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Europe » Malta » Malta October 16th 2009

Do any of you find that arriving in a country youve never been to before always looks and seems and feels completely different to how you imagined it would? It almost feels like a third world country, but at the same time clearly isn ?! The first thing that struck me travelling from the airport to my hotel in Bugibba was the buildings! Every single wall looks like its gonna fall down because of the way its built. All the buildings are pretty much built of the same material...limestone. Anyways, I get to my hotel (Topaz) in the middle of this hideous little town called Bugibba. Im just glad I will only be coming here to sleep. I unpacked and got the bus straight to Meheilla Bay, where I booked in for a tour of the ... read more
Blue Lagoon
Ghajn Tuffieha Bay
Red Tower

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi July 9th 2009

Went straight to Oriental Village from the airport, where I got the cable car to get a 360 degree view of the island! Absolutely stunning! Can't tell where the sky ends and the sea begins on the horizon as they are the same colour. Got very lucky with the weather because it was actually monsoon season here when I went (25th June). Basked in glorious sunshine under a clear cloudless sky all day! I know I'm a brit, but I got kind of annoyed waiting in the queue for the cable car with so many Aussie's and other Brits squarking in my ear. They were hugely concentrated here and I gotta say I would much rather be in the company of natives as I have got along with them so well since I got here. There ... read more
Quite a bridge
Malaysia 226
me and Z

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Pulau Redang July 7th 2009

Well I booked a flight to Kuala Terengganu for 7:05am Tuesday morning, so I got up at 2am to get taxi to KL Sentral and then the Skybus from there to the low cost carrier terminal. I booked my return flight for 9:20 pm the same day. Many websites told me that there were return boats from Merang jetty to Redang island ALL DAY. I now still feel like suing these websites for false advertising lol. The nightmare began at around 5am with this disgusting chicken porridge from KFC - rice with chicken floss in it topped with FISH! FOR BREAKFAST!! YUK! Got plane to Terengganu and already had a bad feeling at the airport. Everyone on the flight flocked to people holding up signs with their names on. Obviously there was no sign for me. ... read more
on way to Redang
Malaysia 196
Malaysia 192

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur July 7th 2009

Well my first few minutes in this country were pretty frightening. Remember I was a lone, petite, english 22 year old white girl. The captain said it was 29 degrees celcius outside but it didn't quite click in my head just how hot that 9:30pm, until I stepped off the plane. Hit me like a frickin ton of bricks could barely breathe!! Baggage claim and then on to find my ride to the hotel! Looking frantically for the sign saying my flight number and name, but couldn't bloody see anyone with it!! Was starting to think many people back home were right and I was in fact very brave to be travelling alone! Asked the police, asked shop assistants if I could use their phones, but they just looked at me like I had 2 ... read more
KL Tower
birds at bottomof KL tower

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