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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath November 4th 2017

Aquae Sulis ... The Romans identified the goddess Aquae Sulis with their goddessMinerva and encouraged her worship. The phenomenon of waters at Bath coming hot and furious out of the ground had explanation ... worship was the solution. This blog is somewhat long. Bath was so wonderful. Definitely worth another visit. Have met a lovely couple in St. Ives who have invited me for a return and I will definitely be inviting them to dinner when I next arrive. The name 'Bath' does not seem to have quite enough elegance for such an elegant city. The train journey from Cardiff via Bristol was an adventure in itself. Football fans were on their way to an afternoon game... the beer was flowing ..the voices were raised... the spirits were high... high also was the number of passengers ... read more
Second of Two Ears of Corn
Coffee Time ... Anytime
Dutch Bonnet Santa

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 30th 2017

Today we had planned to visit the Roman Baths, have a swim in the spa, and then go to lunch at the Priory Hotel. After lunch we were hoping to visit the Assembly rooms and do some shopping. After breakfast we set off to arrive at the Roman Baths before it opened at 9am. The line was not too long when we arrived, and soon we had paid and picked up our audio guide. You can go at your own pace, and the audio guide provides lots of information. As you travel through the different parts of the Baths, there are also videos and other information displays. The Baths were discovered and opened up archeologically . They are quite big. Some areas have been renovated and others have just been uncovered for us to see what ... read more
Some of the excavations
Mosaic floor in the Baths
Raspberry soufflé

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 29th 2017

Today we wanted to look around Bath and get our bearings. The City of Bath provides a free walk every morning at 10.30am, led by a group of volunteers. We had breakfast at a leisurely pace and set out for the walk. The walks begin outside the Abbey and Roman Baths. By 10.30 there was a large group of people waiting to join the walk. Luckily 4 guides came. We were divided into 4 groups and each group set off in a slightly different direction. Our guide, Peter, was very knowledgeable, and came equipped with photos of old Bath. We walked around the area close to the Abbey and Roman Baths , as Peter explained the history of Bath. It began with a Roman settlement - draw to the hot water that came out of a ... read more
The kitchen in 1Royal Crescent
The Royal Crescent with its green lawn in front.
A panorama of the Crescent

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 28th 2017

Today we moved on again. It was wonderful to see the sun first thing this morning. Because Bath is not all that far from Crickhowell, we planned our trip so that we could visit Caerphilly Castle and Tintern Abbey on our way to Bath. After driving down different roads again, even though we were going close to places we went yesterday- thanks to the gps- we came to Caerphilly around 11am. This castle is the biggest castle in Wales, and was another of the chain built by Edward 1 to subdue the English. It has huge defences, a double wall and moats, and a number of different gatehouses. There was also a quite large private appartment within the castle as well. We spent about an hour climbing up and down, and looking at the different parts ... read more
Looking down on the inside of the castle
The ruined leaning tower
Tintern Abbey

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath April 25th 2017

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745Today Meriel and I and the dogs, Monty & Malfy enjoyed a 2 hour meandering walk through the fields and along the Banks of the Avon between Great Somerford And Malmesbury. Our route took us though woods lined with flowering bluebells and the remnants of the daffodils.With the dogs securely on leashes we crossed a number of field with grazing cows. Now all my previous encounters with such bovine beasts have been unremarkable... you'd only have to blink an eye and the cows would turn away. Not these ones... I reckon they were zombie cows.... not only did they actively follow us but they didn't even stop advancing when we we trying to 'whoosh' them away! Quite disturbing.... but we prevailed! Humans 1 - Cows 0.After nature there must be culture - I went ... read more
Walking Monty & Malfy in the Bluebell Woods
Zombie Cows
Roman Baths

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath November 5th 2016

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745Today was such a lovely day! We had a tour scheduled to visit Stonehenge, Bath, and some other “secret places” which ended-up being much more than we had imagined and this day was one of my all-time favorite vacation days ever. There is no way I can write about everything we saw or did but here's a rundown….We took a taxi to our meeting point for the day and as our taxi paused for a stoplight… my breath was taken away at the sight of Westminster Abby! Yay! I had no idea thetop of the Abby is gold. It was regal and everything I always thought it would be. We also saw the British military in their camo clothes and tall, black, furry hats. We met our tour group at the London Eye. As ... read more
Advertisements on the sides of black cabs
Kamie in front of The London Eye
Stonehenge from afar

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 11th 2016

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745We left Cardiff and headed out on the M4 having successfully escaped the parking building with no damage. Target destination - Stonehenge which we achieved with only minor deviations from our course. Stonehenge and the museum are pretty jolly impressive and well worth a visit but I do have to do a rant about British traffic management.About 2 miles from Stonehenge, traffic goes from two lanes to one and grinds to a halt. Yes, I get that they have to preserve the heritage site but really? Can't they do better? But wait, then you get to the lovely new visitor centre and I cannot begin to describe the chaos of the cafe. A million visitors a year and they could sure learn a thing or two from Macdonalds. They have buses that take you ... read more
Avon River at Bath
Roman baths at Bath
Arty shot at Bath

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 10th 2016

Tintern Abbey was the highlight of my day. This remains of a massive abbey, was as moving for me as any of the cathedrals I have visited. A back story for me was all the white pigeons. Some of you may know I raised pigeon as a kid. White does not last long in the will, as it is genetically recessive. Then as I read the various plaques around the site. The Cistercians arrived in Wales in 1131 and founded Tintern Abbey. It was from their custom of wearing undyed habits that the Cistercians became known as the White Monks’ Bath is a major city for tourism, with many attractions which are perfect for a weekend of sight-seeing. Our YHA Hostel is an Italiante mansionboasting its own stunning architecture. It is very conveniently located for easy ... read more
Canal boats

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 13th 2015

One day to go until our visit to Japan and either my suitcase has shrunk or (more likely) I am trying to fit the usual four seasons worth of clothing into one medium sized case! Let's hope I have an iron in the room at the other end as my clothes now look vacuum packed! So why are we going to Japan? Tricia (medical director) and I (executive clinical lead - community services) have been invited to lead a two day conference in Tokyo and visit numerous palliative centres in and around the area. How lucky are we? The first thing I should say is thank you to my colleagues who will be covering my absence and for doing it without any grumbling (well when I was in the room at least) - silk kimonos will ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 5th 2015

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745Viewed the prehistoric setting of Stonehenge and later the Roman Baths in get this the city of Bath (makes sense huh). But Bath is also a Georgian city with extensive architecture built largely during the 17th and 18th century.Stonehenge is actually small, but it is remarkable that people without the wheel or equipment with which to hoist could have developed this place. These stones were moved over many miles before placement. ... read more

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