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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath October 19th 2008

This weekend was one of the most spontaneous and wonderful weekends I've ever had. Every single aspect of the trip was an adventure and it was fabulous. I think I've officially fallen in love with England. I'll start from the beginning. Friday night, Alyse, Sabrina and I sat down to buy our train tickets to Bath and found the tickets had skyrocketed to 50 pounds and none of us wanted to pay that. We searched for probably 2 hours for alternate routes and alternate destinations that would be cheaper. After a couple hours we were exhausted and decided to just buy a one-way ticket to Bath in the morning and go from there. We didn't know if we'd come back the next night or stay over but we decided we had a ticket and we'd go ... read more
The view from the spa
Our fabulous outfits

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath October 15th 2008

Tomorrow most of my house is heading out to London and then on friday we are off to Amsterdam and Prague until the 25th! So unless I get a chance to post between now and then I will not be on for sometime so dont be worried I will just be taking a short break to travel!! Cheers until the 25th! MISS ME! LOVE VC... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath October 13th 2008

Ok so in my blogs I have realized that I have not given my house mates any airtime. I mean everyone at home should know the characters/lovely people that I am living with because it is too much fun. There are eight of us in the house plus we have an adopted member named Julia from the house across the road. I live with 5 other girls and 2 guys. We have had such a wonderful time together soo far. The great thing about our house i feel like is that everyone gets along, is laid back and enjoys each others company. I live with two of the sweetiest girls Ali and Emily who "take care of us" but since they were gone to Paris this weekend the house dropped into some disarray until we cleaned ... read more
Matt and Charles Mason. i can see the reselmblence
normal night in the common room
Hanging out

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath October 9th 2008

It has been a calm week of writing papers and working at the Centre. Tomorrow we are going hiking in Wales so expect pictures from that Saturday or so. I wrote my first paper for Jane Austen class this week. I wrote on " Jane Austen's novels warn against the dangers of reading. Discuss?". It was an enjoyable paper to write but i am still a little scared : /.Yesterday we got to talk about versions of Pride and Prejudice which was so interesting. We did not get to watch my favorite version which is the 80s one but we watched the 95 Colin Firth one and the newest one. I really cant stand the newest one has a version of P and P. It works as a movie i guess but as an adaptation I ... read more
pretty good! excellent at times

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath October 7th 2008

Prepare yourself for a potentially long entry and sorry for any grammatical mistakes - I will be typing a lot! Brian, Anthony, Stephanie and I left London early Friday morning. We were going from Stonehenge, to Bath and then on to Wales but there aren't any buses/trains on that direct path so we rented a car. BEFORE ANYONE GASPS, everything went fine! Anthony was our driver and he was very confident. There were no accidents and not even a close call. However, we did get a written warning from our hostel and two parking tickets that we now have to pay off. It was a 2 hour drive to Stonehenge. We were concerned that we had missed it when all of a sudden, we drove over a hill and there it was! It's just randomly off ... read more
My Visit to Stonehenge
View of Bath Abbey
The Bath

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath October 3rd 2008

Hello to all! I know I have not been posting like I should but papers have started this week so everything has been a little crazy!! I have been guiding more at the Jane Austen Centre which has been wonderful and I am becoming much more confident in the talks. We started reading Pride and Prejudice in my Jane Austen class and I when we read the first chapter aloud I got to read the part of Mrs. Bennet! It was so much fun. My house mate who is also in my class was laughing so hard at me because of how much i was enjoying it : ). My Tolkien and Lewis paper was due this week and I can truly say that I enjoyed writing it. I was writing on the influence of World ... read more
Me and Mr. Darcy!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 28th 2008

Sorry my post have been so nonexistent this past week. My program went to Oxford where we didnt have wireless and lets just say it took a toll on everyone hahahah oo the 21st century how crazy it is. But anyways Oxford was lovely we stayed at University College which is one of the oldest colleges at Oxford. We all go private rooms which was great and two of our meals were provided everyday. The only bad part about being away was that I was missing the Jane Austen festival activities during the week. I was so sad to be missed all the dance workshops, trips and teas and such. I did get to go to the evening party which was held on Friday and dress in Regency which was fun. People were playign Whist, Loo ... read more
evening social
John White
John white telling about the time

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 26th 2008

At “Good Buy Books” Wednesday I bought a little book citing all the Jane Austen references to Bath, both fictional and from her life. And, at the Jane Austen Centre I bought a map showing where the sites were. So our object today was to walk in an effective route to photograph them all both for ourselves and for the Jasna Calgary website. (We hope to find the time and energy to build our own url=,-2.3608655,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1szdaUy4QjoDgU.kpYTgxyTSXJg?hl=enwalking tour pageon the site.) The first site was just down the road and around the corner from our hotel. JA lived with her family at 4 Sydney Place – the only townhouse which was covered with scaffolding on this day! Just a challenge to photograph that’s all! From here we followed our map t... read more
St Swithins
The Royal Crescent
The Saracen's Head

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 25th 2008

This was our expensive pampering day. However, since we actually woke early (6:30), after breakfast at 8:00, we climbed down the steps by Pulteney Bridge and along the river walk (below the weir). At this time of day it was favoured by mothers with young children who entertainingly threw bread for the ducks. Near the train station (we were well below street level), we watched two couples maneuver their holiday canal boat through a canal lock. Just as I saw in Oxford a few years ago, the women used the winches to open and close the lock gates while one man steered and the other took photos. After one misdirection, we continued our walk almost to the bus station. By this time, our schedule dictated going to the Thermae Spa, having bought discounted tickets from our ... read more
Thermae Spa
Cross Bath Spa
Pump Room

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 24th 2008

Our goal this morning was the free City walking tour, meeting just outside the Pump Room. By 10:30 there were 30-40 people there, and the guides roughly divided us. Deirdre and I were lucky to be in Michael’s group – a man with a clear voice and good sense of humour. We had already made a pact to stay close to the guide so we could hear every word. He started with stops at each side of the Abbey, although he talked more about the environs than the Abbey. He recommended the Roman Baths as the best value for money in Bath. (Later on, we agreed, even at £10.50 each) As we moved on further, he explained about Georgian or url= read more
Roman Baths
Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey organ

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