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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath January 12th 2009

Bath and Stonehenge My birthday weekend saw us head north ... Given the freezing temperature (not exaggerating!), the first chore before leaving was to de-ice the car so that we could actually see..... Never had to do that before! Dav poured water over the windscreen, which worked a treat.... although we weren't quick enough with the windscreen wipers and that water then just froze as well!! And so I had a go with the icescraper - an instrument that works a treat but one that hopefully I won't have much to do with after the next couple of years! I don't fancy having to scrape the ice of my car every morning... I prefer the Australian way - burning my fingers on the steering wheel thank you very much! And so we began the two ... read more
.. while I go the scraper!
Just outside of Bath - magical!
Winter wonderland

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath January 10th 2009

If someone told you they were heading to Aquae Sulis for a dip, you'd no doubt think they were a fool. Or, if you were an educated traveller or a speaker of Latin, you'd probably know they were heading to Bath, and were just using it's old name. Still a fool I guess, but there you go: Bath was once called Aquae Sulis. (A bit early for fact of the day I suppose, but I have a lot to get through). Gary and I were heading to Bath for a day trip even though the signs were telling us to stay inside. A local farmer had said it was -8 degrees that morning (at least that's what it sounded like he said. He could have said anything). On top of that, the locks had frozen solid ... read more
The main bath
Longleat House

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath December 20th 2008

We'd wanted to go to Bath for a while and with my ex-Auckland flatmate Joel (Clements) over from Bermuda for Xmas, it was a good opportunity to show him some of the UK. He lived with Cat and I at the Bondery for a couple of years, so she and Graham were also keen to explore the Bath Christmas Markets with us... It turned out these were in November, so luckily there was lots of other stuff to see and do! Hmmm...nice one Astle. Clements was in town only one night before we shot away for the weekend - as were our friends Gus and Lorraine who were off to Salzburg for Christmas - so we decided to meet for Dim Sum in China Town. Luckily I was recovering from the flu so started the night ... read more
Dim Sum dinner in China Town with Clements before Xmas break up
Ewww, chicken feet

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath December 8th 2008

Yesterday most of my ASE group went to a Bath Rugby game which was so much fun. I think Rugby sould be more popular in America than it is. It reminds me of football but it rarely stops there are no downs and such only out of bounds. A score is called a "try" and place kicking is different too. Here are several pictures from the Rugby game! See you in 6 days!!! AHH... read more
Bath Abbey in the distance
Huddle push
another jump

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath December 6th 2008

I should have updated this blog a long time ago as I have done a wee bit of sightseeing. So..for ease's sake I'll include my time in Bath so far where I'm doing a PGCE in English, and a day trip I took to Stonehenge. I love Bath. And I miss it! At present I'm in Peterborough on a teaching placement and to be honest, not much to see except tons of shops and a cathedral. It's flat, it's grey, it's full of motorways..not very handy when one doesn't drive. So basically I can't wait to leave for those reasons and others so I will describe my first 6 weeks in Bath where I will be returning very soon... Bath is a very popular spot for tourists apparently, and even bog standard British people (!) especially ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath December 5th 2008

So yesterday I had my final Jane Austen class with Felicity James. It was so wonderful. We talked about Persuasion and the revised chapters. The final chapters of Persuasion might be some of my favorites throughout all her works. Anne and Capt. Harville's discussion of men vs. womens constancy and who loves longest is one of the most touching pieces of writing. Anne also makes some of the best comments about women's education and men having the, "pen in there hands to so much higher a degree". I am so sad to be done with that class because it was my favorite!! OF COURSE! But Felicity my tutor is one of the loveliest teachers I have ever had. She is so smart and yet she always tries to get the best out of what everyone says. ... read more
Felicity and I!!!
Class enjoying the goodies

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath December 4th 2008

This morning we got up early and headed out to Stonehenge, which was an ambition of mine to see, although i was a little disappointed that you cant walk through the stones anymore and can only admire them from a distance. Didnt quite have the same ambience that i think it would have had if i could have got closer to them, but they were still majestic and quite awe-inspiring to consider how long they had been standing like that and how on earth they got there. However we didnt stay that long contemplating them, as the wind was bitingly cold and my eyes were streaming from the freezing wind, so it was back into the nice warm car (after purchasing a rock cake and an english fruit mince pie, both much better than i had ... read more
Bath at night
Ranscombe Cottage

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath December 2nd 2008

I am almost in tears thinking that 3 1/2 months as gone by since I left home... wow so much has happened and yet it doesn't seem like all that long ago. I love Bath so much but I think I will be ready to come home and see the family. I miss the South a lot and I miss all my friends as well. I don't miss some harder aspects NC which i left behind but I think we have to face our challenges someday. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE POWELL FAMILY!!! I cant even tell you how excited I am to go skiing with my cousins and have Christmas with them. : ) It will be a good time I am tired of all this cold weather and i know i will be ... read more
At the Imperial War Museum
Josh came to Scotland and left all his favorite CD's l

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath November 29th 2008

A day trip to Stonehenge, and then onto beautiful Bath!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath November 18th 2008

OK I know it has been almost FOREVER since I have reported in and I know everyone must be on the edge of their desk chairs to know how England is going but you will not really find out in this post. I will post tomorrow about straford-upon- Avon and the lovely William Shakespeare but I wanted to do a quick post today to tell everyone that I was on the BBC. well i actually didnt see myself on the television but i heard i was on there and then went online to find and found several shots from the Jane Austen Festival which were featured on a BBC show called Countryfile. I dont know if you can watch it in the states but try I am around minute 42. But the whole show isnt ... read more
Thats my Bonnet!!
thats me again!!!
and there I go... my 3 seconds of fame!

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