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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury September 4th 2023

Day 10 - A quiet day with a short 25 mile drive to Cawsand & Kingsand on the coast just south of Plymouth. We enjoyed a nice stroll around the beach side walk, as the day was hot at 29C there were plenty of last minute locals swimming before school holidays end tomorrow. Back to St Neot for a late lunch at the London Inn in the village. A quick visit to yet another 15th century Church before heading home to watch the F1 Italian Grand Prix. Day 11 - Angela & I left Pat & Andy this morning for a few days exploring on our own. We headed to Bideford for the first stop, a relaxing walk around this village. From here around to Ilfracombe, a relaxing walk around the ocean side cliffs, then back ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 21st 2023

I've just begun another adventure, but this time with a different companion. Nathan has been left at home to walk the dog and Leanne is earning money. That leaves me to travel with Mum. We flew into Heathrow this morning but straight away parted ways. Mum went to visit her friend Carol for 6 days and that gives me 6 days to check out the South of England before we meet up again and continue our trip through England, Italy and Croatia. So day one has been in Bath, a place I've wanted to see for a long time. I'm glad to say that it is as charming as I had hoped. The town was originally a Roman resort. You know how they liked a bath! Well, some Roman found a stinky, muddy marsh and decided ... read more
Overlooking the town
Canal Boats

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset July 8th 2023

An early start to the day had us heading off our planned course to something that has been on Jeff's Bucket List (since yesterday) - going to the river head of the River Thames just out of Kemble. Crickdale is fairly close to Kemble so we head out that way to start the day. The last 500m is on grass and dirt (ugh!). The river head itself is an ancient wall with water holes at the bottom (photo not included). To think this is the source of the mighty river that flows through London is amazing. From Kemble we turned south west to the city of Bristol. This will be our launching place for Bath tomorrow which is only about 20kms away. We have seen a number of "road kill" on the roads but the site ... read more
Kemble Airport
Hump Backed Black Silk
Lunch stop today

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Cheddar April 6th 2023

April 6 – Say Cheese Please For breakfast this morning Kirsten suggest we split an English breakfast. I’m all in. We have eaten our way across the Atlantic and throughout Cornwall. I’m still full of the Fish & Chips and beers from last night. We loaded the car and said our goodbyes to the pub owners. I think they were ready to offer Kirsten a job! I stepped in and said, “wow look at the time Kisty, we need to get on the road”. Our journey is coming to an end. We are heading northeast toward Heathrow Airport. Last night, the pub owner suggested we visit Cheddar. Yes, that’s the name of the village. However, before we get there, we’ll be stopping at Burrow Mump, there is an unfinished church sitting on top of this truly ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 30th 2022

Wow. What a day. After dealing with our laundry delivery at 7:00, we were able to pack and head on our way. We got a car to take us to the hertz rental dealer at city airport where we picked up our car. What an adventure. As Don has never driven on the English side of the road, the drive out of London created some teeth clenching moments for me. He bounced off the left curb a few times but overall did pretty well. And I’m very glad not to be the one driving so I shouldn’t complain. We first stopped at Stonehenge. We were surprised that it is basically in the middle of a sheeps pasture. And there were sheep right there. It was smaller than we imagined but still quite impressive to think it ... read more
Salisbury cathedral .
Us at Roman baths
Roman baths.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Simonsbath September 18th 2022

Sitting in sunny Simonsbath in Somerset. No walking planned today and probably none wanted! Almost 600 km over the last month or so is about enough or according to Julie probably a few days too many! So today is washing, reflecting, blackberry picking, writing and catching up with emails and travel stuff before I collect a car and head off to Stratford for some ‘real’ tourist stuff and some Shakespeare. Lee is still asleep but after a long flight and train trip that’s no surprise. Hopefully having me around to sort of look after her will help her and she’ll be OK. I think the Queen is to be buried today so the mood even among guests here is a little somber. If it’s not today it’s tomorrow which has been declared a public holiday here. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Simonsbath September 17th 2022

Ahh Somerset you’ve been duded! Even though the 2 Moors Way crosses from Devon into Somerset on several occasions it’s only ever known as the Dorset Coast to Coast. Sure it starts and finishes at the coast in Devon but to not acknowledge our in Somerset does seem a bit parochial. Anyway I’m here in Somerset having walked most of the 2 Moors Way and having met up with Lee. That’s pretty close to 600 km of ups, downs, lanes, fields, roads, meadows, tracks, river side paths, bogs, hills, valleys, streams, dales, leats, rivers, moors, forests, copses, villages, hamlets and towns we have completed our set task and arrived here in Simonsbath after walking to the Tarr Steps today. Despite our leisurely start (or because of it) the walk was easy with us covering the allotted ... read more
Me and my new friends.
Dated 1333. Circular so horse could walk around and hence drive the grinding wheels.
Yep, Julie.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Simonsbath August 17th 2022

Wow, thought that Simonsbath would be too small to register but it has come up in the location finder and it also made an appearance in Facebook in their ‘places’ section. Admittedly Facebook had some ridiculous comment like ‘within city limits’ attached but I was still impressed. I have dropped a heap of photos in the blog here but you will need to access them via photos. Really they are the same as those broadcast through Facebook but there’s a little description that accompanies each here. We walked about 22 km today which sounds like the real thing but ‘false start’ we were not actually at the starting line. More precicely we we’re almost at the finishing line but doesn’t matter. We walked to Withypool and back but our return route was a little too circuitous ... read more
2 Moors Way. This is England in drought!
2 Moors Way.
River Barle on the 2 Moors Way.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 10th 2022

Awaken to a perfectly beautiful day (Tuesday), no clouds visible, yet not to let us forget we are in England we did experience a drop or two later in the day, but nothing to complain about. After extracting the parking ticket from our windshield, we made our way to the town of Cheddar where Cheddar Cheese was first produced. Yep we purchased a couple varieties. Sorry Doozer, but the products must be consumed before we board the warm plane to Ireland. Have a wonderful picture of a country English road;), followed by the Abbey at Glastonbury. Henry VIII dissolved the abbeys in 1539 as the Pope refused to grant a divorce from his Spanish Queen. He then preceded to destroy the abbeys in England. Really Henry, you are tearing all these fine buildings up just to ... read more
Wells Cathedral
Glastonbury Abbey
Avebury Stones

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 6th 2022

Departed Windsor on schedule in the am with stops in Winchester to view the cathedral (I'm sure everyone recalls the snappy tune Winchester Cathedral where the singer complains of the Cathedral letting him down). A right amazing place is the Cathedral. Ditto the one in Salisbury, which is a full twenty-five miles away. Two massive and beautiful medieval cathedrals this close. Amazing! However, some airhead deleted the outside picture of Winchester. Sorry bout that. By the way William began Winchester in 1079 with completion occurring fourteen years later, I think. At any rate we arrived in Bath about 4pm on 4 June after circling around the area several times where our apartment is located. Followed a similar lost tourist procedure in procuring a few articles from the grocery store as we remain here a week. Finally ... read more
Winchester Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
Medieval Clock at Salisbury

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