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Destination Wadi Rum Desert!

If you are interested in discovering an amazing desert destination in the Middle East, come to Wadi Rum, Jordan!
11 months ago, November 6th 2022 No: 1 Msg: #209986  
In case you are planning a trip to Wadi Rum, Jordan, here some useful information:

1. Don't rely on some of the extremely cheap offers for camps in Wadi Rum
They might seem cheap, but after you arrive you will be charged so many extras and hidden costs, that you will end up paying more than when booking through a good transparent site.

2. There are camel, jeep, hiking, as well as mixed tours. You can trek through the desert over sand dunes and through canyons both on foot and on a camel, or scramble up a higher mountain, like the famous Burdah Rock Arch. Jeep tours are generally good if you want to get around the desert quickly and see as many sites as possible. Camel treks give you an extraordinary experience and let you feel like ancient Bedouins traveling around the desert.

3. It is usually best to do a mixed tour, so you can get to scramble up rock arches, ride on camels, jump down sand dunes, and all the various activities in one.

4. Choose a good middle-sized camp to stay overnight
For a good personal experience avoid camps that have more than 30 tourists every night. This allows you to enjoy the silence and peacefulness of the desert, gaze at stars, etc. without crowds all around you.

5. Make sure to get a good cultural experience
See ancient inscriptions, enjoy Bedouin singing and dancing around the fire at the camp, taste traditional food cooked under the ground...

6. Make sure the camp is inside the Protected Area, only tours starting from those camps (or Wadi Rum Village) take you to the best and most famous sites.

From my own experience
<snip> very friendly English-speaking Bedouin guides who will also tell you a lot about the local culture if you want to know, but feel free to google around for other camps!
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8 months ago, January 23rd 2023 No: 2 Msg: #210216  
That sounds like a great trip! Thanks for the useful tips Reply to this

8 months ago, January 23rd 2023 No: 3 Msg: #210217  
Thanks for sharing your tips and experience. I also appreciate your suggestion to choose a good middle-sized camp for an overnight stay, as it allows for a more personal and peaceful experience. I will use this suggestion in my trips.
It's great to hear that you had a good cultural experience during your trip, with opportunities to see ancient inscriptions, enjoy Bedouin singing and dancing, and taste traditional food.
Thanks again for sharing your experience and tips. <snip>

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