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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 23rd 2008

After breakfast we packed at a leisurely pace, said our goodbyes to Fabiola and walked 25 minutes to the train station. I asked the ticked seller which of two options to take. It was one easy choice; going through “Southampton was £16 cheaper than going through Reading! We were early enough to catch an earlier-than-planned train to Southampton for a 45 minute wait there. We bought sandwiches in Winchester station and ate them on the second leg of our journey. After some beautiful vistas of farmland, upon arriving in Bath we were startled by how built-up it was, in sandstone, low-rise buildings. Directly across from the station was an enormous building site. (Later we saw the conceptual design and it conformed to the low-rise sandstone character of the city.) We followed our entirely reliable... read more
Great Pultney Street
Riverside Garden
Pulteney Bridge over the Avon

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 20th 2008

The festival has started and here are a few pictures but i am off to oxford so more to follow when i get a spare minute!... read more
England 262
England 266
England 268

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 20th 2008

Facebook's not working at the moment so putting photos on this instead. Photos are of my friends' wedding- I was in uni with Luce and Kat and they're finally married. Really happy for them and was such a nice wedding and so good to catch up with you two. Hope honeymoon is going great- you've probably not got there yet though! I'm not sure how to put other people on this, Luce hope that at least you're on it. Must search for Kat's email address...... read more
Signing an oath
With bridesmaids
Extremely happy couple!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 18th 2008

I did first talk at the Jane Austen Centre today. I was so excited. I still had to use my notes a little. I was so trilled to be giving the talk so early. I was very nervous because I had never given and just practiced but it was much easier than i thought and after the 2nd and 3rd time I felt like i was really getting the hang of it. We leave for Oxford tomorrow so I will not be updating as much but the Festival started tonight with a lovely party and I am so sad I will be missing most of the festival : ( more updates to follow... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 15th 2008

Hey yall please check out my article that I will be writing weekly for Austenprose Please look at it and comment on it LOVE YALL! url= Austen Blog ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 11th 2008

Last Thursday the Jane Austen Centre hosted a cocktail party for the Jane Austen Regency World Magazine. The magazine has been bought by a local Bath businessman named Tim Bullamore. It was lovely party and many members of the Centre who came. Becca and I got to dress up in Regency costume to serve and greet the guest. Tim Bullamore's 8 year old daughter Rebbecca also dressed up with us and she had such a good time. I was so excited to be dressed up and at the party. Sue Hughes has worked very hard with Tim to change the layout of the magazine. It is a new smaller, sleeker style which I think will work really well for the magazine I think! I cant wait for the Jane Austen Festival next week!!!!... read more
Becca and Rebbecca
Jane Austen Girls!!
Jane Ausren Cocktail party!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 10th 2008

I Have spent a total day of Jane and even though I have not been feeling 100% because, "My sore throats are always worse than anyone's. " ; ), I have still had a wonderful day full of Jane. I started my morning at the Jane Austen Centre where I will shortly be giving talks in the next couple of weeks!!! AHHH I am very excited by this fact and yet very nervous because though i know most of the information it is still a little but intimidating to get up in front of a room full of strangers and talk. But if I had to pick one topic to talk about... it would be Jane Austen. OF COURSE!! The Jane Austen Centre is such a lovely place and it is the people who work their ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 5th 2008

This past Wednesday a new TV series came on ITV in England called "Lost in Austen" During my Jane Austen class I had mentioned it coming on at 9 to all my classmates and that we would be watching it at 29 Northampton if anyone wanted to come over but I didnt really think twice about it. About 10 till 9:00 we heard our doorbell ring and it was about a dozen girls from Nunes House who had come to watch "Lost in Austen". Our living room was completely packed for the new Jane Austen spoof. which turned out to be very cute. "Lost in Austen is an ingenious reinvention of the classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, in which Jane Austen’s story is thrown off track by a very modern heroine, Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper). Amanda ... read more
our full living room!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 3rd 2008

Today I had my second day at the centre and loved every minute of it!! We were rearranging the store room and such and then I got to try on my regency costume. It was so much fun to try on the different dresses. Clare, another girl who works in the Centre and I got to be fitted for costumes for a dinner next Thursday. It has been great to work there to see all that they do. I also had my first Jane Austen class today with Felicity James. We had a wonderful class talking about the beginning of Northanger Abbey. We talked about the open lines and how Austen says "No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy would have supposed her born to be an heroine. Her situation in life, ... read more
Day wear
Me at the Centre

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 1st 2008

I am sooo excited after my first day at the internship. Today I did little but listen to talks about Jane Austen and learn how to work in the shop but I was just so thrilled to be there!! Martin- who is the official meeter and greeter of the Centre welcomed me in is period dress. he is a wonderful man who spent much of his time telling me about the period reenactments that he does INCLUDING dressing as a confederate soldier for the Civil war. hahahahaha I about died when he told me. he is a lovely eccentric many who I could talk to for hours! It was also very hard no to buy everything in the Centre! They have so much Jane Austen stuff that all I wanted to do was purchase thing : ... read more

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