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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 14th 2009

Conquering Heights Shane has been challenging his fear of heights regularly here in Europe. This post is about a few of our high up adventures!! Part I: Cheddar, West England We went to Cheddar on an off chance (well not really..Meg likes cheese and that decided it). We did get some really lovely cheddar cheese, and 5L of cider (Meg eagle eye spotted this farm fresh cider shop on the way in). More on the escapades of the cider later. Much to our surprise Cheddar features a gorgeous gorge..called of all things Cheddar gorge. See ajoining pics. We did a half day hike to the top of the gorge and were blessed with some lovely vistas. See the attached video of Meg's reaction! In some of the pictures you will see two jagged peaks jutting ... read more
megs pics 304
megs pics 048

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 30th 2009

WARNING This entire blog is likely to be waffle. As yet I have nothing to write about (unless you want to hear about my new embroidery project) and so I am just practising with this newfangled communication technique. IT WILL (hopefully) GET BETTER as I actually set off... It is the last day of June 2009, and my last day as a solely European traveller! Tomorrow, the first day of July I strap on my intrepid boots (figuratively speaking of course) and head off to SOUTH AFRICA. Although any who are reading this will know this fact already and are probably fed up of hearing about it. Heathrow - Johannesburg, Johannesburg - Nelspruit, Nelspruit - KWA MADWALA!!! I am (almost) packed and praying that my luggage remains within the notorious 20kg weight limit, a figure that ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 29th 2009

Visited the town of Bath, known since Roman times for the hot springs. The Roman Baths were closed, but walked around the whole town for several hours. Bath is truly one of Europe's highlights as a travel destination. The weather has been perfect. Well Hot. That's quite unusual for this part of England at this time of year. Luckily N..'s cousin's car has A/C. The A/C in the other car was not working and we wilted in the Wiltshire heat on our trip to Stonehenge and Avebury.... read more
Roman Baths and Cathedral
Bath Water Fountain
Bath Street

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 22nd 2009

We started the morning visiting Glastonbury Abbey. Although it is just ruins, you can really imagine what it might have been like in its time. It was a serene place. We then travelled to Wells. We saw the Cathedral there with its beautiful façade and its amazingly famous scissor arches. The Bishop’s Palace was equally impressive and the wells that the city is named after, which apparently produce approximately 1,000 litres per minute. The gardens of the palace were so stunning and so English that it wasn’t funny. We then drove on to Bath and visited the famous Roman Baths and Bath Abbey. In the evening, we went for dinner and on the way back to the motel, we saw some Morris dancing. It had to be seen to be believed.... read more
King Arthur's grave.
Well's Cathedral.
The scissor arches.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 21st 2009

And Loving Every Minute!!! After a much more comfortable train ride to Salisbury I head for the main attraction of the town... Salisbury Cathedral. With Britain's tallest spire at over 120m, it was built in the 13th Century and miraculously survived the bombings of WWII unscathed. Later on, after talking to German pilots, it was revealed that they were under strict orders not to touch the Cathedral, as they used the spire as a landmark to guide themselves to other towns after flying over the Channel. What makes this particular Cathedral important though is it houses the best preserved of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta, the document that almost all democratic constitutions in the world are based on. It dealt with things such as freedom for the church, trial by jury and issues ... read more
Stonehenge 12
Main Pool & Abbey 2
The Circle Panorama

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 19th 2009

Ok so it was nearly Wales and OMG could we see that on the way to Bath! Sheep, sheep and sheep again Well, what can we say really, Bath was stunning! Gorgeous architecture and of course the Roman Baths absolutely amazing too. The water is very hot and you can even try it! To be honest, it doesn't taste too lovely, but still it's the mineral water from the real Roman Baths! ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 3rd 2009

I woke up at 730 on the dot because Johns daughter Stephanie was up getting ready for school. I had to get ready because I was supposed to leave when John left to take his son to the dentist to make things easy. They made me some toast and tea and gave me some cereal as well. Wicked I even got to make myself a sandwhich to take with me. It really impressed me so much. The hospitality given to a stranger. WOW I met JOhns wife Paula and I think she kinda warmed up to me after talking for a few mins. We chatted about her trip she had planned to go to Miami with her friends. Then JOhn came back with little JOhn his son who was 16 from the dentist early because they ... read more
Home of the Olympics 2012

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath April 9th 2009

Thatched roof on the left! (or a trip to Bath and Stonehenge) Once upon a time Paul and Emma were looking through the TNT magazine (a magazine for Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders living in the UK) and they happened upon an advert for a company called Tracks Travel. Said company was advertising for cheap day trips to Bath and Stonehenge. "What a splendid idea," said Emma. "Yes, it is isn't it," replied Paul. "Shall we go?" asked Emma. "Oh, yes, that will be ever so fun!" replied Paul. And so, on a cold April morning in 2009, Paul and Emma embarked upon their first ever bus trip (outside of school excursions obviously). Paul and Emma got up early and headed to Victoria Station to wait for their coach... We made it, nice and early, ... read more
Stonehenge through the fence
Em with our broken brolly
Bath Abbey

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath March 28th 2009

Since we last blogged in Cambridge we spent a few more days in Huntingdon with Ray and Hillary then went into London yesterday. As we got off the train at Kings Cross first stop was the NZ embassy. We caught the underground there! The people at the embassy were far from helpful and we left with no passports at all + 2 weeks in England till we get new ones! After leaving the embassy we checked out accommodation on the internet and couldnt find anything less than $200nz for the weekend. Last minute we called some rallys in Bath and headed here on the next train out. Luckily they were happy to have us! Today we spent the morning in Bath town, we window shopped the tourists sights as they were sooo expensive to get into. ... read more
Who has pandas in their back yard!
Highfield Ave
Our Room at ray and hills

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath January 18th 2009

Introduction Welcome to my blog! I've made this for everyone to see how I'm getting on, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to write anything on here but I'll do it as often as possible! I plan on leaving in mid February, probably around the 17th, and thus far our plan is to get the Eurostar to Paris then take a train down to Lyon, where we can cross over into Switzerland. Exciting times. Here's a map of the preliminary route I've planned so far, it's probably gonna change and is just a rough outline. ... read more

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