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September 21st 2016
Published: September 21st 2016
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KARS to FORREST CAMP Stage 103. 20 September, 2016

112.70 Kms SubT. Kms 2926.07. kms . Road Condition: goodWeather: cold 2c at start. MILD 17c. Blue Sky. Time in Saddle: 4:58:56. Av Speed: av. 22.6 kph. Av Cadence. 67. RpmElevation: 1014 m up; 1501 m downCalories burned : > 4500

Left Kars following the river valley, very scenic, but as it was in constant shade, the initial 15km was ridden in about 2c, very cold after past weeks, felt my hands becoming ice-blocks despite being in long fingered gloves. It warmed up mildly once we got into the sun, but with a mild headwind, it was still quite cool.

The scenery all day was very appealing, a mix of woodland, cattle and sheep pasture, bubbling Creeks and small agricultural villages.

The camp has green grass, is relatively flat and mown. A peaceful site.

FORREST CAMP to YUSUFELI Stage 104. 21 September, 2016

104.50. Kms SubT. Kms 3030.57 kms . Road Condition: goodWeather: cool at start. MILD 17c. Cloudy, rain at 11.45-Time in Saddle: 3:49:51. Av Speed: av. 27.3 kph. Av Cadence. 74 RpmElevation: 405 m up; 1055 m down calories burned : > 4500

The dogs howled last night, one of the TDA crew equated it to a Friday night out!!! Not overly cold last night, however, everyone was up at 5.30, breakfast at 6.00, on-road by 6.20 am., everyone concerned about the rain forecast and wanting to ensure tents packed before it started.

It was an enjoyable ride, beautiful scenery along the river valley. A large dam created an appealing lake in barren mountains. The dogs were out today, BIG dogs and they like to chase. Adds to the complexity of the ride!! Made it to town in good time and was surprised to learn that we had hotel rooms/ showers. Great. Hopefully the dogs will be at peace.

Since being in Turkey we have heard the call to prayer regularly, it is 5 times per day, first at 4.45am, last about 8pm. I don't mind it, a very evocative sound. Doesn't appear to make any difference to the locals habits! This town looks interesting and when the rain stops I will go exploring.

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