Christine SjG


Christine SjG

While I started this blog for a trip to Thailand more than 10 years ago, I never came back to it to update it with new trips. However, with an upcoming adventure in Africa, this seems like the perfect time to resurrect it.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Port Moody June 27th 2019

Our journey has come to an end and we’re home again. We look forward to sharing the photos and stories beyond what we could share on the blog!... read more

Africa June 25th 2019

Our last morning in Africa was unforgettable. We had booked to go on a caracel walk so we got up and had a quick bite before heading out with our guide. We driver our into the reserve where the caracel, Misty, was waiting for us in a crate. How it was supposed to work was, after fitting her with a tracking collar in case she ran off, Misty would be let out of the crate to hunt naturally on the reserve and we’d follow her. Misty had other ideas. She came out of the crate and rubbed up against our legs - they told us to expect that so we weren’t surprised. But then she ran and jumped into the backseat of the open air Jeep where we had been sitting. Don had left his backpack ... read more

Africa » Namibia June 24th 2019

Our last full day has been very full. We started out on a cheetah walk experience where we had the opportunity to walk up to cheetah on the wild. We got about 8 meters from them and got to see them do some natural behaviour. They were a pair of females who usually are together but when we found one, she was on her own. She made this chirping noise to call the other one while we watched. She seemed quite distressed so we walked away to find the other one hiding under a tree. She startled when she saw us and the two of them reconnected. We left them napping together. As a bonus, on the way there we saw a leopard who came right up to the car. We also got to see one ... read more

Africa June 23rd 2019

So we started out the day with a game drive. My goal for coming to Namibia was to see the wild dogs and the cheetah. We were fortunate to see most of the pack of wild dogs that live near the resort. One dog stayed behind to guard the den because they had 12 puppies - and we couldn’t go near the den because national geographic was filming them for a documentary coming out at the end of the year. We saw lions, oryx, springbok, wildebeest and a bunch of other things but the highlight for me was the dogs. Erindi is a private reserve with a focus on conservation. It was interesting to compare the differences between being on a private reserve and being in a park. The animals here were bigger - we know ... read more

Africa » Namibia June 22nd 2019

This morning started at 3:30 am for us so we could catch our flight out of Cape Town at 6:00. Our driver was late picking us up (he slept through his alarm) so we started off in a bit of a panic. But we made our flight okay and arrived in Namibia about noon. The security was more complex here but we made it through and met our guide Elvis. Elvis drove us the 4 hours to our current resort. We got here just In time for the afternoon game drive. The game drive was different because this is a private reserve so the animals are all tracked. It’s a big reserve 11000 sq km (bigger than Singapore ourvguide said) but it’s still a reserve. All of the other passengers on our Jeep spoke french which ... read more

Africa » South Africa June 21st 2019

So we started out today early because rain was expected and headed down to the Cape of good hope. We walked to the lighthouse and saw where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean. Read about the Flying Dutchman legend and how it came about. From there we headed to wherever the penguins are. had Lunch in a cute little town by the ocean. There was a bit of penguin drama after the mating dance led to a bit of hanky panky on the beach. The male ran off with his buddies afterwards leaving the poor female forlornly waiting for him to come back. It was too easy to give human context to the situation. The winds picked up so went wine tasting rather than hike up another mountain. Wine tasting pours here are about half a ... read more

Africa » South Africa June 20th 2019

This morning, after a nice breakfast, we headed out to Robbens Island to visit the prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years. It was fascinating to learn about the history of the island and all of its uses. Following that, we headed out to wine country for lunch and a tasting. We went to a winery called Jordon which had both great food and a view of the valley. We headed back to the city and took the cable car up Table Mountain. After watching the stunning views we just got back to our room where we’ll make a dinner plan. ... read more

Africa » South Africa June 20th 2019

We arrived in Cape Town last night and are staying at this cute B&B. However, we realized after we arrived that we aren’t really b&b people. All the cute decor, old creaky and incredibly slippery floors, single beds.....Sigh. Having been off the grid for 3 days, we both needed to check in on work so we spent a couple hours getting caught up before heading for dinner. We walked over and had a lovely dinner at the Kloof Street House. (Ubered back though as the dark streets made us nervous.) Don ordered the ostrich which he really enjoyed but I was thrilled with basic gnocchi. After dinner we came back and promptly fell asleep. We have a private driver today who will be taking around various places. Now we have to go join the creating the ... read more

Africa » Botswana June 19th 2019

We’re back on the grid after three days in the Okavango Delta area at Rra Dinare. The last three days have been unique and very reyas even when we started to worry about work, there was nothing we could do. We got here by bush plane which was an experience by itself. Great planes and nice flight but landed in an airstrip in the middle of no where - elephants crossed the runway as we were deplaning. Our camp host met us at the airstrip in jeeps and we headed across the savanna to camp. The camp here is actual high end tents complete with a toilet, dink’s and outdoor showers. They are very breezy and comfortable during the day this time of year - but we can only imagine how hot they would be in ... read more

Africa » Botswana June 15th 2019

We got to sleep in a bit today as our first game drive wasn’t until 8:30. We headed out with our driver, Tito, into the 11,000 Kilometer square park where we drive parallel to the river. It was a relatively slow game drive but we still saw lots of elephants, impala, kudu, various birds, some giraffe in the distance, warthogs and baboon. After the drive we relaxed in our room until lunch time. Following lunch, we did a massive repack. Tomorrow we catch a bush plane out to Rra Dinare, our stop on the Okavango delta. We can only take a maximum weight of 44kg and bags have to be smaller than a particular size so we are going to have to ship one by courier to our next stop. This is apparently something that they ... read more
young elephant
A baboon and his rock
Two giraffes sparring

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