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Dubai is safe to travel

I would like to travel to Dubai for 4 days, on vacations. I want to know few things from those who have been or still there.
4 years ago, March 6th 2020 No: 1 Msg: #208104  
Hi everyone,

I would like to travel to Dubai for 4 days, on vacations. I want to know few things from those who have been or still there. What about corona virus, infected people are found with positive report. Secondly, internet restriction is still activated like prohibited to use voip apps and vpns. Please anyone has to updated with these inform me. Thank You Reply to this

4 years ago, March 7th 2020 No: 2 Msg: #208107  
Hi Linda. Welcome to Travelblog. I have been to Dubai several times but the most recent visit was 3 years ago. My wife and I had no troubles any time we stayed there - except it is very expensive, so take a lot of money or book your accommodation and tours in advance. For more up-to-date information you could do worse than read the blogs by lexispence10. She has been working in Dubai for several years. If you want a more recent update, you could send her a private message. (Click on her profile and there is a link on the right side of the page "Message". Click on that and you can contact her directly.) Hope this helps.
[Edited: 2020 Mar 07 06:07 - John and Sylvia:18619 - Extra info added.]
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3 years ago, July 24th 2020 No: 3 Msg: #208560  
You can travel to Dubai but I won't recommend that.
It's not because of the virus risks or so but because most of the entertainment sites are closed. Restaurants don't allow to dine.

The whole world is in a similar state. Everything is locked down. The only thing you can do is to entertain yourself with those things which are not linked to coronavirus. For example admiring nature at the Hatta Mountain range.

Also I know its a rare trip that usually a person would want to travel abroad, so I think one should entertain himself completely and enjoy every aspect of the place.
I would suggest you to wait till everything opens completely. Reply to this

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