower in the background
Beautiful Venice
St Mark's Square

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London July 24th 2010

For my birthday/one year anniversary with my boyfriend I wanted a little bit of luxury! Plus I'd never been to my own capital city before to the disbelief of others so fancied having a look! Me and my boyfriend (Dan) were a bit apprehensive on arrival in Paddington because we expected sheer chaos, and to get lost, particularly as there was loads of diverted tube routes due to work being done on them. But we purchased our tube tickets costing £8 (:o) for both of us to Tower Hill where we were to stay at the Hilton Hotel. We checked into our swanky hotel room before heading out to see a few sights. Decided quite quickly that I loved London. Got talked into going to the London Tombs under Tower Bridge and we talked him into ... read more
Sherlock Holmes pub
Me outside Buckingham Palace
Houses of Parliament, Thames and London Eye

Asia July 11th 2010

First impressions of Bali? 'F***** hate this country' is a thought that came to mind a few times on that first night! So you want me to wait 2 hours in Kuala Lumpur to check in, then pay $25 on landing in Bali, then wait a further 3 hours in Indonesian immigration? Oh and then...LOSE MY LUGGAGE? Spent the first night wallowing in misery (on the inside - on the outside I tried to laugh and joke) thinking I would have to spend the next 6 days with no spare clothes/straighteners/wash stuff/contact lens case/contact lens solution, and getting drunk with the other hostel guests playing card games and drinking Bintang beer. When I was tipsy, I got the wonderful phonecall from the airport informing me that my luggage had turned up. There was me cussing Bali ... read more
'The Island' crew out in Bali
Mount Batur
Lake Batur

Asia July 7th 2010

I was rapidly running out of money, but the hostel (Green Tulip) was ridiculously cheap and very very nice, probably one of the nicest of the trip. The first day I explored the old city by bicycle, going to some of the many wats which were beautiful. I also saw the foreign cemetary, as suggested by my Lonely Planet, where the bodies of (as the name suggests) foreigners who lived and died in Chiang Mai. I also got a massage at the local women's prison, from a prisoner. She did a good job! I really really wanted to do a trek, but as I was running low on funds I just couldn't afford to, so after Suthep Doi on day 2 which was a wat near the top of the mountain, I got a bit bored ... read more
Beautiful lake at Wat U Mong
Meditation tunnels at Wat U Mong

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 2nd 2010

The journey to Bangkok was very pleasant. The boat from Ko Tao to Chumporn was first class, and the coach from here to Bangkok was comfortable. I love long coach journeys because I just listen to my ipod and daydream (mainly about the guy I met on Ko Tao - hot - but my conscience is clear just for the record!) The nightmare began when I arrived in rainy Bangkok. The realization that I had put a padlock on my suitcase, but left the key to it back in Ko Phangan, crept up on me. Silent panic set in. To add insult to the injury, I got a taxi from Koh San Road to my hostel on the other side of the city, only to find out it is shut and locked after midnight (it was ... read more
Bangkok by night
Reclining Buddha
a huge golden monk as seen from canal

Asia June 28th 2010

So I booked my place on Crystal Dive Resort back in Ko Phangan, 9800 baht for the course and accommodation for 4 nights - not bad at all. This was my first beach hut experience. Cute beach hut with a double bed to myself, and the place I was introduced to and fell in love with the ghekkos that like to crawl on the ceiling and various other wildlife (that I did not fall in love with) including a spider in my bathroom on the last night that I have since found out, would have killed me if it had bitten me, and a python that was found in my neighbour's bathroom in the middle of the night. It was pissed off in the morning after having been placed and kept in a bag for the ... read more
us in the back of a Ko Tao tai
spider in my bathroom
a f**king huge spider in my beach hut

Asia June 24th 2010

Finally arrived following the Looooooong ass journey from Ko Phi Phi, which included a fretful boat ride from Phi Phi (thinking I overpaid for a duff ticket to Ko Phangan), a coach which might as well have had its air con turned off, and a further boat journey with the worst toilet I have ever seen requiring serious thigh muscle strength for squatting (still pissed all over the floor nonetheless). I am aware that this is the traditional toilet in SE Asia but for god sake. Bad times. Anyway. Arrived in Ko Phangan to what seemed like a very uncivilized baggage collection process. Everyone was fighting around in the dark trying to find their luggage (not an easy task when it is dark, the suitcases/backpacks are continuously and carelessly thrown from the boat onto the floor, ... read more
Waterfall on Ko Phangan
bottle beach
Beautiful view from Chinese temple

Asia June 21st 2010

So I arrive in Krabi airport wondering whether I would make the boat to Ko Phi Phi. I did which I was very happy about! I was 'ambushed' shortly after stepping off the bus from the airport by a seemingly nice guy who wanted to sell me my onward ticket to Ko Phangan. I later regretted being sucked in by his charm. Got to Phi Phi where it was peeing it down, and got ambushed again by a load of tourist touts. I knew this tourist 'ambushing' is very common in Thailand, so thought 'just go with it' despite really not being in the mood for it, especially after discovering the hostel I had booked on had been closed down. So had to pay for somewhere else to stay which turned out to be Golden ... read more
Pirate's cave
Pirate's cave
Some hungry fish in the Phi Phi waters

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